OxyCare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator Review: Worth It?

OxyCare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator review

Has dental flossing assumed a completely different path today? Have you come across the OxyCare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator before?

Yes it has, thanks to the most unique and special of all oral irrigators- the OxyCare Hydro magnetic Oral Irrigator.What’s so special about this water flosser?

Are you asking yourself this question right now? Well, the oral irrigator is the first of its kind in all the retails stores. Take a look at the hydro magnetic technology it employs in cleaning your teeth. The idea behind it? It’s absolutely intelligent and interesting. According to Oxyfresh, the product’s manufacturer, the magnetic technology works by placing some charge in the minerals present in the water you pour in the device’s reservoir. The ionized water in turn makes all the plaque and bacteria in your teeth to be less adhesive. As such, there can come off your mouth without much struggle.As many of you will agree with me, this is the technology we need to eradicate those harmful bacteria and tough deposits residing on the surfaces of our teeth.

Lets take a look at the OxyCare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator



  • Capable of blasting gingivitis causing bacteria as well as tough deposits found around your teeth enamel
  • Easy to use for all, including the beginners
  • Easy to maintain
  • A great conditioner and toner for you gums tissues
  • Employs the patented hydro magnetic technology to thoroughly and effectively clean all the areas of your teeth
  • Can be sued with both water and mouth rinse
  • Supports different pressure settings for a comfortable flossing experienc
  • Recommended by most dentists
  • Durable



  • A bit expensive but it’s worth the investment. The product works as the manufacturer promises and you’ll find no reason to hate

Key Features of OxyCare Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator

Advanced Hydro Magnetic Technology

The magnetic technology is just amazing. And we can’t shy from explaining it again and again. The advanced technology makes use of a patented magnetic device. The device simply ionizes the pressured pulsating water in the dental flosser, taking the cleaning level of your teeth to the bets level.

Ability to Reduce Plaque and Tartar on your Teeth EnamelIf you have fought tartar for a long time in your life, you have every reason to smile now. OxyCare Hydro magnetic Oral Irrigator gives you a much simpler and effective solution to combat the beast.

Simply mix some Oxyfresh mouthwash and worm water in the device’s reservoir. Use it to clean your mouth.

With the help of the magnetic technology, tartar is effectively scrubbed from your teeth enamels. Try this right now and get the firsthand results.

The Device if Completely Easy to Use

Good heavens! The nicely packed machine is pretty easy to use. Everyone, even total beginners, can operate it without even looking at the manual.

All you need to do is add a mixture f Oxyfresh mouth rinse and warm water into the reservoir. Connect the reservoir to the device. Select your preferred pressure intensity. Place the tip into your mouth and switch on the device to enjoy the cleanest feeling in your mouth.

A great Gums Conditioner and Toner

Using Oxyfresh’s wonderful oral irrigator will leave your gums tissues toned and conditioned like never before. This is made possible by the massaging services the unit gives to your gums. This stimulates the gingival tissues and allows blood to flow more easily around the gums and your entire mouth. Eventually, your gums become toned. A great sing for improved oral health!


Have you laid your eyes on this device? If you haven’t, you got to do so. First, it appears very solid. It is well built and there’s nothing flimsy about it.

Unlike other oral irrigators, most parts of the device will not break down just like that.

Due to the system’s ability to stand the test of time, you’ll enjoy its services as long as you take good care of it.

Adjustable Water Pressure

This one of the top factors you should always look in any water flosser. The reason behind this is that you might be having sensitive teeth which might be affected by too high pressure.

Fortunately, our device comes with a dial which you can simply tune to adjust the water pressure you feel comfortable using.

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The OxyCare 3000 Hydromagnetic Oral Irrigator is the new sheriff in town. It’s the right oral irrigator to change the way your floss your mouth. Needless to say, it transforms your dental health and meets all your oral hygiene expectations. Your mouth will really thank you for making such a great investment.

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