10 Best Denture Adhesives (2023) – Reviews and Buying Guide

best denture adhesive reviews

Looking for the best denture adhesive? Are you having troubles trying to keep your dentures tightly fixed in your teeth? If yes, I’m sorry. The sanction force in your mouth isn’t enough to hold the structure into place. Or they have become loose with time and are no longer able to bond with your teeth.

What if I show you a way that you can turn tables around and make the same dentures stick to your teeth throughout?

You’ll feel overexcited, right?

This is exactly what I’m going to show you. I’ll recommend to you the best denture adhesives on the market right now. They’re stronger than you can imagine and fully dedicated to seeing your dentures stay connected to your teeth.

But before that, I’ve something good for you. I’ll equip you with some useful information to help you buy the right denture adhesives. This will save you time and help you land straight into the most effective adhesive…

Best Denture Adhesive  Our Rating Price
Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek
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Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive
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Super Poli-grip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive
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Things to Consider Before Buying A Denture Adhesive:


Want to land into the awesome denture adhesive?Great. Paying close attention to its strength is enough to take you there. An adhesive’s strength defines its ability to remains attached to your teeth all-day long. The market has both low strength and high strength adhesives. Picking the latter guarantees you the best results.

Does the Adhesive Contain Zinc?

Some manufacturers load their denture adhesives with high quantities of zinc. Using such products and at the same time feeding on a zinc-rich diet makes no sense.You might end up having too much Zinc content in your body. This might bring in a myriad of health complications.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to buy a denture adhesive that is hard to use. This is one that takes you hours to apply it n your dentures.Thankfully, there are many easy to use products, and a careful search will land you into one such.

Air-tight Seal Denture Adhesive

Is the denture adhesive you’re buying able to form a tight seal between your gums and dentures? If yes, you’re on the right track! Such adhesives restrict air, liquids, or foods from entering between your teeth and dentures.This way, the chances of your denture becoming loose are next to none. You’ll peacefully eat different foods you like, speak well, and socialize without feeling embarrassed.


The last thing you need to consider before buying that denture adhesive is the price tag. How to spend wisely on a denture adhesive?It’s simple. You need to come up with a budget. But don’t set a budget too small, that it only allows you to buy low-quality adhesives. With the right budget, you’ll get the right adhesives for your dentures.

Other features to consider:

  • Today, some adhesives come with bad mouth odor fighting additives. If you spot one such product, I’d highly recommend you to take it.
  • It’s also worth noting the manufacturer behind the product you’re buying. If you’re not sure about the company, pause and do some research about them. Else, you can turn to more familiar brands to avoid disappointments.

Did you know that there are different types of denture adhesives? Well, they come in various forms. Regardless of this, they have a similar goal- to help your dentures adhere to your teeth.

Below, we discuss different forms of denture adhesives you’re likely to encounter:


This is the most common type of adhesive. In fact, most folks will tell you that a denture adhesive is available in cream form only.Now, the cream acts as a temporary glue that securely bonds the denture to your gums. All users favor cream adhesives for their high sticking strength and ability to last for long.


Denture adhesives are also available in the form of wafers or sheets. These work by covering the whole fitting surface of your denture. They’ve got a double stick surface that allows you to attach the dentures to securely to your mouth.

Keep this in mind: when buying wafers, you need two pieces – one for the upper denture and one for the lower part.


The powder adhesive relies on the natural moisture in your mouth to create a firm paste. The adhesive, in turn, sticks your dentures to the teeth. The main benefit of powder adhesives is that they’re less messy and washes away easily.


The last form of adhesives is the strips. They’re also less messy, easy to use and remove from your mouth. The trips usually allow you to enjoy a higher level of comfort. This is because they offer extra cushion between your gums and dentures.

Which form of denture adhesives do you prefer? I know you have got the right decision in your mind.

Next, we look at the best adhesives that actively glue your dentures to your teeth.

We’ll review the most useful denture adhesives available on the market.

Get ready as we dive into our list of TEN most effective denture adhesives on the market right now…

Top 10 Best Denture Adhesive Reviews:

1. Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek Review:

denture adhesive reviews

Dentek Secure denture is one of the best denture adhesives available. It securely bonds your dentures to your mouth for a whole day. One unique thing about this glue is that it’s non-water soluble. In simpler words, it does not get washed away by the saliva in your mouth. This means that it lasts and lasts. And it’s also impossible to swallow it.

This adhesive was initially developed to help you fix the lower denture into a firm position. Despite this, it’s also works marvelously with the upper dentures. It sticks the top plates to your mouth even better. Needless to say, it will work better on your upper dentures as they’re less troublesome.

All the dentists, as well as patients who have used the Dentek Secure, agree that it works as advertised. The patients don’t have a single regret in investing in this product.

