10 Best Whitening Strips: Reviews By An Industry Expert (2021)

Best whitening strips

Imagine meeting a person for the first time with your teeth stained with yellow and shades. It must be one of your most embarrassing moments. You might have your reasons for the discoloration of your teeth, but the other person has no clue about them. They’ll only conclude that you practice poor hygiene.

Whether you’re attending a job interview or your first date, the first impression is important. Unfortunately, you can’t make a bright first impression with dull, stained teeth. It is sad but true.

Fortunately, over the counter teeth whitening methods are here to help you. They’re becoming popular day by day due to their effectiveness. One such method involves the use of the best whitening strips. They easily and quickly whiten your teeth without consuming most of your time and money.

But with dozens of such products all over, picking the best teeth whitening strips is a real challenge.  You’ll have a tough time getting one that meets all your needs…

In case you don’t have much time to read the whole article, here’s our top 3 pick:

Product Name Our Rating Price
DrDent Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Non-Sensitive (Editor’s Choice)
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KAV PLUS 28 Professional Advanced Teeth WHITENING Strips Home Tooth Bleaching White Strips
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Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine
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Know Your Teeth Whitening Needs:

The best way to get the right product is here… First, take the time to evaluate the current situation of your teeth. Your dentist will be of great help in this.

Outline your teeth whitening goals. Also, determine the amount of time that you can dedicate to the whitening strips.

With all the above info, you can now start looking for the right whitening strips for your teeth.You think shopping takes up all your time? No worries. Our list of the top teeth whitening strips review below will take you direct to the best products.

N.B.: This list comprises of top ten best white strips reviews. All of them highly effective. Dentists have recommended them to their patients for years, and they never disappoint.

Without wasting a single second, let’s look at what makes them unique and better than the rest.

Top 10 Best Whitening Strips Reviews:

1. Crest 3D White Luxe WhiteStrips Professional Effects Review



  • Very affordable
  • Delivers professional results
  • Offers a tight grip on your teeth
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts around 12 months
  • Redness and slight gum irritations in the first days of use
  • Remove 14 years of stains



  • Redness and slight gum irritations in the first days of use

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We open our list of the best whitening strips with Crest 3D White Whitestrips. It comes in a nicely packed box of 40 strips – 20 for upper teeth and 20 for the lower section.

The bright side of this At-home teeth whitening kit:

It has the power to completely remove stains that have settled on your teeth surface for over 14 years!  It conducts the whitening exercise for 30 minutes each day. Your teeth will truly thank you for offloading them a burden they’ve carried for over 14 years.

The easy to use whitening strips uses hydrogen peroxide as one of its active ingredients. It explains why it’s able to give you professional teeth whitening results.

Despite the fact that it gives whitening results like those you’ll get from your dentist, it comes with an attractive price tag that you can’t turn away from.

Key Features and Benefits:

Removes 14 YEARS of Stains in Just 30 Minutes A Day!

It is not just any other selling point. Rather, it’s based on what the product does. And everyone loves it for this!

Imagine removing stains that have settled on your teeth for all these years with a simple strip? It is fantastic if not magical!

As the manufacturer likes to put it, the product is an eraser for your teeth. In so doing, it gives you professional, dentist-like results. It uses ingredients similar to those used by your dentist to make your teeth and smile brighter.

The ingredients reach deep down and around your entire tooth. It gives you a 3D white smile that makes the world stop and stare!

Offers a NO-Slip Grip on Your Teeth

This is one thing you’ll love about this whitening strip. It makes you feel comfortable for the 30 minutes you’ll be wearing it. The high sticking power it comes with makes this possible.

The strip’s sticking surface bear a powerful adhesive that keeps the strips attached to your teeth throughout.

With such a strong hold, you can drink water, talk and laugh with total confidence. Don’t forget that during all this time; your teeth are getting whitened. Life has never been his smooth.

Advanced Seal Technology

Crest 3D White Whitestrips is extremely easy to apply.

It is also extremely easy to remove from your teeth.

