Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids: Which One To Choose?

waterpik for kids

You have probably never thought of a Waterpik Water Flosser for kids? Well, lets take a look and see what water flossers have to offer.

Ah! Teaching kids to practice good oral healthcare can be a daunting task. Beyond the challenges and struggle for parents to get their kids to brush, it is an even bigger effort to get them to floss frequently, especially when most of the parent do not floss.

However, when your children are ready to be more independent with flossing and brushing, you can help them by encouraging and supporting a good oral health routine.

Waterpik for kids is one such kid-friendly product that will make your kids overall well-being and dental health easier, more effective, and even enjoyable.

It is the number one recommended flosser, and also one of the most trusted dental health products that enable everyone to treat themselves better. It is an extremely effective alternative to traditional floss.

And, since it is fun, kids will actually use it. By starting early, your kids will get used to the daily regimen. Studies have also shown and proven that waterpik water flosser can benefit many types of oral conditions.

Wondering how?

Well, here is a simple, and quick guide:

Best Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids: WP-260



  • Effective Removal of Plaque: It removes bacteria in between teeth, and below the gum-line where traditional flossing and brushing cannot reach. It also helps to strike out debris and plaque deep between the teeth
  • Essential for Gum Health: It is clinically proven to be 50% more effective than dental floss, and 80% more effective for improving overall gum health. It promotes healthier gums and teeth
  • Important for Braces: The orthodontic tip helps to clean around braces where brushing alone cannot help. In addition to this, it is clinically proven to be three times as effective for clearing away plaque around braces than traditional flossing using the same tip
  • Healthier Teeth: It stimulates and massages gums to boost circulation, and keep them healthy. It also guarantees healthier gums in just 2 weeks. In addition to this, it leaves your mouth feeling unbelievably clean and fresh.



  • .Size Issue: The size of the device is a bit smaller, and the handle is also small
  • Less Quantity of Water: Since the size is small, it holds very less water.

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Wateerpik WP-260 is considered to be the best flosser for children.

Wondering why?

Here are the amazing product features that make the Waterpik Water Flosser for kids an exclusive one:

Specially Designed For Ages 6-12: This product is specially designed for children ages 6 to 12. So, if your kid is of that age this is the right Waterpik for your kid.

Unique Design Made For Kids: This water flosser has an awesome colorful design that your kid will love for sure. After all, every kid doesn’t loves colorful stuff.

3 Pressure Settings: It has 3 pressure settings in it. So that, you can control the pressure so that your kid feels comfortable using it.

Perfect For Kids With Braces: If your kid wears braces then you are in luck. Because this water flosser has one tip specially made for braces. It comes with two tips, one for regular water flossing and another for braces.

2 Years Of Warrenty: This product also comes with two years of warrenty. So, if you find any fault in it in this time period you can complain about it and get it fixed easily.

Other Features: Other important features of this product include, 20 detachable cling labels and 2 unique tips, 10-80 psi, pressure control system along with 3 easy settings, kid-proof and extremely safe electric design, reservoir capacity of over 60 seconds.

In addition to this, the reservoir of this device can also be inverted for hygiene storage, and can be used with mouthwash or water. Additional Tips: Included with the device is one Classic Jet Tip that helps children to clean deep in between teeth and in and around their gumline, and one Orthodontic Tip that helps to remove plaque around wires and around orthodontic brackets.

>>> See customer reviews and ratings on Amazon <<<

Why Your Kid Needs A Waterpik Water Flosser?

You need to face the fact- most people do not floss, and children floss even less than elders. Whoever thought of a Waterpik Water Flosser for kids is a genuis!

According to a study by the American Association of Pediatric Dentists, it was found that approximately 42 percent of the parents in America agreed that their children needed to improve their overall oral health care routine, and approximately 20 percent of the parents reported that their kid had at least one cavity in the previous year.

Considering the fact that majority of kids do not floss, mothers are seeking easy and fun ways to use affordable dental care products for their children.

And, that is why the new water flosser for children is the newest tool to help such parents ensure that their kids are taking good care of their gums and teeth. Yes, your kid certainly needs a water flosser to maintain a good dental health. Waterpik water flosser for children are clinically proven to improve gum health, rip out 99.9% tartar and plaque from in between teeth within a couple of seconds of application, and prevent gingivitis and tooth decay.

The device is exclusively designed to accommodate little hands- ideal for small children. It is perfect for all those children who have braces and do not like to floss. It is extremely easy to use, and only takes about a couple of minutes every day to start improving overall teeth and gum health.

The removal of bacteria is basically achieved by the pulsating action of the machine which results in a flushing zone that produces a decompression and compression phase, clearing off bacteria, debris, and food particles from the pocket. The device is also significantly better at alleviating gingivitis than traditional dental floss.It has also been tested in the laboratory that if children use it regularly they will notice healthy gums and teeth in just 2 weeks- guaranteed!

Waterpik water flosser is a custom device, with a simple and small design that makes flossing easy and fun for kids. It is also ideal for children with braces, or who struggle hard with flossing.

