A Review Of The Oral-B Professional Care 5000

Oral-B Professional Care 5000 review

The Oral-b professional care 5000 is part of the company’s SmartSeries of products, which immediately raises buyer expectations, and there are sure to be many you of looking at this product and wondering whether or not it is really worth buying if it is so much more expensive than the Oral-B 1000 but not quite at the very top of the range like the Pro 7000.

As always with this Professional Care selection, there are the usual claims about dentist recommendations and the ability to remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush but, to be honest, these statements are a bit repetitive and boring and you really want to know more about the precise actions and pros and cons of this specific model.

Let me explain why don’t need to go as high up the scale as the Pro 7000 and can get a good deal with this device.

What are the main features with this Oral-B Professional Care 5000

What is it that make it so impressive and appealing to consumers? Lets take a look:

  • 3D cleaning – the same, reliable 3D oscillations and rotations as the rest of this acclaimed professional series.
  • CrossAction brush – a round head for tooth-by-tooth cleaning with angled bristles for a better clean.
  • 5 cleaning modes – Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening and Deep Clean modes are all available.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – sync your toothbrush up with your smartphone for an improved experience.
  • Charging dock – again the pro 5000 is a rechargeable model with a small dock but, this time there is storage for brush heads.
  • Pressure sensor – if you brush too hard your toothbrush will alert you by reducing the pulsations.
  • Premium travel case – a small blue case to make the toothbrush portable.

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As you can see, the Oral-B Professional Care 5000 is pretty similar to the 7000 in terms of the functions it can offer and its accessories, in fact when you put the two models side by side in a direct comparison, the only features that are missing with the 5000 are the tongue cleaner and advanced travel case.
If those two features are vital to you and you think that the all-inclusive Pro 7000 is your best bet then go ahead. If not, keep reading to see what real Oral-B 5000 customers make of this product.

The feedback from buyers is mostly positive, reinforcing the idea that this is an electric toothbrush that can really cover all the bases.

As you have seen, there are features here that will be familiar to Oral-B consumers, such as the pulse sensor and charging dock. While this may initially be a concern to those that are looking for that advantageous upgrade.

It is just proof that these standard features do not need to be changed. Furthermore, there is high praise for the way that the brush holds its charge and the intelligence of the sensors.

The brush is pleasantly familiar but there are additional features with this 5000 model to enhance the experience further: the brush head storage is something that buyers missed with the cheaper model and is a helpful tool here, the travel case is equally convenient and there are those additional cleaning modes.

In many ways, the cleaning capabilities of this toothbrush are similar to that of the lower-end models because the style of the angled brush and the 3D motions can be seen across the range.

Where this option differs from the lesser models, however, is in the different cleaning modes that you can choose. The simple Daily Clean mode, which used to be solitary, is joined by options for gum care, whitening and sensitivity to give buyers more versatility.

Buyers are impressed with the cleaning ability and even when they have used older models of the brush head, their teeth and mouths still feel cleaner and fresher than before.

The Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that sounds odd at first: why would we want our toothbrush to talk to our phone?

The answer is to provide data and improve performance for a more beneficial cleaning regime.

Oral-B Professional Care 5000 Brushing Habits

The Oral-B Professional Care 5000 is said to be the first to offer this ability and lets users see brushing stats and a timer on their screen. It sounds gimmicky, and it is a bit, but it can be helpful and is surely better than the basic pulsating timer in some of the more basic models.

Buyers report that the data is clear to read and most that have tried it out have found that it syncs to the app pretty well, it is just a question of whether the information and effort is really necessary.

So far we have covered a lot of ground on the positive side of this toothbrush but it is important to look at the potential drawbacks too as no product is completely perfect. Let’s take a look at those flaws so you can make a more informed choice about this.

Does the Oral-b professional care 5000 have any flaws:

The intelligence of the system is clear but some buyers would like to see it go further, with auto-shut off modes when the cycle is over to save energy and others have seen limitations in the app software that could be improved in the future, particularly in long-term data recording.

Others have said that it is a bit noisy like some high-end industrial machine is cleaning their teeth and it is a bit off-putting.

Should you still opt for this SmartSeries 5000?

A big question that hangs over a recommendation for this product is whether or not it is worth paying out the extra money for this pro 5000 because of the Bluetooth connectivity; however, this gimmicky app is just one aspect of a feature-rich product that provides convenience, ease of use and a great clean through helpful cycles and motions.

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The bottom line here is that this Oral-b professional care 5000 proves that you can indeed buy a product in the middle of a range and see the benefits because it offers the best of both worlds.

It is not unnecessarily complicated but it has enough features to add to the basic functions of the Daily Clean and 3D movements and provide a great cleaning experience – with or without that app.

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