How To Clean A Waterpik: Step By Step Guide

how to clean a Waterpik

No! Cleaning between your teeth, and keeping them healthy is not the only important thing. Do you know how to clean a Waterpik water flosser? It needs to be cleaned regularly, and keeping it healthy is equally important. If you want to prevent it from breaking down promptly, prevent blockages and bacteria build up, and also want to maximize its effectiveness, then it is indispensable to clean it.

Clean a Waterpik water flosser

Follow this step by step process on how to clean a Waterpik:

  • Take your device, and detach its water reservoirs and removable hoses. Pick its attachments from the end. Next, with the help of a damp cloth wipe the part of the device that has motor and pump, the origin of the electric cord, and allow it to dry.

Remember, do not put this part into the water.

  • Take a large bowl and fill it with a solution of 1 part hot water or warm water to 1 part white vinegar. This vinegar is very well-known to obliterate mineral deposits and hard stains, eradicate mild dew or mold, and also snuff out bacteria.

Now immerse the pick attachments, reservoir, and hoses into this water and vinegar solution.

Remember, it is important that all these parts are completely drenched into the solution for at least 1 hour.

  • After a while, remove all the soaked parts from the solution, and rinse them off in tap water. Now squeeze out some liquid soap onto a toothbrush, and scrub all the parts of the appliance one by one.

You must clean them thoroughly, and rinse them well in order to wipe out all the soap residue. Next, wash them off in tap water and allow the parts to dry.

  • Reassemble your device, attach all the parts properly, and fill it with a solution of germ fighting mouthwash and water. Next, turn the device on, and allow the mouthwash and water mixture to run through the device and into the sink.

You can also run hot water and hydrogen peroxide through it.

Remember, hydrogen peroxide is not harmful to your mouth or teeth.

  • Switch all your pick attachments so that each one of it is rinsed properly in the same manner. This entire process will rip out any leftover soap residue, so that when you start using the device you do not experience any bad taste.
  • It is also important that you repeat this entire cleaning process at least once a month, or even more often if you use the device widely. Also, in order to prevent bacteria build up, you must dry your device thoroughly.

In addition to this, for hard water areas, you can soak the hose and tips of the device in a vinegar solution more often.

Make the most of your Waterpik water flosser

So if your water flosser encourages you to clean between your gums and teeth, you must also encourage yourself to clean your device regularly so that you can get the desired results with maximum effectiveness.

A clean and healthy Waterpik water flosser will certainly work well to provide you with clean and healthy teeth. Just follow these simple steps, and promote a healthy smile!

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