Best Mouth Guard For Grinding Teeth – Reviews and Buying Guide

bruxism mouthguard

Teeth grinding, usually referred to as Bruxism by medical professionals, refers the involuntary action of clenching of your teeth together using a lot of force. The activity usually occurs at night and affects everyone regardless of age, gender, and race.

Bruxism isn’t a piece of cake on a golden platter. It has very bad effects on your overall dental health. If not treated on time, this dental disorder might move to more advanced stages and put your dental health at the greatest risk ever.

Some of the bad effects associated with teeth grinding are:

  • Teeth grinding results to chipping off of your teeth surfaces that comes into contact with each other during the action
  • The excessive pressure applied leads to wearing down of your teeth biting surfaces
  • Due to the recurring forces applied on your teeth, they’re likely to lose their structure (this is known as Abfactcions)
  • It results in cracked teeth
  • Pain in the joint of the temporomandibular jaw
  • Edges of the grinding teeth becomes flat with time and the sharp biting surfaces disappear
  • Headaches during the day
  • Enlargement of your jaw muscles
  • Loosening of your teeth as well occurs
  • Increased level of tooth sensitivity due to wearing out of enamel leading to exposure of the inner softer dentine
  • Tooth loss
  • Shortening of your teeth due to grounding
  • Recession of gums
  • Occurrence of lesions and chewing of your cheek tissue
  • And of course, you’ll become a nuisance to your partner due to the unpleasant noise that comes from teeth grinding at night.

If you’ve experienced any of the above effects or signs in your dental health, it’s clear that you’re a victim of teeth grinding. And you need a MOUTHGUARD right NOW!

A mouthguard is simply a flexible device that you need to put on your teeth before going to sleep. Also referred to as night guard, the device protects you from the harmful effects of Bruxism throughout the night. How it works to stop you from clenching your teeth together?​

The tool works by preventing all forms of contact between your upper and lower dental arches. This way, no teeth grinding activity will occur and you’ll be safe from all the dreadful dental damages we have discussed earlier.​

Advantages of mouthguards when used to prevent teeth clenching include:​

  • It prevents development of major dental disorders which might require you to spend a lot of cash at your dentist to have them treated.
  • The device offers you a high degree of comfort. In other words, it does not make you feel awkward whenever it rests on your teeth.
  • It is very easy to clean, enabling you to observe a good oral hygiene
  • It is durable and tear-resistant, and will help prevent you from deadly teeth grinding effects for a long time
  • Mouthguards are odorless and tasteless- these mouth tools do not affect your fresh breath in anyway. They’re also tasteless to make you feel comfortable when wearing them.
  • A mouthguard stays firm on your upper and lower teeth arches when in action. It’s an amazing night guard that will not fall of when you fall asleep.
  • Contrary to what most people think, mouthguards do not limit you from breathing properly or talking to your friends and loved one.
  • A mouthguard goes a long way in preventing temporomandibuar joint (TJM) disorder. This is the most complicated joint in your body. This is because it’s located in a tricky area where the upper jaw connects with cranium, and it controls come of the most important mouth motions such as biting, chewing, making facial expressions, and speaking.

Victims of teeth grinding usually experience this disorder and thus encounter difficulties carrying out the above mouth motions.

These are the great benefits of fixing a mouthguard on your teeth before hoping into your bed. So, what are the best mouthguards out there to give you all the above benefits and ensure that you’re totally free from teeth grinding/Bruxism effects?​

Here’s the list of the Best Night Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding:​

​#1. Custom Dental Night Guard for Teeth Grinding – Pro Teeth Guard



  • Cheaper than the dentists version
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers you 365 full money back guarantee
  • Made by professional dental lab experts with 10+ years experience
  • Custom made, making it very effective
  • Comfortable



  • None reported ever since the product was first released

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If you’re used to waking up with headaches and pains in the neck and jaw joints, Bruxism has finally caught up with your teeth is to blame for misbehaving when you’re enjoying your night sleep.

And you know what? It’s time to let your teeth know that you’re in total control of them by giving them their perfect match- the Pro-Teeth Guard.​

This night guard will tame your teeth and stop them from grinding against each other at night. You only need to take this single step and all your dental damages will stop, joint pains gone, and your mornings will be bright!

There are many reasons to believe in this mouthguard, the best one being that it’s professionally designed in a professional California-based dental lab.​

The creators of this mouthguard have over 10 years experience servicing many the dentists across the world with custom mouthguards. What does this tell you? The version of custom mouthguard that your dentist sells to you at very high prices is from this lab.

