Best Denture Cleaner For Removing Stains – Reviews Of 2021

best denture cleaner reviews

Looking for something that can take care of the dentures in the best possible way? If yes, then let’s talk about it in detail and get the best suited by looking at all the aspects of different denture cleaners.

Denture cleaner helps in cleaning removable dentures. It can clean both partial as well as full dentures. It can come in different forms like cream or liquid form. Along with that, there are many denture cleaners in the market, which come in powder and tablet form.

Choosing the best denture cleaner is really crucial to avoid all the germs and odor-causing agents thoroughly.

Before looking at different cleaners in the market, let’s understand that how can we get stains out of the dentures.

How To Clean and Get Stains Out Of Dentures?

Cleaning dentures is important for overall oral hygiene. After a long use of dentures, you need to clean them properly to get that pearly white look again. There are different ways of doing the same.

There are different home remedies which can help you clean them to a certain level. Like cleaning dentures with the solution of vinegar and water is one of the easiest ways of getting the job done.

You just need an equal amount of water and vinegar and soak the dentures in the solution for around 20 or 30 minutes.

Other ways can be cleaning dentures with baking soda solution, which acts as a bleaching agent. Bleaching can clean the dentures and help in reducing the number of microorganisms on them.

Bleaching comes out to be better than using vinegar and water solution as bleaching helps in killing a bigger number of harmful microorganisms.

Apart from these, scrubbing by different solutions come out to be useful for cleaning the dentures. However, it is advisable to go for the cleaners available in the market for the focused and better overall cleaning of the dentures.

In order to help you with the best denture cleaners available in the market, we have listed below the cleaners which you must consider out of all the cleaners avaiable in the market.

Efferdent Denture Cleanser

It is really difficult to get that desired shine and odor by just brushing dentures. Thus, it is important to go for a denture cleaner which can provide you with visible results.

Efferdent denture cleaner is affordable and gives proper cleaning to your dentures and mouthguards. Along with that, Itleaves the dentures with likeable fragrance.

This one is available in the market at a reasonable price, especially when compared with other denture cleaners doing the same job. It is also helpful in providing you with proper cleaning and oral hygiene.

Now, Efferdent denture cleaner comes in difference servings. You can choose as per the requirements. It helps in killing a million of bacteria.

Not only this, if you are dealing with some serious stains, then this one is made for you. The cleaner is really helpful in stain removal.

Highlights of Efferdent Denture Cleanser

  • Can easily work on partial, dentures and retainers
  •  Helps in dealing with odor issues
  • Kills a lot of harmful microorganisms
  • Tough stains can be removed with ease

If you are looking for something inexpensive and reliable, then this is made for you.

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Retainer Brite 96 Tablets

This denture cleaner is one of the best dentures, when it comes to finding something easy to use and affordable at the same time. This denture cleaner is effective in cleaning the dentures effectively, leaving no stains.

This cleaner makes the whole process look fuss free. All you need to clean dentures with Retainer Brite is warm water and a tablet of cleaner. You need to soak the retainers in the warm water mixed with this tablet and it will do its job without any pain.

It also indicates that the retainers are clean as the blue color of the solution will become clear, indicating the cleanliness of the retainers. The cleaner is good its job and it will give you clear indication that it’s odorless and cleaner than other denture cleaners.

Highlights of Retainer Brite

Retainer Brite is a good quality cleaner made for people who are looking for something affordable yet effective.

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120 Retainer Cleaning Tablets

This multipurpose is helpful in killing germs and bacteria without difficulty. This denture cleaner is very helpful when it comes to cleaning invisalignmouthguards, dentures and night guards.

This blue bubble denture cleaner helps in reducing all the harmful bacteria leaving the dentures clean and bright. This denture cleaner is odorless and helps in dealing with bad breath.

This denture cleaner is quite helpful in fighting with tartar and plaque. These tablets are effective and clean the dentures in less time.

It is perfect for fighting against plague buildups. You just need to soak the dentures in the solution for around 15 minutes and you can see the immediate results.

The company also offers 30-day return policy making it a reliable product for many customers.

Highlights of 120 Retainer Cleaning Tablets

  • Really effective for plaque buildups
  • Return policy is quite attractive
  • Can solve various purposes like cleaning nightguards, mouthguards and others.
  • Effective for fighting against odors, cleaning tartars and plaque.

Overall, 120 Retainer Cleaning Tablets are really helpful in fighting against different denture problems.

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Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser-120 Count

Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser is a powerful product and helps in cleaning partials, full plate dentures, retainers and others. Just like other products mentioned above, this one also fights against odor produced due to eating.

In this one also, the product turns white from blue, indicating the completion of the process. The whole process takes around 15 minutes and you just need to soak the dental appliance in the solution.

