CQ Wellness CQW-F1 Classic Water Flosser

CQ Wellness CQW-F1 Classic Water Flosser

CQ Wellness, a reputable brand in the oral health product field, is at it again! This time, they have introduced a modern and unique water flosser into the industry: the CQW-F1 classic water flosser to help you floss properly. Perhaps the brand wants to keep at par with their competitors who are also injecting similar products into the market? You never know…What amazes me about CQ Wellness products is that they come with a two-year warranty.

This means that you can contact your vendor or the manufacturer if you notice strange functioning of your device. Also, all the brand’s products come with a 100% money back guarantee. The classic water flosser too is not an exception it will allow you to enjoy these two top benefits.Does the water flosser live to perform its intended task excellently? After conducting a research involving customers who have used the water flosser to clean their teeth, I came to a conclusion that the water flosser is simply the dream of all of us.

It is the water flosser we have been waiting for to satisfy our mouth cleaning needs.The device goes far and wide, improving your gums health, destroying harmful bacteria that hide between your teeth, and removing debris from your mouth.Overall, it delivers great health benefits to everyone including those with diabetes, braces and implants.



  • The water flosser’s jet technology flushes out bacteria and debris that have been hindering you from achieving a better dental hygiene
  • The easy to control pressure settings allows you to define the level of comfort you want when flossing your teeth. It also takes care of your sensitive teeth and gums
  • 2 years of warranty
  • The device effectively improves your gums health. It massages them, allowing blood to flow around them. The end result is well toned gums that you always wish for
  • It accesses all the hard to reach areas with the help of different tips, making it easy to remove all the bacteria and debris present in your mouth



  • Don’t like wiping down the counters

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Key Features of CQW-F1 Classic water flosser

Uses Water Jet Technology

This is one of the most notable features of the water flosser. It employs the superb water jet technology to effectively clean the desired part of the mouth. The technology is great in that it conducts a thorough cleaning on the targeted area of your mouth.

As such, you can target the device below your gum line and effectively clean the area. This will remove harmful bacteria that hide deep below the gum line and give you healthiest gums ever.

A Variety of Tips to Choose From

CQ Water flosser provides you what you’d expect from any top-rated water flosser: a variety of tips to choose from. These tips include:

Three classic jet tips that have been designed for general use and are suitable for all regardless of gender or age.

One plaque seeker tip special designed to clean around implants

One orthodontic tip for people who have braces fixed on their teeth- The tip penetrates deep into the braces and removes all the food particles and harmful bacteria trapped in between them.

One Pik Pocket Tip

And one tongue cleaner tip: This is a great one for CQ Wellness. It will take care of the bacteria that hide on your tongue by effectively scraps them away!

Large Reservoir

The water flosser comes with an extremely large reservoir that will stand a full flossing session. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the water running out before your mouth is completely clean.

What’s more, you can refill the reservoir with either water or mouthwash. Some dentists recommend you to add water and mouthwash mixture for the best results.

Varied Pressure Settings

This is also a great feature for the CQ Classic water flosser, considering that different people prefer different pressure levels on their mouth. Whatever level of pressure you feel comfortable using in your mouth, the water floss provides. It has pressure settings that range from LOW (1) to HIGH (10). Selecting the one that suits is as easy as pressing the pressure control button.

See Specifications, Customer Reviews And Ratings On Amazon


CQ Classical water flosser is the device you’d love to use again and again. It works like a charm. It goes deep below your gum line and between your teeth, removing all the debris and harmful bacteria. Getting healthier gums and overall oral health has never been this easy, thanks to the CQ water flosser.

Want a share of this the incredibly clean and refreshment feeling?

Simply purchase this product today and you’ll be so glad you did it.

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