How Much Do Denture Costs?

Wearing dentures is not the end of the world

The price of dentures ranges considerably: you can expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars for a good set of dentures. There are certain factors that influence the price of dentures.

Here is a quick guide:

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Dentures

With so many customizable varieties available on the market, the price of dentures varies greatly from patient to patient.

Dentures Material

Dentures can be made in a wide array of materials. The higher the quality of the denture material, the more costly the debentures will be. In addition to this, in terms of quality, longevity and appearance, dentures will certainly last longer for those that are made up of less desired materials.

Fabrication And Design

The dentures that offer a precise fit with a beautiful and natural look are typically costly. Several skilled technicians are involved to craft the perfect design of the dentures according to the patient’s requirement.

Also, the high quality and durable materials used by these technicians add up to the cost.

Time Taken By The Dentist

If the dentist spends too much time, say 6 to 7 appointments, does not delegate any work to the assistants, and pays a lot of attention to the minutest thing, his cost will certainly be more than someone who only takes 4 appointments, and also delegates much of the work to the assistants.

Quality Of Life

Dentures are long-term investment in terms of quality of life. They are the closest thing to the natural teeth that allow people to eat the same healthy food as they have always enjoyed. So for a better quality of life, you certainly want a better quality of dentures. Just like any other premium product a better quality means expensive dentures.

How Much Do Denture Costs?

Complete Dentures or Standard Dentures or Full Dentures can vary from $400 to $7500. This difference in cost is related to the cost of dental materials, fabrication time, and the experience of the dentist.

A well qualified and experienced dentist may take about 16 hours to 7 appointments to complete the entire process of making complete dentures.

Immediate Dentures or Temporary Dentures may cost 10 to 20 percent more than standard dentures.

The price of these type of dentures is comparatively higher because of the time spent preparing the exact stone model for the fabrication, accomplishing proper esthetics along with anterior teeth, and also facing challenges with impressions, as the remaining teeth may be mobile.

In addition to this, since these type of dentures are infused instantly following the removal of the remaining teeth, often there are several adjustment visits in order to adjust them, achieve patients comfort, and evaluate healing.

All these add up to the cost.

Partial Dentures can range begin from $400, but the exact price will totally depend on the number of teeth to be replaced, the complexity of the case, materials and techniques used.

Conventional Debentures: These type of dentures usually take up to 4 months to measure, alter, and fit, and with proper maintenance and care they can last you for several years. They can cost up to $3000.

As they are more personalized, they will include much more original looking teeth. They are also more durable than basic type of dentures.

Over time, these dental products may require to be refitted. Just like natural teeth, debentures can also crack and break at times. Such repairs can cost you anywhere between $50 to $250. Adjusting a fit can also cost you up to $250. In addition to this, there are self-repair denture kits available on the market for a minimal charge.

Dentures are a big investment in your appearance and health

Even once you have them, you must plan to see your dental health care professional regularly for check-ups so that they can evaluate and monitor the overall health of your mouth lining, and make sure that your dentures are fitting appropriately.

All in all, dentures costs pretty much reflect the type and quality of product you are receiving. So just be sure to select the best one so that you know exactly what the true value of your dentures is going to be!