There is no such expiry date, however, you need to keep in away from wet or damp atmosphere. You can soak your dentures every night on regular basis and there is no such harm in that.

Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser is affordable and justifies the product to its best. The cleanser helps in reducing the retainer odor and removes the stains even the tough ones, quite easily.

You can see the effect of the product by using it on different areas. You can use it in toilets or can use this one as water bottle cleaners. You can easily see the effect and predict the use on dentures as well.

Highlights of Efferdent Anti-Bacterial Denture Cleanser-120 Count

  • Affordable
  • Can be used as a multipurpose cleaner
  • Amazing for Invisalign
  • It has good smell

Overall, this one is good for bad odor and quite reliable in getting the required job done.

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Regent Labs StainAway Plus

This cleanser is claimed to be 3 times more effective than cleansers which come in tablet form. This cleanser helps in brightening and whitening the dentures and with three times more effectiveness.

Regent Labs StainAway Plus cleanser doesn’t have any persulfates and won’t change the color of the utensil you will use it in. You can go for the effective results in just one use.

The cleaner is good to go for the people who drink and smoke a lot. As, this one helps in giving’ ultimate and deep cleaning of dentures. Thus, it comes out to be one of the best when it is all about removing stains.

Highlights for Regent Labs StainAway Plus

  • Effective in removing tough stains
  • Visible and quick results
  • More effective than tablets
  • Leaves you with fresh taste

Having said that, this cleaner comes out to be the one who are fighting against bad stains and odor. This one also comes out to be more effective than cleansers in the form of tablets.

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Polident Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser Tablets

Polident Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser Tablets are known for killing harmful microorganisms. It kills over 99.9 odor causing bacteria, leaving you feeling fresh and minty.

This antibacterial denture cleanser is easy to use. You can just get one tablet in warm water and soak in the dentures overnight You can also clean partials and other dental appliances.

The cleanser does not promote discoloration, which is a good aspect, especially when compared with other highly costed denture cleaners.

Highlights of Polident Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser Tablets

  • Kills 99.9 of bacteria
  • Effective stain free capability
  • Minty breath is an add-on
  • No discoloration

Having a look on the above, we know that this cleanser knows about its job. It is really effective when it comes to fighting against bacteria and keeping all your dentures stain free without any hassles.

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Sonic Denture Cleaner

Sonic Denture CleanerSonic Denture Cleaner is quite dependable when it comes to the reach of the cleanser. It claims to reach more places than usual tablets or solution based cleansers.

This cleanser also takes less time and can clean retainers, dentures, aligners, jewelleries and that too within few minutes. The denture cleaner is quite compact in size.

It also surprises all with Sonic vibrations, which are up to 5800 waves per minute. Now, you do not need to soak the dentures or other dental appliances overnight.

This one will help you to get some quick effects and can help in decent overall cleaning of dentures. You can try this one if you are looking for something quick and decent in service.

Highlights of Sonic Denture Cleaner

  • Quick cleaning
  • Works faster than tablet cleansers
  • Compact in size
  • Cleaning can be better, but does a decent job

Noting all down, if you do not have much time for cleaning dentures, then this one is made for you. If you do not want to spend time in soaking the dentures overnight, then try this quick cleanser.

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Top Ultrasonic Denture cleaner

In ultrasonic denture cleaner, it uses sound waves to go thoroughly through the cervices and cavities to remove stuff from dentures, retainers, and mouth guards. These ones are quite quick and easy to use as well.

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentures, Retainers, and Mouth Guards, 100-120V

iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner is a multi-purpose ultrasonic denture cleaner. It uses sound waves to go through the crevices along with the cavities to remove bad stuff from retainers, dentures, and mouth guards.

It comes with the combination of isonic white denture cleaning powder. It works on 100-120v and you can start five minute cleaning for quick response of the cleaner.

This product also attracts customer by its 30-day return policy. The product does a good job in cleaning daily stains. It will not remove stains, but will remove stains from different food types like tobacco, coffee, tea, food etc.

Highlights of iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Justified price
  • Quick in cleaning
  • Deep cleaning is assured
  • Perfect for invisalign braces and retainers.

This denture cleaner is one of the best in widely used denture cleaners. If you are looking for something quick along with deep cleaning, then, this one is for you.

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DB-Tech Sonic Sanitize Professional Ultrasonic Digital Denture Cleaning Machine

This one is ideal for deep cleaning and that too in less time. This 3-minute cleaning product is quite effective in use. You just need to fill the tank with water and the result will be evident within 3 minutes.

It comes with auto-shut, which cleans the dentures by producing millions of microscopic bubbles and in just 3 minutes. It cleans with powerful 42 000 cycle ultrasonic energy wave.

Along with the properties mentioned, this one claims to take care of 99.9% of odor-causing agents. It kills all the harmful microorganisms and removes tough stains with ease.