Good news is that the manufacturer gives you the chance to obtain the same mouthguard directly from them at lower prices. Why don’t you grab this chance right now and save yourself thousands of dollars you’d have spent at our dentist’s?​

Features/Benefits of the Pro Teeth Guard​

The Mouthguards are Custom Made​

Here is yet another reason to believe in the effectiveness of Pro Teeth Guard at helping your teeth from the grinding effects! It is custom designed such that it perfectly fits on your teeth. It won’t come off easily at night when you’re deep sleep.​

“But the manufacturer doesn’t know my dental structure; how will they be able to deliver a custom mouthguard to me?” This question must have run through your mind after reading the above feature.​

So, let me explain to you how the designer will create a custom Pro Teeth Guard for you. This is a process you need to follow:​

1. First, you have to order the item online. After this, you’ll receive an email that comes with a simple to use home impression kit.​

2. Use the putty material that comes with this kit to mold an impression of your teeth.​

3. Finally mail the impression you have crated to the manufacture labs via the pre-paid envelope!​

Now relax and wait for the professional dental labs to create a custom night guard for you. I’m double sure you’ll like the outcome!​

Pro Teeth Guard is Durable and Very Comfortable

A product coming from the professional dental labs would raise questions if it breaks down the very day it’s bought. Pro Teeth Guard won’t tear or get worn out on the same day you buy it. It’s strong, tear-resistant, and ready to safeguard you from harmful teeth grinding actions.

What’s the secret to its long lasting capabilities? The professional designers utilize high quality dental industry materials to make this mouthguard.

This enables it to serve you for as long as you want it to. These materials include a dual-laminate of 3mm and a hard acrylic outer layer to boosts its durability.

To further ensure that this mouthguard makes you feel comfortable when in use, it comes with a soft inner layer of laminate.

365 Days, 100% Money back Guarantee

If you feel that this is not your mouthguard after using it for any period of time, you’re free to return it to the manufacturer and claim a full refund of your cash. Nobody will bother to ask you why you decided to return it. The company will even pay for the return shipping fee.

The manufacturer isn’t dumb! They know what they’re doing. They know that their product is the kind that you don’t want to return to them since it gives you exactly what you expected from it.


​Why pay more at your dentist for the same mouthguard that you can get from the manufacturer at fairly low prices? Start the mission of saving your teeth from further trauma the right way by buying your custom made Pro Teeth Guard mouthguard directly from the manufacture today.

#2. Armor Guard Custom Professional Dental Day and Night Pro-form Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding​



  • Clear color design makes it invisible when in use
  • It’s durable
  • Comes in two different version to suit your teeth cleaning needs
  • Custom made
  • World class customer support staff gives you free consultation services
  • Comfortable
  • Approved by American Dental Association
  • More effective compared to over the counter models



  • None reported so far

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Second in our list of the best mouthguards to prevent teeth clenching is Armor Guard Pro-form mouthguard. As you have noted from the above name, it’s not limited to night use only- you can use it during the day as well.

Similar to the first mouthguard, this one too is very effective against Bruxism. It won’t frustrate your efforts to do away with that mischievous action of your teeth at night that is causing you great damages.

It is manufactured in the USA by Armor Guard, a renown manufacturer of top-notch dental care tools. You might be surprised to find out that this is the very mouthguard that your dentist sells to you at very high prices.

If you buy this mouthguard directly from the manufacturer, you’ll be able to enjoy lower prices compared to your dentist. Who doesn’t like to save some pennies and use them on other important areas? I guess no one.

Key Features and Benefits of Armor Guard Pro-form Day & Night Mouthguard:

Custom designed to perfectly fit on your dentals

This product shares so many similarities with the earlier product…

The fact this mouthguard is custom designed to fit your dental structure is another one. And a great one to boost your efforts of getting rid of teeth clenching habits easily.

To get a custom designed Armor Guard Pro-form day & night mouth guard, the company sends you an impression kit. Use this kit to mold your dental structure and send it back to them. Remain patient as the company customizes your product.

What if you feel that you can’t wait for the time set by the company to design your mouthguard? Well, there’s a shortcut for you. The company has an expedited rush service program that you can use to have the product designed and delivered to you much faster.

Armor Guard Pro-form day & night Mouthguard Comes in TWO Different Forms

Why two forms? Are you wondering this right now? Good. First you need to understand that Bruxism can take two forms. Some people undergo normal tooth grinding and do not encounter TMJ symptoms. Others experience heavy teeth grinding plus the TMJ symptoms.

Now, to ensure that you get a mouthguard that matches the form of teeth cleaning you’re undergoing, the company offers you two materials to choose from.

The first material is the softer Semi flexible EVA material. This softer material is specifically designed for people who undergo light/normal teeth clenching. It is also suitable for people who prefer a bit softer feel or cushion.

The second material is the harder semi flexible EVA material. This type is suitable for both normal and heavy teeth grinders. It will go a long way in alleviating the TMJ symptoms.

However, the fact that this material is hard does not mean that it gives you a rock-hard feel. It’s very comfortable in your mouth and carries out its intended job excellently.

Made from Professional Quality Materials!

