How Does An Electric Toothbrush Charge Itself?

how an electric toothbrush charges itself

So how does an electric toothbrush charge itself? Check out the video below for a great insight into how they work…..


As the old adage goes, wonders will never cease. And the saying well applies when it comes to your electric toothbrush. Apart from using the most superior technology to ensure effective and thorough cleaning of your entire mouth, setting your free from all types of dental disorders, it’s also amazing to know that the gadget can charge itself as well.


Did I just say how does an electric toothbrush charges itself?

Yes, I did.

This is what we are going to cover in this article. It would be a great lesson for you, no doubt at all!

Note: After reading this post, you can go on and try the method on your own and see how perfectly it will work!

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Lets find out how does an electric toothbrush charge itself

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There exist various methods of wirelessly charging various devices that use electric power in order to carry out their intended functions. Apparently an electric toothbrush falls in the category of such devices since it needs to be electrically charged for it to clean your teeth.

Now the type of method used to charge a device is affected by the size of the gadget (or its power capacity), and its distance form the electric power. Here, in our case, we are going to discuss the methods suitable for medium power devices given that an electric toothbrush uses medium power.

The wireless method for charging an electric toothbrush is known as inductive charging. 

How Exactly does Inductive Charging Help Charge Your Electric Toothbrush Wirelessly?

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Lest commence by earning what inductive charging is.

Inductive charging: this is the use of an electromagnetic field to transfer electrical energy from an earth-based transmitter to the receiver.

Your toothbrush has a perfect system that suits this definition. The base it is mounted on acts as the primary transmitter. This is similar to the art based transmitter we have just talked about in our definition. The secondary receiving coil is located inside the electric toothbrush itself. It acts as the receiver of the electromagnetic field.

And now to our question of the millennium: how does your electric toothbrush charge itself?

It all starts in the primary transmitter which produces an electromagnetic field. The field is then transmitted to the secondary receiver coil. The coil picks it up and this way, it is able to induce an electric current that eventually charges your electric toothbrush!

It’s that crazy! An electric toothbrush charging itself on its own!

Something work understanding is that the electromagnetic field involved in the production of electric power here is completely harmless. It produces something known as non-ionizing radiation which is 100% safe (it has no adverse effects on your overall body health or the environment around you).


That’s the end of our interesting lesson- how does an electric toothbrush charge itself! Now that you have learned how it all works it’s up to you to try it. It is a DIY process and you can comfortably carry out anywhere provided you got your own electric toothbrush.

Next time you run out of power and you are far from a source, you know what to do: bookmark this post and revisit it for directions on how to make your electric toothbrush charge itself.