We attribute this to the Advanced Seal Technology it comes with. This technology allows the strip to mold into a perfect shape that fits well around your teeth. It fits perfectly that you’ll think it’s designed for you. At the same time, the manufacturer designs the seal in such a way that it gets off your teeth easily. That is, it comes off easily and cleanly.

Professional Dentist Results

The next impressive feature is the professional results this whitening kit brings along. Being one of the best white strips for whitening your teeth, you expect the product to give you good results. But it surpasses those expectations…

It gives you the real professional results you’d enjoy from your dentist after spending hundreds of dollars. But here you’ll spend much less.

Each application lasts for a short period of 30 minutes. After the first three days of application, you’ll be in for noticeable whitening results. As you approach the 20th day, be ready for the full results.

Extremely Affordable

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, this product gives you professional results. But not at the price similar that of a professional dentist. This will make you smile, plus given that you’ll be conducting the whole process at your home. Say no to a high price. Say no to the long tiring trips to the dentist. Say yes to professional results in a short period. As you might know, crest has a wide variety of strips, among them this is the best crest white strips you should consider

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2. Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips Review

Another way to make your teeth ultra-white involves using Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips. These strips have set the record for giving you positive results in just weeks. No matter how tough the stains on your enamel are, the strips will dissolve and wipe them out completely.These whitening strips also remove the new stains trying to form on your teeth. It means that you’re always protected. No stains will find their way to discolor your teeth and make you embarrassed to expose your smile.The fact that this strip dissolves completely after use. A single application lasts for around 5 to 10 minutes. After this, the strip fully dissolves, and you’ve nothing to remove. You also have nothing to worry as the dissolved strip has no side effects on your overall body health.The ingredients used in this product are the safest you’d ever find in any whitening strip. They have no single effect on your enamel. In fact, they’re similar to those used by the dentist to whiten your teeth.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brilliant mint
  • 56 count: 28 for the upper teeth section and 28 for the lower section
  • Dissolves in around 5-10 minutes
  • Nothing to remove
  • Does not harm your standard dental work
  • 56 teeth whitening strips in total
  • Noticeable results in only 2 weeks

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3. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine Review

Also from Crest is the 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine. But this time, the whitening kit comes with a total of 28 strips. It translates to 28 treatments for the upper teeth and the same count for the lower section.

If you have sensitive teeth, and you desperately need to whiten them, this is the right whitening kit for you. The strips act gently on your teeth and do not cause pain to you. Instead, they help reveal your beautiful, natural whiter smile. It happens under a regular and gentle routine. Each application lasts for only 5 minutes a day.

This kit is the Crest 3D White award winning products! It uses 100% enamel safe ingredients that rarely subject your teeth to adverse effects. These components work in and out of your enamel to make it 3D white:

Intrinsic teeth whitening: where the gel penetrates deep within your enamel surface and removes all the stains presentExtrinsic whitening: where the gel removes all the stains from your entire teeth surface.

Of course, there’s that tight grip that holds the strips closely and securely to your teeth for the recommended duration.The tight hold not only allows you to achieve full teeth whitening benefits of the strips. It also makes you feel comfortable, drink and talk well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Specially designed for people with sensitive teeth
  • Gently removes stains that’s has settled on your teeth for many years
  • Each application lasts for 5 minutes a day
  • Uses the same enamel safe ingredients used by professional dentists
  • It’s a great at home teeth whitening experience
  • Easy Peel and application

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4. Lovely Smile Premium Line teeth whitening strips Review

Now! Now! Now!

There’s no reason why should spend a lot of cash to have you teeth whitened by a dentist. Lovely Smile Premium Line is a teeth whitening strip that helps you achieve dentist grade results. It’s a great alternative that gives you the same whitening results as your dentist in just a single hour!

Will you be in for this rare chance to bring back your brighter smile in just an hour?

I have a feeling your answer is big YES!

The completely easy to use whitening strips come in 28 treatments per package. The manufacturer recommends you to use 1- application per day, for 60 minutes. It increases your chances of getting an outstanding whiter smile. After 14 treatments, you’ll realize the full teeth whitening results/ benefits of the strips.