Armor Guard Pro-form day & night mouthguard is made from high quality materials that have no negative effects on your oral and body health. The material used is of standard clear color, BPA and allergen free.

It’s also interesting to note that the product is approved by the American Dental Association.

Armor Guard Pro-form day & night mouth guard is Durable

Did I have to mention this feature? From the above feature that this mouthguard is made from high quality materials, you already have an idea on how durable it is.

For the purpose of emphasis however, let’s discuss its durability. The mouthguard is made using a standard 3mm thickness material to enhance its durability as well as comfort.

If you fall in the category of folk who prefer thin mouthguard for teeth grinding, the manufacturer has not left you out. They also design mouthguard of 2mm and 2.5mm thickness for you.

If you take good care of your mouthguard, it will serve you for a couple of years.

First-Grade Customer Support from the Manufacturer

Armor Guards knows something other companies don’t know. That is, am excellent customer support center is the only path to the customer’s heart. They therefore have a great customer support team that offers you free consultation services wherever you need them.


Armor Guard Pro-form day & night mouthguard is an excellent night guard for stopping your teeth from grinding against each other at night. Order your custom made piece direct from the manufacturer today and save yourself some bucks.​

#3. Dental Protector–Professional Mouth Guard for Bruxism, Teeth Grinding, and Clenching​



  • Comes with a hygienic travel case making it highly portable
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Offers you 30days money back guarantee
  • Lasts for over a year
  • Comes with 2 mouthguards
  • Very effective at preventing Bruxism and TMJ disorders



  • None

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Hey there!​

It’s time to say goodbye to constant headaches, aching jaw muscles, sleepless nights and the ever increasing sensitivity and damages to your teeth by using Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard.

The professionally designed night guard replaces your worst Bruxism experiences with stronger teeth, and the most peaceful night you’ve been lacking for a while.​

Unlike other mouthguards out there, this is a special mouthguard. It is a multipurpose product (or a three-in-one mouthguard if you like it). In simpler words, it can be used to prevent your teeth from grinding at night.

It can also be used to prevent possible damages to your dentals during sports. And it can be used to whiten your teeth!​

Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard is absolutely amazing and delivers exactly what it promises. It’s the most cost effective solution to all your teeth grinding and clenching issues.​

Features and Benefits of Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard:​

The Mouthguard is designed to Last​

Wait! For how long do you expect Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard to last? A few days or several months? You’d definitely expect it to last for a couple of months if not years.​

And the good news is that this mouthguard meets your expectations. It is designed in the USA using long-lasting, soft, hygienic, tasteless, and odorless polyvinyl material. This is what makes the product last for as long as it pleases you.​

If you use the dental guard on a daily basis, and take great care of it too, it will serve you for over 12 months!​

Comes with an Extra Mouthguard​

What joy shall feel your heart when you open the box of Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard! Among other things, you’ll be met with two mouthguards.

Considering that a single dental guard goes for 12 months or more, it means that the two will serve you for up to 3 years! You won’t have to keep ordering the same piece over and over again.​

What joy shall feel your heart when you open the box of Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard! Among other things, you’ll be met with two mouthguards.

Considering that a single dental guard goes for 12 months or more, it means that the two will serve you for up to 3 years! You won’t have to keep ordering the same piece over and over again.​

Now you believe what I told you in the beginning? This mouthguard is a cost-effective solution to the Bruxism tragedy.​

The Mouthguards are Customizable, Moldable and Comfortable​

In the earlier mouthguards, we said that you have to send an impression of your dentals to the manufacturers so that they can come up with a customized product for you. However, the case is very different here.​

After ordering your package, you’re presented with two Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguards.

The fact that they are moldable means that you’re the one to mold and size them to suit your dental arrangement. This might have caught all the DIY enthusiasts smiling!​

Note that molding these products is very easy.​

After the molding is over, you’ll end up with a fully customized mouthguard that precisely fits on your dentals. This ensures that you’re comfortable when wearing the mouthpiece.​

Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard is Super-Easy to Use​

The fitting and removing process? It sometimes becomes a hard task to do, especially for people who rely on low quality mouthguards out there.​

Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard is a top-quality, professionally deigned piece that is easy to fit on your teeth and even remove.​

After molding to a precise size, fit it on your teeth to prevent them from grinding at night.​

The removal process when the right time comes is equally easy.​

NOTE: if you still believe that you can’t do the molding, fitting ad removal process on your own, the package comes with a detailed user manual that will guide you through.​

Keeps you Safe from TMJ and Bruxism​

This super mouthguard is superior in all ways. It effectively prevents you from grinding and clenching your teeth. It also alleviates all the problems that Bruxism might subject your entire body to.

