Ammonia Taste in Mouth? Here’s How to Deal with It

Ammonia Taste in Mouth

Have you ever experienced the dreaded ammonia taste in mouth? The condition can be overwhelming since it makes your palette unable to sense the real taste of various foods. It also gives you the notion that you are producing a bad smell and hence, whacking your confidence. The main cause of ammonia taste is kidney failure. How does this happen?

The kidney is solely responsible for the removal of wastes and toxins from the body. Upon failing, the urea wastes accumulate and the patient is bound to feel the taste. Ammonia taste is therefore among the first symptoms to show off when one has a kidney problem. That you are having ammonia taste does not necessarily mean that you are having a kidney condition. Certain medications are responsible too.

In some patients, it is unexplainable. However, you can keep under control with a mouthwash, toothpaste or seeking treatment..

Main causes of ammonia taste in mouth

  • One of the commonest causes of ammonia taste in the mouth is poor teeth hygiene. Failing to brush your teeth can bring this unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  • Underlying kidney disease cause ammonia taste. Kidney patient experience ammonia taste because urea is not excreted properly. When toxins are not removed from the body, they will accumulate and you end up with ammonia taste.
  • Hormonal imbalance caused by different changes in the body can give you an ammonia taste. Pregnancy is one of the changes that make women experience ammonia taste.
  • Infection in the respiratory system.
  • Some medications come with side effects that give you ammonia taste. They include high pressure and antidepressant medications. You might get a metallic taste after taking them,

The ammonia taste in the mouth can be a sign of kidney disease, you need to see your doctor as fast as possible. The urea caused by kidney failure goes through pulmonary system and gives ammonia taste in your mouth.

Once you see some anomalies and especially the taste in your mouth, seek medical care before any major damage occurs in the body.

If you are sure that your ammonia taste is not causing by kidney failure then read ahead!

There are various ways of treating ammonia taste. As said earlier, it can be caused by kidney problems. That is why, it is important to visit a physician when you note the ammonia-laden taste.   For these patients, unless the condition is treated the taste will linger. But, not to worry, there is a way of getting rid of the taste without putting much effort. Regardless of the cause of the condition, you can use the right dental products to expel it.

Probiotics for Oral & Dental Health can help you forget the metallic taste and bad breath of ammonia in your mouth. It comes in form of chewable pills. The pills carry a mint flavor and they are enriched with probiotics, which produce enzymes that prevent the proliferation of germs in the mouth. The pills are also tasty to chew and one pack of this medication contains a 45-day supply.

Oralcare probiotics Advanced Dental Hygiene

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The PRO-Dental owes its high capabilities to the S.salivarius M18 bacteria colonies. In a healthy mouth, these colonies exist in abundance but they lack in people suffering from Halitosis. This is why, the PRO-Dental is highly recommended for those with ammonia taste. Besides, the mint flavor leaves your mouth tasting and smelling fresh.

The mouth has some microbiome, which prevent it from various oral infections. The more there are the better. The PRO-Dental repopulates the essential microorganisms in your mouth, making it insusceptible to infections.

No matter how bad your ammonia taste is, it will certainly yield to PRO-Dental Probiotics for Oral & Dental Health.

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash: This is another great weapon for fighting the ammonia taste. It is made with powerful ingredients to ensure high effectiveness and to ensure a fresh mouth for the better part of the day. It is available in three flavors including wintermint, spearmint and peppermint. It all depends, with what tickles your palette.

Colgate Total Advanced Pro Sheild Mouthwashbuy-from-amazonUnlike other mouthwashes, this product does more than refreshing your mouth but it also prevents the growth of germs by offering a 12-hour protection. It is capable of killing 99% of germs. The Colgate Total Advanced is therefore a great treatment for ammonia taste regardless of its cause. It is liquid in form and it is used as any other mouthwash. It is worth noting that it does not leave a burning alcohol sensation.

Depending on the flavor you choose, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and boosts your confidence. It also prevents other teeth conditions such as Gingivitis. Hence, it is a product for overhaul dental health – however you can avoid that ammonia taste in mouth as well!

Get Zero Burn Listerine Mouthwash

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Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash provides general dental and oral health but in particular bad taste and breath. It is therefore an effective treatment for ammonia taste treatment. It kills and prevents the growth of germs, which cause gingivitis, plaque and other related dental conditions.

Its antiseptic properties make it a great enemy of germs. It cleans out your mouth off various infectious microorganisms and keeps it smelling fresh all day.

The antiseptic mouthwash comes with mint flavor, which leaves the mouth with a cooling sensation and a lasting freshness. It works best if used after every 12 hours.   Brushing with toothpaste regularly is recommended for people with halitosis. However, to kill the ammonia taste, you will need more than toothpaste. Using the Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash to brush your teeth after 12 hours, you can manage the bad taste.

If you are worried about the safety of the medication, it is ADA approved and can be used for clinical purposes. With the powerful ingredients in the mouthwash, you can be sure to have a fresh taste in your mouth at all times. The antiseptic mouthwash has the ability not only to fight bad breath and taste, but also prevents disease-causing microorganisms. If you are battling with ammonia taste problem, consider Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash.

They come in packs of 2 and 4. Choose your package today and freshen your breath.

For how many days you are having ammonia taste in your mouth? Let us know by commenting below. 🙂