The whitening kit employs non-slip technology to enable the strips to bond strongly with your teeth. As such you’ll have an easy time drinking water or talking while the kit does its job. Believe it or not, this kit almost rivals the dentist’s $300-500 expensive treat regarding effectiveness.

Once you get the treatment, it will last for 12 straight months- a good treatment duration, right? Removing the strips from our mouth is the easiest part. You’ll like how they come out easily and cleanly, without leaving any residue on your teeth. Highlighted Features:

  • Enamel and gum safe ingredients used
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Gives you visibly white teeth in an hour
  • Each treatment lasts for 12 months
  • Full results occurs after 14 treatments
  • Hygienically packed
  • Integrated mint flavor
  • Revolutionary, Non-Slip tech allows you to talk or drink water while whitening your teeth.

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5. Sparkling White Professional Whitening Strips Review

At this point, we’ll introduce you to the Sparkling White Professional Whitening Strips. They’re best described using four words: Simple, Safe, Effective and Satisfaction Guaranteed results! You should be smiling after reading this.

The sealed foil package comes with a total of 14 pouches of 2 strips each. It adds up to a total of 28 strips- a sufficient supply that will last for two good weeks.

The strips are designed to give you sparkling white teeth. They’re completely easy to use. They give you whiter and brighter teeth after only two weeks of application.

The product has a satisfaction guarantee too. If after the two weeks (or 14 days) you don’t get any results, don’t worry. The manufacturer allows you to claim back your money.

A single application of this trip should last for around 15-30 minutes. Please don’t give up after the first treatment. No noticeable results will come at this point. But after a few days, your teeth start to glitter. By the time you hit 14 days, you’ll be have achieved the white teeth all over.

Note that the manufacturer uses advanced technology to make these strips. On top of this, they use ingredients that are 100% enamel and gum safe.

Highlighted Features:

  • High quality, advanced formula elastic teeth whitening strips
  • Packed into 14 pouches. Each containing 2 treatments for both the upper and lower teeth section
  • Comes with a free shade guide to help track your progress
  • Gives you whiter and brighter teeth in just 2 weeks
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 30 Day Full money back guarantee
  • The strips comes in a perfect size for travel
  • Extremely easy to use-Effective and Safe teeth whitening strips

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6. Cool Teeth Whitening Zero Peroxide Strips for Sensitive Teeth and Gums Whitener Band Kit Review

Here’s another whitening strips for folks with sensitive teeth and gums. It comes with a zero peroxide formula so that it does not affect your sensitivity.

Also packed in hygienic boxes (sealed foils), the strips are 28 in total. It means that they’re fourteen treatments enough for two weeks teeth whitening. You should make a single application every day. But as the manufacturer would advise, you can make two treatments within 24 hours. Also, bear in mind that the treatment should be disposed of after 15-30 minutes.

After how long will you get results from this product? Immediately after using the first treatment, be ready to enjoy brighter and whiter teeth. You’ll notice REAL results as you near the end of the fourteen treatments. To keep a record of your teeth whitening progress, you’re provided with a free shade. Yes, completely free.


The manufacturer advises you to avoid staining your teeth with foods and drinks when using the strips. This enables you to experience the full benefits of this teeth whitening kit. It also allows you to extend the duration of the treatment.

Application of these strips on your teeth is very easy. The sticking side is has a powerful adhesive. This enables it to strongly adhere to your teeth until you remove it when the treatment period is over.

Removing the strips is also fast and easy. What’s more, it does not leave any residue behind. Combine this with the enamel and gum safe ingredients used to make the product. You’ll have a product with safety levels similar to those of a dentist.

Highlighted Features:

  • Zero Peroxide, Baking Soda Formula perfect for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Enough whitening strips to take you through 14 treatments or 2 weeks
  • Perfect teeth whitening strips on the go
  • Extremely easy to use
  • They’re perfect for use at home and while travelling
  • Start experiencing a difference after the first application. The whitening intensifies with continued use
  • Enamel safe formula with no peroxide or any harsh chemicals
  • A money back guarantee if you fail to get results after fourteen days or 2 weeks
  • A free color shade chart provided. It helps you track your teeth whitening progress

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7. Crest 3D Luxe Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Getting the whitest teeth and smile is now possible, thanks to the above product from Crest 3D. The strips give you a multi-dimensional bright, smile. This is the smile that lets you create the best first impression- be it on your first date, job interview, and so on.

