Best Water Flosser For Braces: Which One To Choose?

Braces can sometimes lead to various dental disorders such as decalcification and gingivitis if you don’t clean them properly.

Since these disorders may results into bigger compilations in your dental hygiene, it’s always advisable to keep your braces clean.

But again, cleaning the braces is usually a hard task that consumes much of your time especially when using the flossing thread. Good news however is that the invention of water flosser has made it completely simple to clean your braces.

It will only take your 2-3 minutes to conduct the cleaning exercise and above all, the device is able to reach all around and under the braces and eject out plaque which might lead to gingivitis.

Find a detailed review for the best water flosser for dental braces below:

Best Water Flosser For Braces: Waterpik Aquarius (WP-660C)


  • An orthodontic tip for use on your braces
  • Removes 99% plaque
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Large reservoir for holding enough water when flossing
  • More effective than ordinary floss


  • Cost of the tips add up
  • ON/OFF switch might prove hard to operate at times

Waterpik Aquarius offers you the EASIEST and the MOST EFFECTIVE way to clean your braces. Following a series of clinical studies conducted to prove its cleaning prowess, it’s now clear that the device has the capability of removing up to 99% plaque around your braces.

This will preventformation of gingivitis which has dire consequences on your oral health.

The product employs a unique technology of water pressure and pulsations to effectively reach out to all the areas around your braces where regular flossers cannot reach. This way, it is able to flush out all the food particles that get stuck in your teeth as well as other debris that might be present.

Your dental braces should not limit you to practice good oral hygiene anymore! With the advent of this amazing, safe and gentle product that swiftly cleans your braces, taking care of your braces and hence your oral hygiene is very simple.

Note: though this product come with numerous features that helps you obtain strong and healthy gums and teeth as well as clean braces, we will only focus on features that are of benefit to your braces.

Key features of Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser (WP-660C):

    • Presence of an Orthodontic Tip: The water flosser also comes with an orthodontic tip. The tip has been specially designed to help you clean your braces perfectly. One amazing thing about his tip is that it can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees to adapt to different dentitions.
    • Superior Flossing Technology: The manufacturer of Waterpik Aquarius water flosser employs a very superior technology that makes it easy for the eater flosser o reach all the areas of your braces.

      Such as around the brackets, below the arch wire-everywhere!

      The technology simply involves a combination of pulsations and water pressure, creating a powerful force that is able to penetrate all the areas of your braces.

      Removal of plaque and harmful bacteria that could lead to various mouth infections becomes very simple therefore.
    • Large Reservoir: The waterpik also come with a high capacity reservoir which is able to hold enough water to clan your braces for over 90 seconds. This is enough time to clean each and every part of your braces while enjoying sufficient water supply from the high volume reservoir.
    • Completely Easy to Use: Waterpik Aquarius water flosser is unlike the string floss which gives you a headache whenever you try to use it on your braces. It has an ON/OFF switch located on its head to help you control it easily, an easy to use pressure control and push power button that has LED display.

      Flossing your braces is as simple as directing the device’s tip to the area that you would like to clean!
    • Timers: The water flosser also comes with a timer to help you set the amount of time that you would like to floss your braces. You can conveniently set the timer to help you floss your braces in a minute or at the intervals of 30 seconds.
    • 10 Pressure Settings: This is another unique feature of the Aquarius water flosser that helps you select the most appropriate pressure for flossing your braces.

      Which pressure are you comfortable with on your braces?

      High or low pressure?

      It is up to you to decide the pressure setting you are comfortable with. Additionally, switching between different pressures is very simple- you just need to press the pressure control button to change from one setting to next.

From the above features, it is clear that Waterpik Aquarius water flosser gives you the easiest path to cleaning your braces. Invest in this product today if you have braces on your teeth and you’ll never regret.

Is A Water Flosser Good For Braces?

​How effective is a water flosser when used to clean my braces?

Will it clean my braces without causing any damage to them?

These are some of the questions that might be running in your mind right now.

Here is some helpful information on how a water flosser is helpful for people with braces:

Main question: Is a water flosser good for braces?

Answer: YES.

A water flosser is far much more effective for cleaning your braces compared to the traditional floss that most people have been using. As seen from our review above on the best water flosser for braces, the product comes with an orthodontic tip that has been specially designed to clean around your braces.

This tip comprises of a tapered brush on its end to help remove plaque that accidentally stick between your braces ad teeth. In addition to this, it helps remove bacteria and food debris around your braces, teeth and gums.

The fact that waterpik has various pressure settings means that you can easily select the right pressure for the braces. Thus, the question regarding whether a water flosser can cause damage or affect the orientation of the orthodontic work is fully answered.

Final Verdict

There is no better way to floss and hence clean your braces than using a water flosser. From their amazing features, that gives you comfort when using them, to their effective cleaning characteristics, water flossers have replaced all the ordinary flossers that have been in use for a long time.

Invest in the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser (WP-660C) today at a fair price and clean your braces EASILY and MORE EFFECTIVELY.

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