This cleanser also ensures that plaque and debris should be removed thoroughly. You just need to rinse your dentures instead of brushing them which saves a lot of time.

Highlights of DB-Tech Sonic Sanitize Professional Ultrasonic Digital Denture Cleaning Machine

  • Auto-shut after 3 minutes is good
  • Provides excellent cleaning by taking care of plaque and debris
  • Tough stains can be removed easily
  • Takes less time, but provides better cleaning as compared to many cleaners

If you just have 3 to 6 minutes to spend on cleaning dentures, then this one is for you. This one can help you in getting the desired cleaning and that too in really less span of time. Go for this one if all the things above mentioned attract you.

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Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Machine

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine removes all the dirt and dust decently from all the valuable items. Like jewellery, eyeglasses, combs, tools, necklaces, rings and dentures.

This multi-purpose cleaner shows similar properties as DB-Tech Sonic Sanitize Professional Ultrasonic Digital Denture Cleaning Machine, especially when we think about the auto-shut and 3-minute cleaning process.

This one can even clean the most stubborn stains easily and that too without wasting a lot of your time. It comes with 20 oz (600 ml) stainless steel tank for cleaning, which is quite good for cleaning the required with ease. You can easily submerge your jewellery, necklaces or dentures in the tank.

The cleaning looks professional and 42 000 cycle ultrasonic energy wave produces millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles, which help in reducing all the stains or blemishes.

Highlights of Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Machine

  • Easy to get the shine back
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact and can last long
  • Easy replacement of costly cleaning

Thus, by looking at all the pointers, this comes out to be one of the most reliable cleaners in the list. This can be used for cleaning a lot of things and can be used widely by professionals like opticians, jewelers, collectors, dentists and artists.

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How To Take Care Of The Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner?

Ultrasonic denture cleaners are best when it comes to cleaning and that too in less span of time. These cleaners are costlier than other cleaners like tablet based or powder based cleaners. Thus, taking care of the same makes sense.

An ultrasonic denture cleaner is nothing, but a little tub containing usually water and high-frequency sound waves are aligned through it. The ultrasound within the liquid makes tiny bubbles rapidly in the water, causing removal of all the dirt.

To take care of your ultrasonic denture cleaners, few steps should be followed. Some are:

  • Make sure you use them right and follow all the instructions provided.
  • Brush your dentures first for best results
  • Use cleaning solutions. You can use soap solution, however, many come with cleaning solutions that you should use.
  • use long settings for time. You can set the maximum time limit, which is usually 5 minutes.
  • Rinse and soak your dentures in night for good results

Denture Cleaner Types – Which One To Use?

As discussed earlier, denture cleaners are used to remove all the stains and harmful bacteria from dentures to keep them healthy and leave you with good oral hygiene. There are different forms of denture cleaners like tablets, powdered, solutions or wipe form.


In tablet form, you can simply mix the tablet with water and soak the dentures in that. You can keep it for whole night and for few minutes. It all depends on the described time and the company you are using.

Different types and companies provide different strength factors. Some are really powerful and do not need much of soaking, on the other hand many need some extra time for better results.


Solution based cleaners are quite easy to use. You just need to dilute your selected solution in water and you are ready to use it. Select the type wisely and follow the directions provided. After dilution, you can soak the dentures for the time mentioned.

Make sure that you use only warm water for dilution. Along with that, remember that you avoid using metal containers as some solutions are corrosive in nature.


This type of cleansers are not much responsive and effective. The cleaning done is not as thorough as done by the other types of cleaners mentioned above. You can simply use the wipe and remove the dirt from the denture surface. This typecan not remove tough stains or tartar.

Denture Baths

Denture baths are used to get thorough cleaning. These consist of bucket and lids along with a strainer. You just need to soak the dentures in it. It comes with antimicrobial and in built UV light to go an extra step with cleaning properly.


There are many denture cleaning toothbrushes available in market. These ones are not much advanced when it comes to proper cleaning. These are build to clean the narrow areas of dentures. Also, the bristles are quite soft in order to avoid deterioration of dentures.

Final Verdict: –

After referring to all the information given above, you need to make the final choice. A wise choice about choosing the best denture cleaner will be all about the requirement. You must recognize your need and choose accordingly.

For instance, if you are only looking for some basic cleaning, then spending a lot of money for that does not make sense. Thus, choose something which is as simple as the requirement. You may go ahead and get indulged in tablet form of cleaners.

In the same way, if you are looking for something which can thoroughly clean dentures, then simple ones might not be made for you. You must go for the ones which can deal with debris, plaques, castings and all for the best results. Thus, you might go ahead and choose ultrasonic denture cleaners.

Overall, it is upto you and your requirement. Make sure you take care of choosing the one, which is most suited to your need. Choose the one wisely to make the most out of your choice.

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