In addition to this, it features an easy fingertip control, extra safe and kid-proof electric design, and a reservoir that serves as a cover to keep the device clean. Apart from this, it includes detachable accessories so that children can customize their own flosser.A recent study evaluated the plaque removal after a single use of Waterpik water flosser and then checked out the results after one month. It was found that the device removed approximately 75 percent of entire mouth plaque after a single use.

When isolating particular areas, the results were 65 percent for lingual surfaces, 85 percent for facial surfaces, 91 percent for anapproximal area, and 60 percent for a marginal area.

In addition to this, the results also showed the removal of almost 99.9 percent biofilm from the area. Yes, even the research supports the use of water flosser to improve the overall health of the teeth for kids as well as adults.

How Many Children Can Use It?

The device can be used by more than one kid, provided there are more attachments or tips. You can also purchase some additional tips. These tips are removable at a simple push of a button, and there is a single hole on the device to store one tip.

Any of your additional tips can be put in a cup or some separate container. If the device is used by more than one child, you can simply change the tips. All that you need to do is take the tip out and insert the other one.

Remember, do not let two kids use the same accessory. This will ensure ease of use, and also keep germs off.

What Age Group of Kids Can Use It?

The device is ideal for age groups between 6 to 12. It is exclusively designed for young children who can easily accommodate the machine in their small hands.

This Waterpik Water Flosser for kids provides a more better and effective alternative to traditional flossing which the children absolutely dislike. It is designed in such a way that young kids from 6 to 12 years of age find it easy and fun to use, and actually practice good oral healthcare regimen.

It makes flossing more fun for such kids as it includes about 20 cute and innovative detachable cling decals, and the device is extra safe. According to a report, over 90 percent of children with braces said they would use this device frequently.

Remember, if you ever want to show your children the impact of cleaning this device has, be sure to have them use the unit after they eat popcorn. And then, let them watch thoroughly all the stuff that falls into the sink.

They will see the oral irrigator is really amazing.

What Is The Voltage The Product Uses?

The machine has a dual voltage unit which means that the device supports 110V to 220V, with 50Hz/60Hz. Although it is a kids device, but several adults have reportedly used this machine in order to get a gist of a waterpik water flosser.

Many people living overseas are always searching for dual voltage items, and this device can work really well for all of them. It comes with 3 settings of pressure which you can easily change by changing the dial.

Hence, these 3 settings are also quite easy and convenient to operate. You can also carry your flosser whenever you travel, and it will work great for your kids. Customers who have been using the device have really appreciated it, and recommended it to other people as well.According to a recent report, people who have had bad teeth and gums have difficulty finding a job- especially that require them to smile at their customers.

Remember, an employee’s smile is an indispensable part of the organization’s image. And if you have crooked teeth, or even worse, missing teeth, your chances of getting into an organization you want will immensely come down.

So if you too want to prepare your children to a more fruitful and rewarding career, you must teach them to invest in their oral health.

And to start with, the best way to encourage them is to give them the wonderful device- waterpik water flosser WP-260. It is not only one of the most popular brands, but also one of the best products on the market for kids. It certainly makes an ideal oral irrigator for children wearing braces, and those frequently complaining about food particles getting stuck in between their teeth.

So do not wait any longer, and buy your device right away- it is inexpensive, compact, does not occupy too much space, promotes healthier gums and teeth, and it is definitely worth it!

The product will give your kids great oral hygiene, and there is absolutely no need to doubt it as it is totally dependable. Yes, it can be taken for granted that investing in your kids oral healthcare with waterpik water flosser for kids is going to be extremely worthwhile in the long run!

Difference Between Kids and Adult Water Flosser

The American Association of Orthodontics states that adults make up approximately 1 in every 5 patients as they are more susceptible to dental diseases such as, periodontitis and gingivitis.

So for successful orthodontic treatment, it is imperative for them to keep gums and teeth healthy. Although Waterpik water flosser is considered to be the best dental flosser for both kids as well as adults. However, there are a few differences between the kid and the adult version.

Here are some of the differences:

The number of attachments, and the size of the device is the major difference. Waterpik Water Flosser for kids (WP-260) has a much smaller footprint as compared to the adult one, and therefore it holds very little water. It is specially designed to accumulate little hands, and therefore it is not appropriate for adults.

In the kid version, the water pressure is also not very strong. However, it is strong enough for the mouths of the children.

The kids flosser comes with less accessories- just one extra tip. Apart from this, there is also no cover top in the kids version, so every time you need to wash it thoroughly before filling the device with water, unlike adult flosser.

The kids version also does not have a pause button. So in the absence of the button, kids cannot pause the flow of the water at the handle whenever required, which is not the case with the adult version. The only way to stop the water from flowing in this case is by turning off the device.

In the kid version, you cannot rotate its tip from the handle. Also, you get less choice on selecting the water pressure as compared to the adult version.

So, I hope this post has answered all the questions that you had about Waterpik water flosser kids.