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Taking good care of your kid’s health is the greatest you investment you can ever make in them and to yourself as well. This is simply because a healthy child means few trips to the doctor and hence less money spent on hospital bills. Maintaining a good dental hygiene stands as the best ways to ensure that your kids are on the safe side when various illnesses come striking.To ensure that your kid’s oral hygiene is well taken care of, you should start by investing in the best toothbrush that actually cleans their mouth thoroughly, removing all debris and any traces of plaque. Which is the best toothbrush to buy for my kid?

If you have been looking for the answer to this question for a long time without success, you have just landed into the right place.It is in this article that we are going to introduce to you the 3 kids electric toothbrushes ranked high in the market right now. The selected products make it to our list of the best kids electric toothbrushes owing to their great cleaning properties when compared to the manual ones. Additionally, the manufacturers have created these products specifically for kids, meaning that they bear a user-friendly design as well as other features for your kids to enjoy.

Why Your Kid Needs A Special Kind Of Toothbrush?

  • They are created with enticing features to encourage children to use them- as a parent, you deeply understand how difficult it is to woo your little kids to brush their teeth. This becomes even more stressing when you are preparing the kids for school or to go to bed.But here is the good news you would like to hear: a special toothbrush developed for use by your kids comes with enticing features such as bright and attractive colors, cartoon design, chime, and music to attract them to use the product.And the end result?Your kid’s dental health improves greatly.
  • Similar to the adult versions, special toothbrushes for kids come with timers. These will help your kid to brush all the parts of their mouth while sticking to the 2minute brushing duration recommended by experts. This enhances proper cleaning of their teeth.
  • Studies have pointed out that buying your kid an electric toothbrush will help eliminate up to 14% more plaque compared to the manual versions.If you don’t want to complicate the dental health of your child only to spend loads of money on expensive dental procedures later in life, you need to buy a special toothbrush for your child today.
  • The brush head of a special toothbrush for kids is designed in such a way that it fits comfortably in their mouth. What’s more, the brush is made up of extra soft bristles, enhancing the safety of your kid when brushing.

That’s some great information worth learning, right? Without further ado, we’ll now take a closer look at the best electric toothbrushes you need to buy today if and ONLY IF you would like to take good care of your kid’s oral hygiene.Here we go:

Best Toothbrush For Kids – Oral-B Pro-Health For Me

Oral-B Pro-Health For Me



  • Awesome looking toothbrush that your kids will love
  • The toothbrush can go for up to two years if well used and taken care of. Comes with a 2 minute timer
  • It pauses every 30 second so that you kids can change the brushing direction
  • Works almost same as expensive adult toothbrushes
  • Thoroughly cleans your kids teeth
  • Two Oral-B Sensitive Clean refills are included with the toothbrush
  • If your kid wears brace then you can have the Ortho brush head, which works great



  • A slightly slower speed would make it more perfect, though most of the users are happy.
  • It makes a bit of sound (which is better, because this way you know your kids is brushing)

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Topping our list is Oral-B Pro-Health For Me straight from Oral-B, a brand that enjoys its worldwide reputation for developing health enhancing products. All their products are beloved by everyone and you too will fall for them once you use them- smile.Oral-B Pro-Health For Me comes with superb features that makes your kids achieve the desired dental hygiene. The toothbrush has in fact been endorsed by scores of dentists across the world. Your dentist will tell you that [put the name of the product here] will magically remove all the debris out of your “little Johnny’s” growing teeth with itsspecial brush head!The charging station the toothbrush comes with makes it easy for you to recharge it when the need arises. Charging the toothbrush is equally easy as it has been designed in such a way that it stops charging once the battery is full. You don’t have o worry about its battery being fried.

What are the Top Features of Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Electric Toothbrush?

  • Embedded timers – Having used an adult electric toothbrush, you know how great a timer is to you. The same case applies to your kid’s toothbrush. The timer allows the kid to brush within the recommended brushing period of two minutes.The toothbrush plays an amazing sound, alerting your kid that the 2 minutes are over- acts as an enacting feature attracting children to use the toothbrush.
  • Presence of LED indicator signals – The indicators alerts you when the right time to change the brush head comes. This ensures that your kid continues enjoying the excellent services of this toothbrush throughout.
  • Ergonomic design – the toothbrush has a handle that is very friendly to growing hands of your kid. This makes it very easy for your kid to use the toothbrush.

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The Philips Sonicare For Kids Bluetooth-enabled Toothbrush




  • When you buy the product, you are presented with around 8 interchangeable stickers to keep you kids attracted to the brush
  • Thoroughly cleans your kids teeth500 stroked per minute
  • It has a charging base that provides a constant power source to the toothbrush
  • The ergonomic handle is suitable for your kid’s developing hands
  • It is possible to use the product on braces, proved that the power setting is kept low



  • Bluetooth connection takes time

Philips Sonicare For Kids is the second best product in our list. There are many factors that make this product win a place in our list of the best electric toothbrushes for toddlers. First, the product is manufactured by Phillips Sonicare, a brand whose line of electric toothbrushes is liked by all.The brush comes with a free interactive app to motivate your kids to keep on brushing their teeth. The app does this by promising great rewards to your kids for every successful brushing session.This superior product has been developed using the patented Sonicare technology. This makes it capable of removing up to 75% more plaque compared to the manual toothbrush.

