The Best Toothpaste For Tartar Removal


We all know about tartar – it isnt nice! So what is the best toothpaste for tartar removal?

Tartar deposits are one of the reasons for offensive breath as the deposits contains high percentage of bad breath causing germs. The back potion and corners of the teeth are the most tartar prone areas as toothbrush does not reach these places. The hard to reach areas remain unclean giving rise to tartar formation. These hard stones can make teeth cleaning and flossing difficult. Excessive tartar formation on enamel and in the gum line can further cause cavities and gum disease.

So, what is tartar and why does it form?

The moist environment and temperature in our mouth provides a comfortable environment for growth of bacteria.

This results in constant formation of thin, colorless bacterial film over our teeth’s surface known as plaque. Regular brushing helps to remove this layer but certain corners of the teeth such as the insides and corners still remain unclean as toothbrush cannot reach these parts.

When plaque built up continuously, it gradually hardens to form tartar on enamel and the gum line area. Tartar deposits are one of the major factors for bad breath and gum disease. Anti-tartar toothpastes are one of the proven ways to control plaque and hard tartar deposits.

What is the difference between plaque and tartar?

There is a big difference but can you guess the detail? The more you know the better you can tackle it.


Plaque is a colorless and sticky film of bacteria that keeps on constantly forming on the surface of our teeth. The saliva and fluids in our mouth and leftover food particles combine and get accumulated on the surface of the teeth as plaque.

The bacterial layer can be removed from time to time by brushing teeth at least two times a day for entire two minutes. It is important to clean the back portion of teeth and cover all corners to clean germs from mouth. Plaque generally starts to form after 4 to 12 hours of brushing teeth.

Hence professional dentist highly recommend brushing teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly to help fight plaque


Tartar, also known as calculus, is a hard deposited crust on enamel and gum line that can stain and discolor teeth.

While plaque can be easily removed by simply brushing teeth, the hard deposited tartar needs dental professional assistance for removal. Tartar is formed when plaque is not removed regularly by proper brushing.

Continuous accumulation of plaque on the teeth’s surface gradually forms a thick layer, hardens and cause plaque deposit on teeth. These deposits also make it difficult to remove new bacteria and plaque and can also making flossing difficult. Susceptibility to tartar and plaque varies from person to person.

Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpaste: This is one of the best toothpaste for tartar removal. It contains xylitol as an active ingredient. Scientific studies prove that xylitol ambience in mouth reduces the formation of bacteria and keeps mouth clean. The anti-palque toothpaste helps to minimize tartar buildup by cleaning germs and preventing plaque.

How does Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpaste work?

Natural calcium base: The back of teeth and bottom gum line are more prone to tartar deposit. The anti-plaque paste contains natural calcium base that effectively cleans teeth and the entire gum line till the bottom.

 Purified hydrated silica: Plaque built up can also affect the natural shine of your teeth. Purified hydrated silica in the dental paste acts as an effective teeth whitening formulae working on the enamel to remove stains and reveal whiter teeth. Peppermint helps to fight bad breath and kill gems.

The paste is completely fluoride free to meet the customer’s diverse interest and needs as excess fluoride can cause harm to teeth and bones. The anti-tartar toothpaste is also free from any harsh chemicals, saccharin, preservatives, colors or flavors, artificial sweeteners or animal ingredients. Made in USA, Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpaste comes in six packs of 6-ounce per tube. (36 ounces in total)

Benefits of Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpaste

Tom's of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpasteBrushing teeth twice a day with Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpaste has been proven to considerably reduce bad bread by preventing formation of plaque and tartar. Following are the benefits of brushing teeth with the anti-tartar toothpaste

  • Kills mouth germs
  • Controls plaque
  • Reduces tartar deposit
  • Removes stains from teeth
  • Restores natural shine of enamel
  • Whitens teeth
  • Natural formulation gently cleans mouth without any harsh effects
  • Gives good breath

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Tips to control tartar deposits

Regular brushing: Brushing teeth regularly twice a day helps to prevent plaque and kill germs. Use a good quality flexible toothbrush to easily reach every corner of teeth and clean germs. Remember to brush teeth for at least 2 minutes to remove harmful bacteria.

Tartar control toothpaste: Brushing teeth with tartar control toothpaste considerably reduces the chance of having tartar. The special anti-plaque formulation of these pastes prevents formation of plaque and keeps mouth clean.

Diet habit: Bacteria love to feed on starchy and sweet food. Remember to rinse mouth well every time you indulge on sweets, sweetened beverages and meals to remove traces of leftover food and clean mouth.

Electronic toothbrush: Studies reveal that the gentle vibration effect of electronic toothbrush helps to minimize plaque. Remember to choose the one with American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval as they meet high safety tests and quality control.

Floss regularly: Flossing teeth regularly is the best way to remove plaque from between teeth and hard to clean areas that brush cannot.

Ditch the cigarette: People who smoke are at high risk of having tartar. This is because smoking dries up mouth easily and increases bacterial growth. The chances of developing plaque and tartar deposit are higher.

Tartar deposit occurs over a period of time. Regular brushing of teeth with Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and whitening toothpaste helps to remove mouth bacteria from time to time and prevent plaque. This decreases the chances of any tartar deposit. Good oral care, brushing teeth twice every day with anti-plaque toothpaste, tongue scraping, regular flossing and rinsing mouth with good mouth washes encourages good oral health, fresh breath and prevents tartar.

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