Do Teeth Whitening Strips Expire? – Here’s What We Found

do whitening strips expire?

This is not difficult to see why many people use teeth whitening strips as a means of removing unsightly stains on their teeth. These strips are very easy to use with the likes of Crest Whitestrips extremely popular. They are simply placed against your teeth for a few minutes, during which time the bleaching agents on the teeth whitening strip remove stains.

You will notice that the whitening strips will have an expiry date when you buy them. It is important to recognise this expiry date because while they are not harmful, the effectiveness will begin to lesson as the chemicals in the whitening strip become less potent.

When looking at different brands of teeth whitening stripes you will notice very different expiry dates. As with any type of dentistry product, you get what you pay for and it is worthwhile sticking with the best known brands such as Crest Whitestrips. The strips are relatively cheap and therefore there is no point in wasting time with expired products.

Have the teeth whitening strips expired? Do all the whitening strips expire?

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What are the most popular brands of teeth whitening strips?

There are many different brands of teeth whitening strips available today some of the better-known include:-

  • Lovely Smile Strips
  • Fancymay Strips
  • Fairywill Strips
  • Crest 3D Strips

Crest is obviously one of the best brand names in the world of dentistry but interestingly many companies have focused particularly on whitening stripes. Many whitening strips also coming package with specialist whitening toothpaste which can also help process. There are certainly a lot to choose from!

In this post, we’re going to explain to you what it’s like for whitening strips to hit an expiry date.

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Expire?

Yes, they do. And this is the reason why you’ll find the manufacturer printing the expiry date on the strips package to inform you about it. The tale behind the expiry of these whitening products is based on their whitening/bleaching agents. The agents are usually unstable, which means that they’ve got a definite shelf life. The moment the active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) degrades completely, the strip expires.

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The typical shelf life for all whitening strips is one year. However, the professionals argue that you extend its lifetime by another one year by storing them in a refrigerator. But freezing them isn’t advisable. If your refrigerator is too cold such that it freezes the strips, you should allow them to cool down to the room temperatures before applying them on your teeth.

Is it Wise to Use Whitening Strips After Reaching their Expiry Date?

Is it wise to use expired whitening strips?

If you decide to use a package of expired whitening strips to whiten your teeth, you might be wasting your time.

It is based on the fact that the active ingredients in the whitening strips have degraded and thus become less effective at whitening your teeth. If the strips expiration date was not reached long ago, they might still whiten your teeth (but poorly). But if they expired a long time ago, the whitening effectiveness might have been eliminated, and there’s no need to waste your time on them.

NOTE: contrary to what your friends might have told you, using expired teeth whitening strips will not hurt your teeth or overall body health.

If you’re using professional grade whitening strips, this is your part. Such whitening strips contain water. Like any other beauty product that contains water, the strips might act as a good breeding ground for the bacteria. This, in turn, causes untold consequences to your oral health.

Do teeth whitening strips work?

Undoubtedly they do. When you begin to look at teeth whitening strips you will notice a huge range of different well-known brands such as for example, Crest Whitestrips. As we touched on above, we have the professional strips which also contain water and the retail products which are more focused on the bleaching agent.

The truth is that each of these different strips does the job but sometimes to a varying degree. While you will notice an immediate difference when using well know brands such as Crest Whitestrips, the long-term effect of using these products can be significant. Many people treat teeth whitening as just another part of their dental care process.

There are many different products which will cause your teeth to stain including smoking, drinking wine and even coffee. You may not notice the gradual staining of your teeth but you will want to use one of the many teeth whitening strips available on the market today. There will be an immediate impact and there will also be a long-term benefit. Those pearly whites will be gleaming again!


Teeth whitening strips do expire whether you are using Crest Whitestrips or any of the other well-known brands. And once they do, their whitening effectiveness is significantly reduced or even completely wiped out depending on the length of expiry period. But unlike what most people believe, an expired whitening strip cannot harm your teeth.

Expiry of your whitening strips does not signal the end of teeth whitening from the comfort of your home. These products are readily available at your local pharmacy and are very cheap. Just throw your expired strips away, get a new box and start whitening your teeth.

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