Waterpik WP-672 Review: Should You Buy It?

Waterpik WP-672 Review

Power flossing and irrigation devices are well known to remove plaque and bacteria from hard to reach areas of your mouth. In addition to this, they help to rip out tartar and calculus from tough areas. While your manual toothbrush can cleanse the exposed surfaces of your teeth, flossers can also cleanse the areas around your gumline and in between teeth. Plus, they can help to support the overall health of your gums and teeth, and leave your mouth feeling immensely fresh and clean. One such flosser that can work wonders for your teeth is Waterpik WP-672.

Here is a quick review of the product:



  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Superior Technology
  • Removes Bacteria And Plaque From In Between Teeth And Under Gumline
  • Promotes Healthier Teeth And Gums
  • Removes Debris And Food Particles Stuck Between Teeth
  • Uses Enhanced Pressure Performance
  • Essential For Braces, Implants, And Dental Works
  • Stimulates And Massages Gums
  • Leaves Fresh And Clean Mouth



  • Cannot Be Used Anywhere Else In The World Except For North America

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Features Of Waterpik Wp-672:

Advanced Water Flosser: Waterpik wp-672 flosser is an easy and much more effective way to floss. It is an advanced flosser with upgraded features, that comes with a satin chrome finish. It includes an On/Off switch on its handle, easy finger tip pressure control, and push button power along with LED mode display.

Easy To Use: All it takes is just a minute everyday for brighter and healthier teeth and gums, and this product can easily help you get that. You simply need to fill up the reservoir of the flosser with water, and point its tip at your gumline. If your gums and teeth are sensitive, fill the reservoir with warm water, and floss.

Superior Technology: Waterpik WP-672 delivers an exclusive combination of pulsations and water pressure, cleaning below the gumline and deep in between teeth, and removing harmful plaque and bacteria. Plus, it is ideal for anyone with retainers, crowns, dental work, implants or braces.

Healthier Gums: This product is clinically proven to be up to 50 percent better and more effective than conventional brushing. Also, it is clinically proven to be better than conventional dental floss, thereby ensuring much more healthier teeth and gums. Plus, it guarantees healthier gums and teeth in just 14 days.

Indispensable For Braces: The product is clinically proven to be up to 3 times as effective for eliminating plaque and bacteria around braces, and in between wires vs traditional dental flossing.

The product also beats the traditional floss that uses Orthodontic tip.

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Ideal For Dental Works And Implants: Waterpik WP-672 is also clinically proven to be 2 times as effective for improving overall gum and teeth health around implants as well as dental works vs conventional floss. The product also beats the conventional floss that uses the Plaque Seeker Tip.

Removes Debris And Food Particles: The product wipes out all types of food particles and debris stuck in between teeth, below the gumline, and all the tough areas where conventional flossing and brushing cannot reach.

Massages Gums: The product stimulates and massages gums in order to enhance the blood circulation in them, and keep the gums healthy. Furthermore, it leaves the mouth feeling incredibly clean and fresh. The product also comes with two modes that include, hydro-pulse massage mode and floss massage mode that enable better massage of the gums.

Other Features: Waterpik WP-672 comes with 7 unique tips for oral requirements, along with advanced pressure control system that has 10 settings, reservoir capacity of over 90 seconds, 1 minute timer, 1 tip storage case, 30 second pacer, and 3 year warranty. Furthermore, the unit is totally compatible with 120VAC / 60Hz outlets. It is for use in just North America.

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Final Verdict

Brushing teeth alone is not enough. That is why it is indispensable to use a powerful electric flosser in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Since Waterpik WP-672 uses a superior technology. It is highly recommended by dentists all across the globe. It is a wonderful way to remove debris, food particles, plaque as well as bacteria from all the tough areas of your mouth, below and under gumline, in between teeth, and also deep between wires and dental works. All these areas cannot be reached by conventional flossers and manual toothbrushes, thereby making this product all the more indispensable for the overall wellness of your mouth. Above all, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. So, now that you are well acquainted with the Waterpik WP-672 Review, you must not wait any longer! Try it now!

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