I’d highly recommend you to try it as well as see the difference.

Highlighted Features:

  • A real adhesive that creates secure, strong bond between the dentures and your gums
  • It’s a non-water soluble cream. This means that liquid such as saliva in your mouth cannot dissolve it or affect its strength
  • Does not wash out when you’re eating or drinking
  • Does not alter the flavor of your food
  • Can last for as long as 12 full hours without losing its sticking strength

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2. Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Review:

Under the second position of our list of top denture adhesives is the Cushion Grip. It works just as its name suggests. It introduces a firm grip between your mouth and denture. According to the manufacturer, a single application of this adhesive lasts for FOUR days. All through, it remains active and efficient. And when I consulted the dentists and patients who have used it before, they nodded in agreement.

Getting this adhesive ready for its intended task is super easy. First, put it inside your denture. Wear the denture as you normally do. That’s all. Start enjoying a firm grip between your gums and the dentures.

When taking your dentures out at night, remember to leave the Cushion Grip in place. Yes, we said it lasts for four good days. When you put your denture on your teeth the following day, you’re met with awe. You’ll experience the same secure grip you got yesterday!

This goes on for four days. So, if you’re looking for a denture adhesive that lasts for the longest period, you’ve got an answer. And that answer is Cushion Grip.

Highlighted Features:

  • Firmly holds the dentures in place, with zero No slippages
  • A single application lasts for up to 4 days without losing its strength
  • Does not wash off in water
  • 100% safe for all porcelain and plastic denture plates

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3. Super Poli-grip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream Review:

Following Cushion Grip is the Super Poli-Grip. This is another awesome denture for you. It executes its denture-teeth bonding job according to your expectations. Don’t be surprised when you encounter this product in every review of the best denture adhesives you’ll come across.

This product used to contain Zinc until May 2010. As you know, Zinc has some health hazards to your body health. But we’ve good news for you. The newer version available today is 100% free of Zinc. This makes it completely safe for your body health.

On top of this, it’s completely free of artificial flavors and additives. Not a single side effect will surface after applying this cream to your dentures.

Using the cream to your dentures is as easy as pie. All this thanks to the new, imported hold and ooze tip that holds it. And once you apply it, it keeps your dentures in tight and fixed positions, all day long.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% free of artificial colors and flavors
  • Helps keep your dentures tight, hour-after-hour, all day long
  • Forms an air tight seal. This helps prevent food and liquids from getting between your dentures and the gums
  • New, improved hold and ooze tip makes it incredibly easy to apply

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4. Fixodent Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Powder Review:

Sitting in the fourth position of our top denture adhesives is the Fixodent Extra. For once, we’ve come across a powder denture adhesive. The product ranks among the list of denture adhesives. One of the most notable features about this product is its high effectiveness. It keeps your dentures and gums together for a whole day. Yes, it does. It offers the strong hold that lets you eat, drink, smile and talk with total confidence.

The powder helps to keep slipping attempts off your dentures. It keeps food particles from getting between your dentures and gums. This is by forming a tight seal between the two. Add up all these features and you’ll realize why all dentists are favoring it.

One more thing: the powder is also among the best denture adhesives for partials. Various tests have proved that it’s ideal for partial dentures.

A satisfaction guarantee is another thing you’d love about this product. It convinces you that this is the right product for holding your dentures firmly and securely. If you find that it does not work, you’re free to ask for a total refund of your money within the 60 days of buying.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides your denture with a strong, all-day hold
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. You can ask for a refund of your money within 60 days of buying. That’s if you find that the adhesive does not work according to your expectations
  • Offers you a great fit plus a robust, thin, 100% airtight seal
  • Works great for partial and full plate denture wearers (confirmed by tests)

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5. Super Poli-grip Original Review:

Super Poli-grip Original ReviewGreat! We’re halfway our list of top quality denture adhesives…

Super Poli-grip Original is another excellent adhesive and a true companion to your dentures. It keeps your dentures firmly and securely held to your gums all day long. Besides the tight denture fixture, the adhesive also keeps your oral care the on check. It works tirelessly to form a thin, unbreakable airtight seal. This prevents food particles from getting stuck between the dentures and your gums.

In fact, it has been clinically proven to seal up to 74% more food particles than without adhesives. This means that you can eat and drink without worrying about the food getting stuck in your dentures.

The adhesive is also Zinc-free. It does NOT bear a single trace of zinc compounds. This makes it completely safe and healthy for your body.

Super Poli-grip Original denture adhesive that leaves you feel more comfortable, confident and satisfied. It does not subject your gums to any irritations. It strengthens your bite force while you’ve your dentures on!