Using 100% enamel safe ingredients, this product unleashes your natural white smile. It makes your stained teeth produce the whitest, most alluring, and magnetic smile that makes everyone on the streets go whoa!

Do you remember the $500 professional dentist teeth whitening treatment your friend was telling you about? You don’t need to spend that much to get it now! Using this whitening kit will give you exactly that and at a less amount of money. The kit contains a total of 14 strips for fourteen treatments.

The manufacturers of these strips employ the Flexfit technology. It enables them to stretch and cover your entire teeth surface. It ensures that the whitening treatment is felt everywhere in your mouth.

The strip’s strong grip also allows you to experience a powerful bond between your teeth and the strips.The technology also allows you to experience zero slips.

Removing the strips is also fun. They come out so easily that it leaves not a single trace of the strip material on your teeth.

Did we mention that the whitening is professional grade?

Get it from here:

The strips go deep below your enamel and around the entire surface of your teeth. This way, they’re able to remove stains that has hidden there for years. Your teeth will rejoice with a mega-watt smile for relieving them of the burden that has dulled them for so long!

Highlighted Features:

  • Gives you the whitest white, multi-dimensional smile
  • Gives you professional dentist $500 whitening treatment at very affordable rates
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Use of Exclusive Flexfit Technology design. This enables the strips to stretch and mold into a custom fit for your teeth
  • No slip grip keeps the strips bonded to your teeth. This allows you to drink water or talk without difficulties
  • The strip is easy to apply and comes off easily

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8. Sheer White! 20% Professional Teeth Whitening Strips Films Kit Review

We’re almost there…Occupying our eighth position of all the time greatest teeth whitening strips on the market is the Sheer White! 20% Professional Teeth Whitening Strips. The strip rivals all the poor whitening strips on the market by far. It employs the safe 20% carbamide peroxide formula. This is a sure way to give you the whitest smile you only experience in your dreams or Hollywood movies.It gives you whiter results faster that you expect. The manufacturer terms it as the most significant advancement in the teeth whitening industry in almost a decade. Looking at its performance record, we totally agree with them. And so should you.Now:The strip bears a thin flexible and moldable material. It enables it to easily adapt to every surface holding you put it on (of course, that’s your teeth).Immediately you press it against your teeth; a powerful bond is born. It holds the two surfaces together, giving the whitening gel a cool environment to conduct its whitening business. It stays the way you put it all through.No leaks and No washing out of the whitening gel. No slipping or sliding of the strip film.The strips are very comfortable in your teeth. They’re long-lasting products fully dedicated to seeing you produce the magnetic and alluring smile.Package contents: five trays, each holding 2 whitening trips and 1 tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional teeth whitening kit
  • 5 day teeth whitening strips
  • Uses an enamel safe formula of 20% Carbamide peroxide. This is an effective formula that whitens your teeth professionally
  • Long-lasting treatments
  • Strong grip: no slipping or sliding

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9. Lumeeno Zero Peroxide Gentle Teeth Whitening Strips Review

lumeeno whitening stripsWe’ve already discussed one of the whitening strips for people who bear sensitive teeth and gums.But an alternative to this product won’t hurt. Lumeeno Gentle Teeth Whitening Strips is such a great alternative. It’s the teeth whitening kit that enables you to whiten your sensitive teeth without undergoing any pain.The packet is finely packed into 14 sealed pouches. Each pouch contains 2 strips (for both the upper and the lower teeth). This makes it a sufficient package for 2 weeks treatment. And you’re allowed to make two treatments within 24 hours. Each treatment lasts 15-30minutes.This product gives you whitening results on the go. As usual, these results will intensify as you use more of these treatments. Being one of the best sensitive teeth whitening strips, it uses a peroxide free formula.DO NOTE:In between the teeth whitening treatments, keep off foods and drinks that cause staining. It allows you to get a smooth progress of the treatment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide free formula, great for people with sensitive teeth and gums
  • 100% Enamel Safe ingredients used
  • Min flavor-Elastic strips offer a perfect fit for your entire teeth surface
  • Results starts showing immediately after the first treatment and intensifies with time
  • Professional teeth whitening experience
  • Satisfaction guaranteed-Travel friendly teeth whitening kit: hygienically packed into sealed foil for easy carry and use anywhere

