How To Get Rid Of Beer Breath and Smell Great

How to get rid of beer breath?

Drinking is a very common thing, however not anyone would like to wake up the next day with a bad hangover and breath that smells like beer. This can get embarrassing and cause some serious issues.

It would rather get unappealing for you to make the very first impression of someone who’s drunk, especially to a person whom you were planning to leave a mark on. Imagine going for a job interview and your breath spilling all the beans? This can get you in trouble and you might not get selected for the job, even if you have an impressive resume.

You know drinking is bad for your health, instead of knowing this you just constantly harming yourself. You have a right to enjoy your weekends and party the way you want to if you don’t have any problem by harming yourself. However, after drinking if you are comforting yourself by believing that the smell would fade away in a couple of hours, then you are deceiving yourself. Alcohol odor hardly ebbs away within 3-4 hours. It’s not as if it is completely impossible, but it would make you take some bitter steps.

If you are really motivated to suppress this embarrassment and you want others to not look down at you, you will need to cut back a little. Watch what you are planning to drink, if you just keep yourself confined to one drink you might save yourself from all the nasty smell that would get locked in your mouth if you try different sorts of drink. Drinking should always be controlled as excessive drinking does not only lead to bad breath, but also several other issues including health issues that can be detrimental in the long-run.

When we consume alcohol, our body treats it like toxin and tries to break it into acetic acid. However, it only is able to metabolize approximately 90% of the alcohol and the rest is excreted through the urine or through sweat. Additionally, some of it is also excreted through the respiratory system.

The smell comes directly from the stomach and you can smell alcohol in the breath. Consumption of strong alcohols can lead to strong stench of alcohol in your breath. What you eat and drink makes its way to the cells, throats and tissues of your digestive system. Alcohol has a very strong stench and it can mix with your saliva and your cells and cause bad breath. Dehydration and fermentation are also the causes of bad breath.

High consumption of alcohol may have built up enough to make the food and drink cells to ferment causing bad breath. Consumption of alcohol can also draw out the moisture and water out of your body, resulting in numbness and dry salivary gland. Due to the less production of saliva the mouth gets dry and causes halitosis which leads to bad breath.

Following are some of the methods you can use to get rid of  beer breath.

Try Home Remedies:

Lemonade: This is one drink that cures everything including a bad hangover and bad breath. This may not be very helpful in getting rid of the bad smell, but is something you should do in the morning, after a bad hangover, to get yourself going.

Beat the Smell with Another Smell: How does one do it? It’s simple. Just consume something that has a stronger smell than the drink you had, and let it do the job for you. Some choices include mint and garlic. Conversely, garlic has its own smell, but it is still better than alcohol. No?

Have Potato Chips: Potato chips when consumed with peanut butter sauce can help beat the smell of alcohol. This is a simple and delicious way of bidding adieu to the smell.

Use a Chewing Gum: You can always keep a refreshing gum with you. Menthol flavored gums ought to take away most of what you are trying to hide. Or even a fruit flavored gum; any candy with a nice smell would do as well. If you keep chewing on them, their fruitful scent will hopefully ebb away the stench.

I’ve a detailed post about home remedies. Check it out

Useful Products

Home remedies can do the job but not when the smell is very strong or when you are in a hurry. In such a scenario there are multiple products available that you can use. Since most of these are OTT, you will not have much of an issue getting these.

-> Mouthwashes: These can come in handy in situations like these. You could try the Listerine Total Care Anticavity Mouthwash, which is very effective and does the job well. Plus, it is extremely affordable as well.

How To Use A Mouthwash

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-> Other Tools: Brushing your teeth, gargling, scraping tongues with the bristles of the brush, flossing and rinsing again and again with the right product can save the day. Rinsing properly can make it easier for you to take away that breath sooner, especially when you are in a hurry. The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse Mouthwash, a product easily purchasable from online stores, extracts the odor, and cleans the mouth entirely. This is a well known product in the dental industry for about 20 years. It is totally alcohol free and artificial color free. Which means it doesn’t burn your mouth while rinsing.

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PRO-Dental: Probiotics for Oral Dental Health, is an another product that has a long-lasting effect, often after a night out one might feel lethargic and wouldn’t mind sleeping with all that bacteria waiting to decay their teeth. Well this would be the perfect product to use, in order to just keep away from tooth decay, unhealthy gums and of course the awful breath. It removes bad breath from its source. We highly recommend this product.

Capsules: The most effective but yet the bitter-some technique of removing the alcohol odor from your breath will be the use of charcoal capsules or bentonite, all you need to do is to grab some from the drugstore and the correct use of them will help you say bye to bad breath.

Still, if you feel unsatisfied and are sure the people will figure out the odor, then all you need to do is distract them with the help of a perfume. In addition, a good, long and aroma filled bath would do the job and will surely surprise you as well. We hope these tips will help you beat the odor.

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