Highlighted Features:

  • Employs a Zinc-free formula
  • Provides your dentures with a ultra-strong, all-day hold
  • Comes with an Ooze Control Tip that makes it completely easy to use

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6. Poli-Grip Super Denture Adhesive Powder Review:

Poli-Grip Super Denture comes with an extra strength that your dentures need to remain attached to your gums all day long. It provides you with zero slippery cases! This is the kind of adhesive that allows you to feel confident when wearing dentures.

Immediately you apply this powder on your dentures; it swings into action. It quickly mixes with your mouth natural moisture. The final result is a great paste. This paste strongly holds the gums and the denture together for 12 straight hours.

The adhesive does not compromise your comfort. It makes you feel more comfortable with the dentures in your mouth.

Like the other high-quality adhesives, PoliGrip Super Denture Adhesive Powder also forms an airtight seal. This helps prevent food particles from getting trapped between your gums and dentures. It has the natural fresh flavor that does not interfere with the original flavor of your food.

The manufacturer packs the powder in an easy to use, convenient bottle. This means that applying it on your dentures is a breeze.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each package contains six items, 1.6ounces per items
  • Tightly holds the dentures to your gums for 12 full hours
  • Makes your dentures look natural in your mouth
  • Makes you feel comfortable in your dentures
  • Forms a tight seal between your dental and mouth. This prevents food particles from getting between the dentures and your gums
  • Made in Ireland
  • Employs a Zinc-free formula

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7. Fixodent Plus Scope Denture Adhesive Cream Review:

Fixodent Denture Adhesive PowderIf you want your dentures to stick to your mouth and blend perfectly well, this is the denture adhesive to use. It even makes you forget that you have put on your dentures. You’ll mistake them for your real teeth.

Fixodent Plus Scope Denture Adhesive Cream is a product formulated to meet your needs. It allows you to enjoy an active, all-day hold of your denture to your gums.

Something interesting about this product…

It promotes fresh breath, besides gluing your dentures to your mouth. This stems from the fact that it’s formulated with minty freshness of Scope. These helps fight bad odors from your mouth, leaving you with a sweet, fresh breath.

Another remarkable thing about this adhesive: it helps prevent foods from getting in between your dentures and gums.

Above all, the product works on both partial and full plate dentures. There’s no limit to the type of dentures you can use it with.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains Scope ingredients that kill germs, thus promoting a fresh breath
  • Improved control Tip Applicator helps you apply the cream much easier
  • Forms a robust seal that keeps food out of your gums ad dentures
  • Ideal for both partial and fulltime dentures
  • Fixodent is among the top brands recommended by professional dentists
  • Offers a firm, All-day hold

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8. Super Poli-grip Comfort Seal Denture Adhesive Strips Review:

You’ll never exhaust the Super Poli-Grip’s well of denture adhesives. We’ve discussed so many of them earlier. And they all stage magical performances…

This time, they present you with a denture adhesive in from of strips. The strips adhesive has the most promising results. It offers you a strong, all-day hold that keeps your dentures firmly attached to the gums. The strips are completely easy to apply and remove. They’re perfect for the upper, lower and partial dentures.

The fact that you’ll be using strips here is good news. Why? Well, you’ll not encounter the messy or oozing scenes associated with creams and powders.

But the manufacture recommends you to visit your dentist regularly to maintain proper-fitting dentures. This will help you get the best results from this adhesive.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works well with lower, upper and partial dentures
  • Offers a strong, all-day hold-no cases of messy and oozing as it is with creams and powders
  • Package contains four boxes, each holding 40 adhesive strips (total: 160 strips)
  • Made in Japan

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9. Fixodent Original Denture Adhesive Cream Review:

We’re almost drawing to the end of our list of the best denture adhesives on the market. On our 9th position, I’ll introduce you to another hot adhesive cream from Fixodent. This is Fixodent Original Denture Adhesive Cream. If you wish your dentures to hold securely to your mouth all day long, your solution lies in using this cream. It truly creates an unbreakable bond between your gums and the dentures.

The cream is zinc-free. It also makes you feel comfortable all day. The holding power is so strong that it allows you to eat any meal, drink, speak, and laugh with confidence.

Like other high-quality adhesives from Fixodent, this cream creates a tight seal between your dentures and gums. This ensures that no food particles can get trapped in between. Thus, bacteria will have a hard time looking for a desirable area to hide.

Highlighted features:

  • Made by Fixodent, No. One brand recommended by dentists
  • Original flavor-Ultra-strong, long-lasting hold
  • Forms a food seal. As you know, this prevents food particles from entering between your dentures and gums
  • Allows you to feel comfortable
  • Package contains six packs of the cream

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10. Fixodent Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Powder Review:

Closing our list of top quality denture adhesive is another great powder adhesive. This one is also from Fixodent. It’s easy to use Extra Hold Powder!It gives your dentures a tight hold that lasts all day long. And throughout the day, you’ll be able to eat, drink, talk and laugh with utmost confidence!