If you start using this mouthguard daily, you’ll be totally free from the TMJ disorder and the associated symptoms such as joint and neck pains, facial muscle pains and so on.​


Why settle for inferior mouthguard that does nothing to stop your teeth from grinding/clenching. Be smart. Buy a smart mouthguard- the Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard and say goodbye to constant headaches, joint pains, and sleepless nights.​

#4. The ProDental Mouthguard​



  • Long lasting mouthguard
  • Perfectly fist your dentals shielding them from bruxism action and consequences
  • Tasteless
  • Odorless
  • It’s a 3-in-1 mouthguard
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free replacements available
  • Easily moldable
  • 5-satrt customer support staff



  • Some people complain the molding process takes long

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Are you still enjoying our list of the best night mouthguards for teeth grinding and clenching? Yes? Good… we move on to our fourth best mouthguard for countering Bruxism- the ProDental Mouthguard.​

Let’s start with good news first. ProDental Mouthguard shares something similar to Silent Angle Dental Protector Professional Mouthguard. It is a three-in-one mouthguard.

You can use it to keep your teeth off the grinding action, prevent your teeth from damage risk during sports, and whiten your teeth.​

But in our case here, we are looking for a mouthguard that helps you deal with Bruxism.​

ProDental mouthguard works effectively and tirelessly to solve your problem. It presents you with a fully customizable mouthguard that remains fitted in your teeth throughout the night.

It’s simply a mouthguard that will cover all your teeth and stop them whenever they try to contact at night.​

Here are Features and Benefits of The ProDental Mouthguard:​

Direct Professional Dentist Support​

How would you feel getting directions straight from a professional dentist or the manufacturer of a mouthguard on how to use their product?

Can you form a mind picture of a professional dentist guiding you through the molding, fitting and removal process of your mouthguard?​

Well, I know thus might sound unbelievable but it’s exactly what the ProDental Mouthguard manufacturers offer their customers. No other mouthguard manufacturer on planet Earth has ever come up with such an awesome feature.​

If you’re using this mouthguard therefore, you’ll be having an easy and fun time interacting with the dentist or the dental lab experts. You can do this via an email or phone.

This is an opportunity you can’t just sit down and watch it pass. It allows you to utilize the mouthguard the professional way to curb Bruxism.​

ProDental Mouthguard offers you a Perfect fit

Whether your mouth size is small, medium or wide, ProDental Mouthguard will give you the perfect fit you desire. You can easily trim this mouthguard such that it perfectly matches your dentals.

This boosts its effectiveness in preventing your upper and lower teeth from coming together.

Professional Dentist Design

Do you know why most mouthguards ends up disappointing you when for not carrying out their jobs well? It’s simply because they’ve been designed by non-professionals.

Such designers simply do not know how to make a guard that will meet all your teeth grinding needs, such that all the users can’t wait for the night time to wear them.

ProDental Mouthguard on the other hand is designed by a professional dentist. The dentist starts by analyzing the underlying bruxism problem before setting to design the mouthguard.

Once they have the draft with them, they go ahead and come up with a night guard that will enjoy using again and again.

The mouthguard comes with a slim and flexible design that will enable you to sleep comfortably in all positions.

Can be molded to Match Your Dental Alignment

The best part about this mouthguard is that you can mold it on your own. You can mold it to ensure that it precisely fits in your mouth. In other terms, the mouthguard is not a “one size fits all” mouthguard.

If you experience difficulties molding yours into a perfect shape, don’t hesitate to call the direct dentist support we have just discussed above. It’s the best in terms in terms of guiding you throughout the necessary fitting steps.

Free Replacement

Let’s say you have decided to mold ProDental Mouthguard on your own. Then along the process you mismold it in such a way that it becomes damaged permanently. That means that you can’t use it to stop your teeth from grinding.

What should you do next? Have your money gone to waste? NO. The manufacturer gives you a FREE Replacement whenever you mismold your piece.

Simply contact them and inform them of this misfortune. They’ll be more than ready to give you a new piece and even show you how to mold it well.

Has a Long Lifespan

Similar to all the above mouthguards, this mouthguard has a long lifespan. You’re going to enjoy its services for so long as you want to tame shield you teeth from grinding each other at night.

So, what’s the reason behind its long lifespan? Well, the mouthguard is designed using a 3mm thick durable base that is highly resistant to wear and tear. Don’t forget that this design also enables the mouthguard to offer you extra cushion and absorb shock.

Easily Adapted

For all ages, genders, races, this is you mouthguard. It is designed to adapt easily to various teeth alignments, size of teeth, and mouth shapes. It offers optimal retention for everyone.

You can easily wear it on your upper or lower jaw and dive to sleep guaranteed of maximum security lock of your teeth from the grinding nightmare.

30days Money Back Guarantee

This isn’t just a money back guarantee feature that you’ll get from any other company.

The manufacture has a better name just to show you how advanced it is from the rest. They call it “Better Than Money Back Guarantee”.

