Waterpik Rival, Do Air Flossers Work?

Welcome! In this article, we investigate the alternatives to flossing with regular floss. In essence, we explore the Waterpik and its rival the Philips Sonicare air flosser.

Flossing is an essential part of any oral health care regime. That is why dentists recommend flossing at least once in a day to achieve optimal oral health and hygiene.

However, in reality, most people do not for various reasons floss as frequently as recommended.

Water flossers and air flossers aim to fill this gap.

About WaterPik

They are the indisputable leaders in the manufacture of personal health care and oral products across the globe.

Yes, they seem to be the most trusted and reputed oral health brands mainly because of their award-winning design and technology. They are reputed to creating innovative products that enable people to treat themselves to an amazing flossing experience.

Their products focus are not only on enhancing your oral hygiene and health but also aim at conserving water and energy.

What is a WaterPik Water Flosser?

WaterPik Water Flosser is a clinically proven dental water jet which incorporates an impressive design and a wide array of accessories. They are also clinically acclaimed to be 50% more effective than the traditional dental flossing methods for improving oral health.

It is the ultimate in water flossing performance and the number one recommended model by most dental professionals. If you are looking for an effective alternative to a manual or string floss then this is a perfect buy. According to users, it’s a pleasant experience and assures the cleanest and freshest sensation ever possible.

Impressive features

It features an advanced pressure control system with ten settings and a contemporary design with a pause button in the handle. The ten adjustable water pressure setting assures optimal control for deeper cleansing while massaging and stimulating your gums.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable and convenient to use. This flosser is compact and more quieter than other models available in the market, however in saying that you still would not want to use it in the next room while your partner sleeps.

It incorporates a covered reservoir with in-lid tip storage. It includes 6 color coded unique tips and comes with an impressive three-year warranty. In short this appears to a popular option among users.

What Is an Air flosser?

For those people who do not floss consistently and regularly the Philips Sonicare air flosser can be a great way to clean between your teeth. An Air flosser implements the breakthrough micro burst technology which is touted as an easy and effective way to clean.

It delivers uninterrupted micro droplets of both air and water to gently remove plaque that has accumulated between the teeth. With a one-button functionality and guidance it meticulously cleans the entire mouth within 60 seconds.

According to the research it removes five times more plaque between teeth than manual traditional methods as theses methods simply cannot reach the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath.

Impressive features of an Air flosser

It utilizes micro-burst technology with auto-burst to deliver repeated bursts that ensures effective and quick cleaning. The slim, angled nozzle and guidance tip helps you to easily access even the hard-to-reach areas.

Hence, you can be assured of an optimal cleaning experience. The easy-to-fill reservoir can be filled with either water or your favorite mouth wash to ensure extra fresh cleaning.

The air flosser nozzle which is designed to optimize user technique should be replaced every six months for maximum results. Air flossers are not only safe and gentle on your teeth and gums but also for veneers, implants and orthodontics.

Do air flossers really work?

In short yes, All you have to do is fill the reservoir and point the guidance tip between your teeth and activate to clean. The auto-burst function releases timed bursts for effective and quick cleaning. In this way, it gently and effectively improves your overall oral hygiene and health. Though it easy to operate and use some you will still need to use it regularly to see results. Some feel that it is less effective for gum pockets.

Which One? Waterpik water flosser or Airflosser?

When Should You Go With The Waterpik

If you are a person suffering from serious gum problems it is advisable that you go for a Waterpik as it is safe and gentle on your already inflamed and swollen gums. Moreover, as it works on a wider surface it removes more plaque and bacteria lodged in between your teeth.

If you are pregnant then you are prone to more gum disease so it’s recommended to go with the Waterpik.

Also according to the official site it does seem to remove slightly more plaque so if you have more serious gum troubles then the waterpik would probably be more effective.

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When Should You Go With Philips Sonicare AirFlosser

On the other hand, if you have kids in your home who have braces on and hate flossing the air flosser may be the best way to go. According to parents some kids do actually enjoy using the air flosser more than the Waterpik.

Also the most noticeable difference, when compared the water flosser is that it uses less water and therefore, it is less messy with the kids. For the same reason its also recommend for those that travel.

If you are bored with the monotonous brushing task and simply looking for a fast one handed alternative and have no serious gum issues, then the air flosser would likely fit your needs.

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Daily flossing is required for heathly gums and teeth, However in reality for various reasons most people do not floss regularly, if you fall into this category then research would suggest that the Waterpik flosser or Air flosser would likely help to alleviate this.

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