The powder mixes with your mouth moisture to make a perfect paste. The firm dough forms a strong bond between your mouth and dentures. This prevents your dentures from slipping off their positions. Additionally, it creates a tight seal that keeps off foods trying to get between your gums and dentures.

The powder works best when used with partial and full-plate dentures.

Highlighted Features:

  • Firm, All-day hold
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. You’re allowed to request a full refund of your cash after 60 days of purchase. This is after you discover that the product does not meet your needs
  • Provides a great fit and a strong, thin, airtight seal
  • Easy to apply powder
  • Works with both partial and full plate dentures

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How Denture Adhesive Works?

The MAIN goal of a denture adhesive is to make your dentures hold securely to your gums.

As a denture wearer, you know that your denture has a tendency to become loose after some period of active use. This makes them shift from their locations, giving you a hard time fixing them over and over again. The lower dentures are the most notorious ones- they never seem to settle on their positions. The weak sanction force on your lower jaw is behind this problem

To end all the problems associated with loose dentures, you need strong denture adhesives. These adhesives allow you to reap the full benefits of dentures.

As we’ve already said, the adhesives exist in various forms. For example, cream, powder, strips, etc.

It doesn’t matter what type of adhesive you choose to use. All have the same effect on your dentures- holding them firmly your gums.

Some top benefits you’ll enjoy from using the best denture adhesive on your dentures:

Improved Comfort in your Mouth

An excellent denture adhesive works with your dentures to allow you to feel comfortable. That is, the adhesive sticks the dentures into its position securely and for a long time. With an effective adhesive, you’ll even forget that you have dentures on your teeth.

The possibility of the dentures rubbing against your gums or check tissues and irritating them is also minimized!

Natural Speech!

True! When you have a strong adhesive at hand, you’ll have an easy time taming the loose dentures in your mouth. Loose dentures can give you a hard time while speaking. By just holding them firmly with the help of an adhesive, you’ll find it easy to talk. And your speech will get clearer.

Better Eating Habits

Loose dentures limit the variety of foods you can east. The flipside is also true. Firmly held dentures allow you to enjoy a broad range of foods without struggling. The dentures are tightly and securely attached to your gums.Thus, they’ll exert the same biting force as that of your real teeth, and you can drink or eat any food.

Improved Dental Health

Imagine having loose dentures? Surely, they’ll be roaming around your mouth irritating your gums and the nearby tissues. This will roam to an extent of causing complications such as mouth sores or infections. But when the same dentures are held tight, they’ll hardly do any damage.

Adhesives also promote your oral health by forming a tight seal between your dentures and gums. This prevents food particles and liquids from getting trapped between these parts. As such, it becomes hard for bacteria to find a favorable breeding site.

Some adhesive comes with odor fighting additives. Using such products promotes fresh breath. Your mouth will be able to produce fresh breath always- a good sign of healthy teeth.

Some patients have complained about the ineffectiveness of denture adhesives. But there is also a bunch of users who’re always satisfied with the same denture adhesive. The difference lies in how you apply the adhesives.

Want to know how to use denture adhesives? If yes, follow my professional guide below on how to use the denture adhesives properly…

A Complete Guide on How to Use Denture Adhesives:

Step One: The first and the most important step is cleaning and drying your dentures. Do you always find time to do this? If not, it might be the main reason why your denture adhesive fails to work.

Step Two: After your dentures are completely dry, it’s time to apply the adhesive. In this case, we’ll use the cream adhesive (since it’s the most popular)…

Use the right amount of glue on your upper denture. Strictly follow the manufacturer directions on the right amount to use.

Avoid applying the adhesive too close to the edge of your denture plate.

Step Three: Now take your lower denture:

Again, apply 3-4 dabs to this denture. The dab should be the size of a pencil eraser. Avoid using the cream too close to your denture’s edge.

Step Four: Now put the dentures containing the adhesive to your mouth. Remember to press them tightly to make them attach into place.

In case you notice some cream oozing on the sides of the denture, it’s a sign that you have used too much of it.

Consider removing the dentures, cleaning them again, and applying the right amount of cream.


You need only one application to take you through the day. If you use the right amount of adhesive, a single application is enough to hold the dentures all day long.

Final Verdict on the best denture adhesive

Now that you’ve read the above post, you’ve learned a lot about the denture adhesives. You now know how to spot and buy the best denture adhesive. You know the common types of adhesives available today and how they work. You’ve a professional guide on how to use the adhesives. You’ve the ten BEST denture adhesives for holding your denture into positions.Order any of the above reliable denture adhesives and get ready to tame the loose dentures that have been giving you discomforts in your mouth.

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