This is how it goes…

You try the 3-in-1 ProDental mouthguard for a period of 30 days. If you feel that this is not the mouthguard for you within this period, simply return it to the manufacturer. They’ll give you a full refund of your money.

They won’t press you with questions on why you returned it. Even if you have used all the 3 mouthguards, they’ll still process a full refund for you.


ProDental Mouthguard fits and protects your dentals from bruxism and its harmful effects. Period! It’s deigned to work for all dental alignments, mouth shapes and tooth sizes.

It’s a far much better investment compared to the dentist’s customized piece that goes for thousands of bucks.​

#5. The Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector for Teeth Grinding review​



  • Offers you a custom fit
  • Patented 2 layer design ensures optimum comfort
  • BPA free
  • Designed by professional dentists
  • Easy to fit on your teeth
  • Very comfortable on your mouth
  • Maximum satisfaction guaranteed



  • It lasts for about 3 months
  • It gets chewy with time

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Close to a third of the human population is comprised of active teeth grinders. Half of this population becomes chronic with time and a treatment becomes necessary for them.

Teeth grinding usually occur at night when you’re asleep. When detected early, it can be treated and hence protect your teeth from the impeding dangers it causes.​

Coupled with the above piece of information, a team of dentists set out to find a way to stop the teeth grinding pandemic once and for all. This brought forth the Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector.

The dentists also discovered that most of the current mouthguards didn’t have the necessary preventive measures against bruxism.​

They developed up to 12000 prototypes. From these, they picked up the top performing pieces that were comfortable on the users’ mouths. The premium deign was then patented and is what we are listing as the 5th best mouthguard for teeth clenching.​

That’s the interesting story of how our fifth best mouthguard for teeth grinding came to be…​

Up to date, the mouthguard is still a top performer. It is also among the most recommended mouth pieces by dentists today.​

Here are the Benefits and Features of Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector:​

A Superb Patented 2-Layer Design​

Medtech, the company behind the manufacture of this mouthguard employs a patented design in their amazing mouthguard. The two layer system consists of the following:​

1. Soft top layer- it’s designed in such a way that it offers cushion to your teeth and gums. It also acts as an effective shock and impact absorber.​

2. Firm bottom layer- this layer has been designed in such a way that the teeth cannot tear through it. It therefore effectively stops teeth grinding and its bad effects.​

Deeper Channels Design​

Unlike most of the mouthguards in the market, this mouthguard comes with a deeper channel design. This allows it to accommodate all your teeth regardless of their shapes and sizes.

Molars too will be completely confined in the deep channels and kept secure from any type of teeth trauma caused by Bruxism.​

Custom Fit

Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector has a custom, guaranteed fit. You carry out the customizing process on your own to ensure that it’s in accordance with your needs.We’ll discuss how you can customize this mouthguard later on (keep reading)This ensures that it does not fall of easily from your teeth. Even when you’re deep asleep, in your dreams, and in any sleeping position, the device will remain intact to guard your teeth from grinding.

Comes with a Travel Case

If you’re a victim of teeth grinding and you travel a lot, you’ll find Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector a great deal for you. It comes with a travel case where you can conveniently carry it and use it at night.

Additional, the case acts as a hygienic cover for your mouthpiece: it prevents it from contacting germs from the surroundings that might expose your mouth to other health risks.

Offers you a desirable level of comfort

Designed by dentists who have deep knowledge on bruxism and its effects, this mouthguard helps you deal with the nightmare effectively and nothing more. It does not irritate you when you wear it.

You’ll feel very comfortable throughout the night. You won’t even notice significant changes in your mouth due to its slim design.The flexible design allows you to sleep peacefully and comfortably in any position.

Easy 3-step Fitting Process

The company allows you to customize the mouthguard on your own. The fitting process is also easy. The package comes with a detailed step by step user manual to guide you through this process.

The process involves:

1. Start by softening the material. Do this by dipping the mouthguard in bolding water for about a minute with the channel side facing downwards.2. Now remove it from the boiling water and allow it to sit for about 20 seconds. Now bring it up to your teeth and focus on putting your front teeth on protector’s front as much as possible. Wait for another 20 seconds and bite the device until you feel the tough bottom layer.Close your mouth and suck in as hard as possible. Hold the guard and press it against your teeth.3. After around 30 seconds, your device is now ready for use. You have custom fitted it on your teeth. Now cut off the excess parts that extend beyond your molars and you’re done.NOTE: If you didn’t mold the mouthguard correctly on the first try, you can simply repeat the above process and refit it again.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Medtech has more than enough faith in their in their product. They strongly believe that it will give you the best fit and protection. At the same time, it will meet the level of comfort you desire in your mouth.

They even allow you to return the product to them if you feel that it does not serve your needs as you expected. You’ll get your money back, with no questions asked.