Key Features of this product:

  • The best feature about this product is its ultra-soft brush head. This is one of best brush heads available in the industry and it’s all your kid needs to achieve the healthiest dental hygiene.
  • With the patented sonic technology, the brush is able to deliver 500 strokes per second. This is the ideal operating mode for a good kid’s toothbrush that will reach and clean all the areas of their mouth.
  • It has timer, which makes it the best electric toothbrush for kids with timer too. It’s similar to those found in the adults electric toothbrushes. The KidTimer reminds the kid when the 2 minutes brushing period is over while the KidPacer reminds you kid to move on to the next quadrant of the mouth.
  • Longevity- the toothbrush will give your kid the perfect brushing experience for 2 years. The fact that the brush heads are replaceable makes it easy to switch to a new head once the current one wears out, for effective cleaning.
  • The free interactive app presents your kids with effective brushing tips before a brushing session to ensure that the kids make proper use of the product.

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Cheap Electric Toothbrush For Kids – Oral-B Pro-Health Stages

OralB ProHealth Stages

What are the benefits of using this economical toothbrush for you youngsters? Here are the details:



  • Cheap but top notch quality toothbrush
  • Thoroughly cleans your kids teeth
  • The fact that the toothbrush features top Disney characters entices the children to brush their teeth regularly, without you having to direct them.
  • The ergonomic handle is very easy to handle for your kids



  • The only drawback of this toothbrush is that the brush head is not replaceable

Oral-B Pro Health Stages is yet another product that presents you with exactly what you need to enhance the smiles of your kids from their tender age. Also from Oral-B, the most reputable brand that has been for over a decade, the toothbrush has all you child needs to obtain a healthy dental hygiene.The product features top Disney characters (Doc McStuffins, Disney Princess and Jake). The three Disney starts are favorites for all kids worldwide and therefore, you’ll never have a hard time reminding your young ones to brush their teeth.If you are on a budget, then this is the right product for you. With its extremely low prices makes it affordable for all. The toothbrush is operated using a battery and is suitable for children with ages of 3 years and above.

What are the features of this product?

  • It has a rotating power head that is able to venture into all the four quadrants for your kid’s mouth, providing a thorough cleaning.
  • The toothbrush bears extra soft bristles which allow it to act gentle on your kid’s teeth and gums. The super soft bristles conduct a thorough cleaning of your kid’s teeth, removing gunk even in the unreachable areas of the teeth.
  • The centre row bristles are slightly raised. How is this beneficial to your kid’s dental hygiene? Well, it makes it possible to perfectly clean the chewing surfaces.
  • The inter dental tips adds to the swift cleaning of the kids’ teeth as they are able to reach the areas in between their teeth and clean them.

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What To Look For Before Buying The Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids

​Before we make an end to our list of the top electric toothbrushes for toddlers, it’s important to look at some top factors you should put into consideration before setting to buy any of the products.These factors are:

  • First, you want your kids to always brush their teeth using the product you are going to buy. Therefore, pick a product that carries you kid’s favorite cartoon character. This will entice your kids to brush the teeth at all times.
  • Also, you need to decide on whether you want a battery operated product or one that has a charging station. Of course, you need to know in advance that the battery operated toothbrush will cost you less but you’ll have to incur the costs of replacing the batteries with time.
  • When buying the toothbrush, make it a special gift for them- let it be a lifetime surprise. For example, let the product arrive in a mail that has been addressed to your kid. Believe it or not, the excitement of opening the gift would lead your kid to the teeth brushing room to get the first brushing experience of the amazing product.
  • Go for models that have a replaceable brush head. As you know, the brush head is subject to wear, lowering its effectiveness. A product with replaceable brush headis therefore great as it gives you an option of replacing just the head and not the entire product.
  • Price is also an important factor to consider when buying a toothbrush for your children. As a rule of thumb, you always get what you pay for. A cheaper toothbrush might help you save some cash, but its functioning may not be up to your expectations. The best way to go about pricing is buy your product from the most reputable brands. This guarantees you of a great product that matches its cost.
  • Conduct an online review of the product you are planning to buy. Through the research, you will get to know what the customers who have used the product earlier have to say about it. If the product is great, you’ll know it by reading their positive feedbacks. If a product raises many complaints from customers, this is a red flag! Don’t buy the product to save yourself from disappointments.

Wrap Up

We have come to the end of our post. It’s ONLY in this post that you’ll be able to learn the top facts why you need to buy a special toothbrush for your toddler, get to know the top kids’ toothbrushes you can buy today and eventually discover some top tips you should bear in mind when purchasing these electric toothbrushes.Bookmark this post and consider it as your complete buying guide for your kid’s electric toothbrush.​

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