Best Mouthwashes For Kids That Are Mild Yet Effective!

best mouthwash for kids

A set of shiny pearl teeth can enhance your child’s smile. Parents are always concerned about their kid’s oral hygiene. Moreover their little one’s never-ending love for chocolates, cheese, pastries and junk food doubles the chances of cavities.

Mouthwashes are a great way to take your child’s dental health to a new level. Brushing cannot clean certain areas of the mouth thus your kid’s mouth still retains germs. Mouthwashes can easily clean even the hard to reach areas for a cleaner effect and instant freshness.

The Ultimate Benefits of Mouthwash

Introducing your kids to mouthwash promotes healthier gums, stronger teeth and fresh breath.

Mouthwash would be the best regime you can probably add to your child’s dental care. The best points of including the dental liquid is it clears mouth germs by reaching each corner of the mouth, fights cavities, imparts instant freshness and ensures long lasting fresh breath.

But it is important to remember that mouthwash should not be replaced with brushing. Only kid mouthwash is to be used for children as they are specially made for the younger ones to take care of their tender gums and growing teeth.

When is My Kid Ready for Mouthwash?

Dentists recommend mouthwash for children above 6 years since younger kids find it hard to rinse out the liquid from mouth. Here are some helpful tips to introduce your child to this regime:

  • Share with your child how mouthwash can rinse away mouth germs between corners of teeth and prevent cavities
  • Start with few drops of the liquid with half cup of water and allow your kid to rinse mouth with it for few seconds and spit out. Assist children to spit out completely without swallowing
  • Slowly increase dose to the required quantity. This will gradually help the child to get used to the new regime

How to choose a good mouthwash?

The present market is flooded with vibrant kid mouthwash but how do you make the right choice? Also you might find it quite difficult to make your child use the product. Here are some useful tips on selecting a good mouth wash and make your child use it as well.

Dental condition: Know your kids dental condition to get the best fit. For example if your child’s teeth are highly prone to cavities then go for an anti-cavity mouthwash.

Fluoride content: Calculate the approximate fluoride content in water, toothpaste and food before selecting a fluoride mouthwash as more exposure to fluoride can harm your kid’s teeth.

Fun flavors: Reach out for flavor mouthwash to add fun. The present market offers an array of flavors ranging from bubble gum, strawberry to cherry. Choose the one your kids love most.
Let us look into some of the best mouthwashes for kids that are mild yet effective. These mouthwashes only harm the mouth germs without causing any harm to your child.

Best Mouthwashes for Kids

ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash

The alcohol-free and ADA accepted mouthwash has been approved by the American Dental Association.
ACT Kids Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse

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Cavities are one of the major problems among kids. Recent studies reveal that almost 60% to 90% of school going children is affected with cavities. Nipping this problem from the early stage ensures stronger gums and healthier teeth.

As it is said that prevention is always better than cure, the anti-cavity wash has been specially made to fight against cavities and promote stronger teeth. Pick this fluoride mouthwash for your child to strengthen enamel and kill bad breath.

Your child will love to use the bubble gum blow out liquid. The liquid’s essential ingredients and fluoride works on the soft spot of your kid’s mouth to restore minerals and strengthen teeth. ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash is highly recommended from us & it’s good for your kid.

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Colgate Kids 2 In 1 Toothpaste Mouthwash

Colgate is regarded as one of the most trusted brand in the dental industry.

 Colgate Kids 2 In 1 Toothpaste & Mouthwash

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The fun turtle power label glistening on the bottle of the mouthwash is sure to instantly catch the fancy of your little one. Since every child is a die-hard fan of cartoons, you can easily convince your kid to make this cleaning liquid a regular part of his dental health.

But as it is said, do not judge a book by just its cover. The bottle is not only attractive but is also filled with kid’s mouthwash, specially formulated keeping the taste of your kid’s in mind.

The mild fruit flavor of the mouth cleaning liquid takes care of your child’s repulsiveness to chemical odor that certain mouthwash contain. Colgate Kids Mouthwash cleans the entire mouth of your child by swishing away all the bacteria, particles and help fight germs that cause cavities. Colgate Kids Mouthwash is available in pack of 6.

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Aquafresh Mouthwash with Fluoride for Kids

If you are more particular about kid’s mouthwash and especially looking for a gluten-free version, then this one is the right for you.

Aquafresh Mouthwash with Fluoride for Kids

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The mouthwash is alcohol-free and holds ADA acceptance seal. The gentle mouth rinse is free of any artificial ingredients thus making it best for kids who exhibit sensitivity to artificial sweeteners and dyes.

It is also cruelty-free, kosher and halal certified thus satisfying several requirements and sentiment. Regular use of the mouth rinse in conjunction with fluoride toothpaste help fight cavities, kill mouth germs and maintain healthy teeth. Aquafresh Mouthwash with Fluoride for Kids is available as a multi-pack.

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ACT Anti-Cavity “Sponge Bob” Rinse for Kids

ith Spongebob Squarepants on the bottle, your kid will excitedly agree for a quick mouth rinse. The ocean berry flavor adds new fun and experience to mouth cleaning, strengthens teeth, fights mouth germs and keeps cavities at bay.

The anti-cavity and alcohol-free mouthwash is dentist recommended and safe for your child. Starting with few drops of the wash initially is the best way to prepare your kid for using mouthwash.

Try explaining your kids the importance of good rinsing habits. You will be surprised to see how your little one starts developing good dental habits. ACT Anti-Cavity “Sponge Bob” Rinse for Kids is available in pack of 6 measuring 16.9 ounces each.

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Wrap up

Mouthwashes for kids are specially formulated to gently remove mouth germs and promote healthy gums and strong teeth. Gifting your child with a good mouth rinse would always remain one of the best choices in your life.

After reading this post do you think that you’ve found the best mouthwash for your kid? Let us know by commenting below…