Slanted Front Design

Have the Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector package already arrived at your doorstep? If yes, I’m pretty sure you have carefully examined it and noted that it has a slanted front design.What’s the importance of this design? Well, it keeps the material far from your lips and gums, making it even more comfortable on your mouth.


The journey to avoiding further damages to your teeth by bruxism starts by investing in a custom fit, comfortable, and adjustable mouthguard. Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector is one such night guard that works all night long to stop your teeth whenever they try to grind each other.

#6. DentaHD Night Trays For Adults – Professional, BPA Free Night Guards for Bruxism



  • Custom fit
  • Tough bottom layer that effectively hinder teeth grinding in heavy grinders
  • Comes with an extra guard
  • Use manual makes it easy to mold
  • Has a long lifespan due to the strong latex materials it’s made from
  • Helps stop teeth clenching/grinding
  • It also reduces TMJ disorders, teeth wearing, and bruxism
  • Also helps stop snoring habit



  • Some people complain that the device is too big for them

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DentaHD too has joined the race to find the best treatment for teeth grinding, and bruxism. They have made a grand entry into this market by providing their own night mouthguard that perfectly fits on your teeth to help stop teeth clenching and grinding at night.

The night tray is also a perfect match for people who suffer from TMJ disorders.

It effectively alleviates the joint disorder and the pain it instills in you. Something good not note is that this mouthguard not only stops bruxism and TMJ disorders, it also prevents snoring?

Do you snore? If yes, you might be undergoing a very hard time trying to stop this habit since it deeply irritates your partner. And it’s time to wave it goodbye by using DentaHD Night Trays For Adults!

The night tray combats this habit very well and will truly change your bedroom life no doubt. This amazing night tray also comes with an extra guard to help you realize its maximum benefits.

Features and Benefits of DentaHD Night Trays For Adults Include:


After getting your DentaHD Night Trays For Adults package, you can easily mold it to match your dental alignment and mouth shape.

The adjustment process has been very easy as the package come with a user manual that gives you clear instructions on how to mold the device.

After molding the device well and fitting it your mouth, it will remain attached to your mouth until you remove it when necessary. Additionally, the custom fit assumes your mouth shape and dental alignment, giving you a level of comfort that you wish for.

Has a decent lifespan

DentaHD Night Trays For Adults is made in USA using ADA approved high quality latex materials. This makes it resilient and resistant to wear and tear.

Don’t forget that this latex material is dental grade, highly hygienic, and BPA free.

Stops TMJ Disorder

Although there are many mouthguards in the market right now, it’s very hard to find one that helps you stop the TMJ disorders. And the few that claim to help stop this disorder do not live to their promises. How frustrating it feels!

Luckily, DentaHD Night Trays For Adults lives to its promises. It works just as the manufacturer tells you. If you start using it today, you’ll get notable differences in your TMJ after a very short time.

All the joint paints, neck pains, facial muscles strains, and headaches will be gone for good.

DentaHD Night Tray for Adults comes with an extra Tray

If you feel that the current mouthguard is no providing you with the desirable fitting therefore, go back to the package and pick the extra guard.

This will give you the fitness you need to make the device rest comfortably in your mouth. And you’ll be ready to stop teeth grinding in all ways.

DentaHD Night Tray for Adults retains its Original Structure for Long

Can you relate this feature with the one we had just discussed above?

From the simple fact that this mouthguard takes long before it changes its structure, it’s crystal clear that the device will retain its firmness on your teeth for a long time.

A set of two mouthguards that come with a single package will therefore serve you for even longer.

The quality latex materials the mouthguard is made from are responsible for its long lasting structure.


DentaHD Night Tray for Adults sells at very affordable prices, yet it offers you all the top features that a dentist will recommend you to look for when buying a night guard.

If you’re TMJ disorder, teeth grinding or snoring sufferer, purchase this device today and it will replace your agony with joyful nights.

#7. OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard for Teeth Grinding and TMJ Mouthguard



  • Customizable
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Stops TMJ disorders and teeth grinding effects
  • Comes with an extra guide
  • Lasts for a very long time
  • user manual makes it easy to use



  • slight mismolding destroys the material

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At position seven in our list of mouthguards for teeth grinding, we present you with the best over the counter mouthguard for teeth grinding- the OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard.

If you have used over the counter mouthguards to treat your TMJ and teeth grinding disorders before, you might have ended up being disappointed since they don’t work as they claim.

But just make one final try with this particular over the counter mouthguard. I guarantee you of getting the best results ever. You’ll never look back. The mouthguard is available in all pharmacies and local drug stores.

It works miracles when it comes to relaxing your jaw muscles, alleviating all the problems related to teeth grinding, and all the side effects of bruxism to your body system.

Key Features and Benefits of OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard include:

Comes with a Travel Case

The fact that the manufacturer presents this device to you in a travel case is good news to people who like travelling a lot. Next time you’re planning for a long trip, remember to carry this device with you.

