Best Antibacterial Mouthwash Reviews: Definitive Guide

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When it comes to taking good care of your oral health, the practice should be done with a lot of seriousness and on a daily basis. Good oral care should also be done using top quality oral products. Antibacterial mouthwashes stand as one of the most effective quality oral products that you can use to promote healthy and strong teeth and gums. Some of the benefits that you’ll get from using the best antibacterial mouthwash include whitening your teeth, removal of stains from your teeth and of course, they promote fresh breath for a long period.Below, you are going to encounter the best antibacterial mouthwash that will go a long way in improving the condition of your oral health.

Best Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash – BreathRX



  • Kills all the bacteria that causes bad breath
  • Does not contain alcohol, 100% Alcohol free
  • Does not stain your teeth, people who are using it for 6 years even has no staining
  • Made of a powerful active ingredient
  • Made in USA
  • Do not have any side effects
  • Long lasting fresh breath
  • Great against plaque



  • Not that cheap
  • Smells good but tastes bad
  • Contains artificial sweeteners

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Halitosis, better known as bad breath, is a beast that is slowly attacking more and more people.To try to end this problem, the victims have tried all the possible methods, from taking a pack of chewing gums on a daily basis to buying products that promise to give them effective results overnight only to disappoint them in them end.Do you fall in this category of people?Have you been a victim of such fake products?Well, guess what?Today is your lucky day as in the next few minutes, we’ll be presenting you an in-depth review of BreathRX Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse- the product that will end your bad breath problems and boost your lost confidence in social gatherings.BreathRX comes with active ingredients that are very effective against the bacteria that cause bad breath. The active ingredients kill these bacteria, promoting fresh breath for a long time.Unlike most of the mouthwashes you have been using, BreathRX does not contain any traces of alcohol. This means that you’ll not experience any side effects after using the product.

Some of the features that make this great product are:

Employs Dual Action Rinse Formula When in Use – The dual action is geared towards ensuring that you attain a fresh breath that lasts for a long time.It occurs in two major phases as explained below:The first stage involves the active ingredients in the product which is entrusted with the role of preventingformation of plaque that could lead to gingivitis. Gingivitis will eventually lead to Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) formation- this is the main cause of bad breath.The second and the last stage inelimination of bad breath involveuse of zinc which keeps working all day long to neutralize the VSC.The end result of such a powerful dual action if the most pleasant breath you have ever experienced.

It is 100% Alcohol Free – Unlike what you have been getting in other mouthwashes, BreathRX is 100% alcohol free. This means that using the product will not subject you to harmful side effects like in all the other ordinary mouthwashes.Some of the harmful effects accused by alcohol include drying of your mouth. This in turn provides an ideal environment for development of bacteria that leads to bad breath.

Contains the Powerful Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) as the Active Ingredient – Cetylpyridinium Chloride is the active ingredient in this superior mouthwash. It has a concentration of 0.075%.If you didn’t know, the ingredient acts as the secret weapon that can be utilized to destroy all the bacteria that caused bad breath.BreathRX is not an ordinary antibacterial mouthwash like any other. It is a special product made to replace your bad breath with a long lasting fresh breath. Use this mouthwash to rinse away your bad breath and in turn achieve thefreshet breath possible!

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Runner-up : Prevention Antibacterial Mouth Rinse



  • It kills bacteriaIt fights plaque and gingivitis
  • It soothes canker/mouth sores
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Completely safe for use by everyone, including kids



  • Expensive

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Prevention Antibacterial Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinse is the nest best product in our list after BreathRX. It is an over the counter antibacterial mouthwash that is very effective against bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis.Major ingredients found in this product are hydrogen peroxide, de-ionized water, poloxamer 407,sodium laurel sulfate, USP natural glycerin, di sodium EDTA menthe piperiat oil, sodium saccharin, sodium citrate, zinc chloride, citric acid, and menthol. All these ingredients work together to help you achieve a fresh breath.

It Helps Soothe Mouth Sores – If there is that one thing that people love about this mouthwash, it is the above feature. It is what is making the popularity of the product spread across the globe like wildfire!How is this feature of help to you?Well, if you suffer from occasional mouth sores, which are usually witnessed after a chemotherapy procedure, you need to use this mouthwash. It has great healing properties to end the sore causing pain to you.​

It’s 100% Alcohol Free – This is a feature shared between our two top antibacterial mouthwashes. Again, absence of alcohol in the tow products is some good news for you.It means that using the product will not subject you to the harmful effects of alcohol such as drying of the mouth which offers bacteria a conductive environment to thrive.

Zinc/ Hydrogen Peroxide Formula – Zinc, together with hydrogen peroxide creates a powerful combination that helps clean your mouth upon using the product. Using this formula, the product is very effective against plaque, gingivitis, and bacteria.​

Great Minty Flavor – After using Prevention Antibacterial Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinse to clean your mouth, you’ll be left with a great flavor that is neither too strong nor too weak for you to hold. The flavor makes your mouth feel awesome after use.

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Final Verdict

That’s all for the best antibacterial mouthwash. If you are desperate to get rid of bad breath which has been affecting your social life, head to your local drugstore today and grab BreathRX, use it correctly and wait for the amazing results- the freshest breath you have ever heard.Similarly, if you suffer from occasional mouth/canker sores, grab the Prevention Antibacterial Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinse product and have an enjoy the soothing effect they give your sores as they heal.​

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