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10. Teeth Whitening Strips Advanced Professional 28 Count by EverWhite Review

Last (but not least) we have EverWhite’s Advanced Professional Teeth Whitening Strips. Did you know that this kit has been voted to give better teeth whitening results than Crest products? Now you know.The effectiveness of this strips makes it rank among the most recommended by dentists.This product uses an enamel safe formula to give you the best teeth whitening results. It’s also satisfaction guaranteed. It means that the manufacturer is 100% confident in their product.This treatment is professional grade- very similar to the one that your dentist offers you. It lasts for over 12 months- this is probably the longest treatment duration we’ve encountered so far.

Highlighted Features:

  • Professional level teeth whitening treatment at the comfort of your home
  • Voted to produce the best results: Higher than Crest
  • The treatment lasts for up to 12 months
  • Uses enamel safe ingredients, similar to those used by the dentist
  • Advanced Seal Technology ensures zero slip and zero sliding, allowing you go about your day while whitening your teeth

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Things to Consider Before Buying Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Ability

How dedicated is the whitening strip you’re planning to buy at giving you the expected results? If you purchase a quality whitening strip, it will give you positive results as soon as you start using it.

The results will intensify as you continue using the product.


Many people believe that the price of whitening strip determines its teeth whitening ability.

This is NOT true. If you want to spend your money wisely on these products, don’t be in a rush to buy. Come up with your budget. Then, research on the top whitening strips available.

From here, it will be easy to pick a product that meets your budget and teeth whitening needs too.

Treatment Duration

As a fact, teeth whitening treatment with whitening strips do not last forever.


Because you continue consuming foods and drinks that cause teeth staining e.g. red wine, coffee, etc. This makes the whiteness you achieved fade with time.

Buying strips whose treatments last for over 6 months are highly advisable. They’ll sustain you for a little longer unlike those that last for a few weeks


Some teeth whitening strips are notorious at releasing gel that tastes awful. For this reason, you might find yourself spitting it out again and again.

Avoiding the traumatizing interactions between your taste buds and the gel is simple. Take note of strips that produce awful tastes and avoid them like a plague.

Pain Tolerance

Over the years, many whitening strips users have been complaining about increased tooth sensitivity.

Professionals have identified the main reason behind this. And this involves the use of certain ingredients to manufacture the whitening strips. It causes you much pain in turn.

No one would like to suffer in the name of trying to whiten their teeth.

Always analyze the ingredients used to make the strip you’re buying to ensure it has zero effects on your teeth sensitivity.

Consult Your Dentist

Consult your dentist before using the whitening strips.

They’ll examine the condition of your teeth and advise you on whether to use whitening strips or not. They might even recommend you on the top whitening strips to use and the ones to avoid.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you should also reach out for the dentist first. They’ll give you professional advice on the best product to use.

Check the Product’s Label

You can’t afford to ignore the label of any whitening strip.


It carries important information such as the ingredients used to make them. Strips containing ingredients e.g. peroxide, baking powder, etc. are way more effective at whitening your teeth.

Ease of Use

An easy to use strip is far much better.

They don’t consume your valuable time trying to fix them on your teeth. It helps you concentrate on other important activities.

You should apply strips for around 15-30 minutes. They come in pairs- one for the upper and the other for the lower section of your teeth.

Additionally, the best strip should be convenient to wear when doing other things. But it would make no sense eating or drinking anything else apart from water while wearing them.

Why Use Teeth Whitening Strips?

Teeth whitening strips are definitely ranked among the most popular teeth whitening methods today.

Despite this, you might have some doubts on whether it’s the right method for you…

Let’s find out why you should consider using them:

Faster results

It’s a common thing for people expecting faster teeth whitening treatment to turn to the whitening strips.