You can easily slip it in the case and carry it conveniently to any location. When the night time comes, fix it on your teeth and enjoy your night at the trip.

Patented Slim Design Technology

The manufacturer of OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard employs a patented slim design in creating this mouthguard. One of the main benefits of this design is that it makes it feel less bulky when in your mouth.

Also, the slim deign is specially created to help you tackle TMJ disorders and teeth grinding affectively. Once you start using this mouthguard on your teeth, you’ll notice immediate results.

Most of bruxism symptoms, e.g. neck pains, headaches, facial muscles pains, spasms, insomnia, etc, will disappear. The few remaining symptoms will vanish with time.

Serves you for a very long time

OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard last for a total of 24 or more months when used on a daily basis! Yes, you heard that right. In other words, a single mouthguard will last for a period of 2 years.

What’s more, the mouthguard will retain its original structure and will therefore give you the fitness you desire. It’s like a “buy once use forever” device.

The fact that a package of this mouthguard comes with an extra device is also an added advantage. The two guards will serve you for 4 straight years, fighting teeth grinding and all the consequences it entails.

The long lasting properties of the mouthguard are attributed to the dental grade used to design them.

FDA Approved

The material used in the manufacture of this device is FDA Approved. The material is BPA, Latex, and PVC free. The device is manufactured in the USA using EVA material which complies with FDA rules and regulations.

As such, using this device on your mouth does not cause any negative effects on your overall body health.

Easily Adaptable

If you’re wondering whether this mouthguard will fit perfectly in your mouth, pay full attention here…

The device has been designed in such a way that it easily adapts to all forms of mouth shapes, teeth alignments and teeth sizes. This means that the device offers you the maximum retention ad comfort you need and will therefore help you fight bruxism regardless of your dental structure.

Easy to Use

This over the counter night guard is extremely use to use. The manufacturer gives you the role of molding the device to fit your dental for your convenience. A package of OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard comes with a detailed step by step user manual that clearly states to you how you how to mold the device and make it perfectly fit on your teeth all night long.

Moldable and Customizable

As we have just stated above, OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard is moldable. This means that you can freely customize it to suit your dental structure. All you have to do is soften the material using hot water. Afterwards, mold it to fit your teeth using fingers and tongue pressure.


The fact this night guard is very comfortable in your mouth should give you a clue that it will operate effectively. This mouthguard provides you with optimal comfort at night and gives you immediate results. It does not restrict you to sleep in only one position as other similar devices do. This is why it’s recommended by many dentists around the continent.


If you are the person who prefers to use over the counter mouthguards, OzDenta Wizard Custom Fit Night Guard is your NO.1 choice. It is easily affordable, long lasting, customizable, effective at stopping TMJ and bruxism, and very easy to mold. Make your purchase of this top-rated mouthguard while stock lasts and say goodbye to bruxism the easy way.​

#8. Knight’s Night Guard Review

The Knights of Camelot remains one of my most favorite series of all times. The series tries to explain how the legendary King Arthur of Camelot kingdom ran his kingdom.

In the kingdom, there existed the best soldiers ever, popularly known as Knights of the Round Table. They were the strongest, the bravest and lived inside the king’s castle.

With the Knights of the Round Table, the whole of Camelot kingdom, including the king enjoyed maximum protection and always felt at peace!

The same way these knights defended their kingdom well is the same way Knight’s Night Guard defends your teeth from the dreadful effects of teeth grinding ad clenching.

The professionally designed night guard watches over your teeth throughout the night. They are designed to help you sleep peacefully without being disrupted by the notorious teeth grinding action.

And similar to the Camelot knights who had the best combat skills in their era, these mouthguards are designed by professional dentists who inject the best protection properties and skills in them. This ensures maximum comfort and protection in your mouth.

Key Features and Benefits of Knight’s Night Guard:

Moldable and Customizable

One of the best features of Knight’s Night Guard is that it can easily be molded to suit its user’s dental arrangement. As we all know, a well fitting mouthguard is more effective compared to the loose one.

To mold the trays to a perfect fit, you first need to soften them and then fit them on your teeth with the help of the teeth and tongue. A user manual that comes with the package will guide you through all these steps.

When you fit the mouthguard on your teeth at night, you’ll find it in the same position the next day you wake up.

Knight’s Night Guard comes with a Storage Case

This case serves two major tasks.

First, it acts as a convenient storage case where you can store the mouthguard and maintains its hygiene at all times. The case will prevent it from gathering any germs from the surrounding environments.

Second, the case acts as a convenient way to carry the night tray with you when you’re travelling. You can therefore enjoy the protection of your “Knight” whenever you go.

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Comes with an Extra Tray

Similar to most of the mouthguard we have reviewed earlier, this mouthguard also comes with an extra piece.