If you use the best strips on the market, you’ll start getting noticeable results in a day.

What about using these strips to give your teeth a difference the night before going for an interview, date, etc?


Teeth whitening strips are available over the counter. You’ll get it right from your local vendor or pharmacist. This is unlike most of the teeth whitening methods out there.

Take for example, opting to have your teeth whitened by a dentist. You’ll have to make to their office.

They might even schedule more visits for you. S, you’ll always be n your way to see them. This feels more tiring compared to using whitening strips at home.

Used Anywhere, Anytime

Whitening strips are unique in that you can use them at your home and when traveling. Their small sizes improve their portability, allowing you to whiten your teeth while traveling.

You can even go about your daily activities while whitening your teeth using these products.


Another BIG reason why you shouldn’t shy from using these products is that they are extremely affordable. They’re cheap and match your budget.

But their lower prices do not mean that they’re ineffective.

As a matter of fact, they give better results compared to the expensive teeth whitening methods.

How Effective is Whitening Strips in Comparison With Other Teeth Whitening Products?

Here’s the million dollar question…

All you would want to hear is whether the strips are better or not compared to other teeth whitening methods such as whitening toothpastes, whitening methods, mouthwashes, and even the home remedies.

There’s actually no straight answer on its supremacy against any of the above methods.

The top secret lies in using the right type of whitening strip to whiten your teeth.

How To Use Teeth Whitening Strips?

You might argue that all whitening strips have a similar manner of application and use. But this isn’t true. Some brands outline different steps on how you should use their strips for optimal results.

Thus, reading the product user guide is the first step to using teeth whitening strips properly.

In addition to reading the instructions, follow these general steps below on how to use a whitening strip:

1. Buy the right product: First of all, you need to buy the right whitening strip. It should be effective and having long-lasting results. Do you suffer from sensitive teeth and gums?

If yes, consider getting a special product for your teeth.

Our list above has several products specially designed for sensitive teeth.

2. Brush your teeth before applying the strips: This will help remove any bacteria or food particles that might have been trapped between your teeth.

It also helps remove plaque that might hinder the whitening process. Note that the brushing should take place about 30 minutes before you apply the strips.

NEVER brush right before applying the strips.

3.  Applying the Strips: Assuming that you’ve brushed your teeth; go ahead and start applying the strips as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make sure that the strips cover the entire surfaces of your teeth. But it should not cover your gums if you don’t want to experience some irritations.

4. Give the product enough time to work: The general time recommended for all strips is 30 minutes.

5. Removing the strips: After around 15-30 minutes, you need to take off the strips from your teeth. If your strips dissolve after use, you can skip this step.

Don’t make the mistake of extending the time the strip stays in your mouth. This does not guarantee you better results- it makes no difference.

You might rinse your mouth with some water after removing the strips (optional).

6. Repeat the process: a one-day treatment won’t give you the best results. It’s therefore advisable to repeat the treatment severally for the best results.

The number of strips per package is important. It dictates the number of treatments you should to undertake.

For most products, the minimum period of use is 10 days.

Side Effects of Whitening Strips

  • Whitening strips are always safe for use by adults. For pregnant women and children, it’s a different case. They’re advised to always consult a dentist before using them.
  • Prolonged use of the strips has also been linked to teeth sensitivity. This depends on the type of ingredients used to manufacture the product.
  • When using the whitening strips, always avoid swallowing the gel. This is because some of them are made using hydrogen peroxide. Swallowing them might thus affect your body health if swallowed.

But swallowing small bits accidentally isn’t a reason to worry.

Final Verdict

Teeth whitening strips is one of the best methods of teeth whitening at home. It works great for all those looking for fast, instant results. Some of the best teeth whitening strips reviews above let’s you enjoy the whitening treatment for a full year.

If you’re looking for a safe, cheap, and simple method of whitening your teeth, you’ve a solution now. Using the best whitening strips will work for you.

They’re great whitening kits that give you professional level results at pocket friendly prices.

Our list of top whitening strips above is the best. Order any product from the list and thank us later.