The extra piece is added to ensure that you can chose one what fits perfectly on your teeth. If you accidentally distort the first guard, you can also use the second one.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Already have the Knight’s Night Guard with you? Yes? What if it does not met your teeth protection needs? Here’s the way out…

The manufacturer of Knight’s Night Guard allows you to return the product to them if you feel that it’s not the right mouthguard for you. You’ll get a full refund of your cash, no questions asked.



  • Made by professional dentists
  • Very affordable
  • Made of dental grade material
  • Storage case enhances cleanliness
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Fits perfectly in your mouth
  • Comes with a bonus guard



  • It lasts for a short time


Knight’s Night Guard has all you need to get ready for a mission to stop further wearing of your dentals by teeth grinding. All this is given to you at a very cheap price. Never regret for not having stopped your teeth damage when a cost effective solution was within reach.

Why Should You Buy A Custom Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding?

All the health experts are chanting a similar song to you- “buy a custom mouth guard for teeth grinding.” Have you ever asked yourself why they recommend you to use a custom and not any other mouth guard to treat teeth grinding? Did you get the right answer?

Let me explain to you the real reason behind the recommendation of a custom made mouthguard:

But wait! What’s a custom mouthguard? If you don’t have a clue what we’re talking about, a custom mouthguard is a one that had been specifically designed to match your teeth arrangement and bite impression.

With that in mind, here’s the top reason why a dentist keeps insisting that you buy a custom made mouthguard:

A CUSTOM MOUTH GUARD offers you superior fit, protection and comfort. Why? They’re made from top quality materials that have been professionally molded to match your teeth impression. Superior fit translates to maximum protection and comfort.

Maximum protection means shielding you from the painful TMJ disorders, neck pains, headaches, teeth wearing and sensitivity and so on.

Maximum comfort means feeling better in your mouth, breathing and speaking easily, sleeping peacefully and in any position.

When Should You Seek A Doctor?

In the beginning of this post, we clearly stated that bruxism can be easily curbed with the help of the best mouthguards in the market. However, there comes a time when the condition gets out of hand and dentist’s intervention becomes necessary.

When is the right time to present your bruxism condition to a doctor? This has to be at a time when the condition has moved to a more advanced level. The advanced level is associated with the following symptoms:

Frequent toothaches

  • Unexplained headaches
  • Sore jaw
  • Constant facial muscles pains
  • Worn out or cracked tooth
  • Insomnia

If you have any of the above symptoms, seek doctor’s help ASAP!

NOTE: from the simple fact that we have different body systems, some people might be able to treat this problem by simply using the high quality mouthguard we discussed above. Others will find it hard to stop the problem using mouthguards.

It’s therefore important to try out the mouthguard first and then seek dentist’s help if it doesn’t work. This might save you a lot of cash.

How to Clean a Mouth Guard For Grinding Teeth?

All the best mouthguards we have reviewed above will remain the best mouthguards if and ONLY IF you take great care of them. Good care starts by cleaning them properly and always.

An unclean mouthguard acts as suitable breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and virus. These harmful microorganisms will make a hell out of your mouth as they will only increase the agony you’re already going through.

How should you clean your night tray for grinding teeth? Below are 5 useful tips to guide you through:

1. Using YOUR toothbrush and toothpaste

This is one of the most recommended methods of cleaning your mouthguard by professionals. The process involves cleaning the mouthguard just as you normally clean your teeth. However, don’t rely on this method of cleaning alone. Combine it with other methods listed below.

2. Soap and Water Method

This method is usually recommended when you first take the mouthguard out. You have probably heard that just cleaning the device with warm water is enough. However, addition of soap helps kill germs and sanitize the device.

3. Use of Mouthwash

This is in fact one of the highly recommended mouthguard cleaning methods by all dentists across the world. It simply invokes soaking your device in a baker containing a mouth rinse of your choice. The soaking process can last for around 10 minutes or even overnight.

The mouthguard kills germs effectively and gives the device a great taste.

Be careful when choosing the type of mouthwash to use, given that most rinses might stain the device.

4. Use of mouthguard cleaning powders and tablets

If you visit your local drug store today, you’ll find tablets and powders that have been specifically manufactured to help clean your mouthguard. They help sanitize the mouthguard and remove all the stains present.

5. Natural Home Cleaning Methods

Last but not least, you can use a wide range of natural cleaning methods available to clean your mouthguard. These methods are very cheap and involve use of readily available natural materials.

Examples of these natural materials include lemon, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, bleaching, etc.

These natural methods are also effective at killing most of the germs that must be residing inside your mouthguard channels.

Keep in mind that cleaning of your mouthguard should be a DAILY ritual!

Final Verdict

We have come to an end of our expert guide for people who suffer from all forms of teeth grinding or bruxism. If you are one of these people or you know a friend or family member who struggles with this problem, bookmark this post and share it with them. It contains almost all the information that your dentist will give when you visit them, including the best night guards for teeth grinding.

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