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Over the last few years we have seen a significant increase in sales of DIY home dental kits which offer a variety of different uses. Whether it is the ever increasing cost of dentistry treatment or the fact that more people are now aware of dental healthcare, this type of product is likely to become even more popular in the years ahead. However, there are some concerns about whether individuals see home dental kits as a substitute for professional dentistry care or simply a means of improving their dental health in between dentist appointments.

What do DIY home dental kits consist of?

Standard DIY home dental kits consists of plaque and tartar removers together with a mirror which can be inserted into the mouth to improve the removal of plaque and tartar. The problem is that as plaque and tartar buildup around your teeth it can be difficult to remove them even when using dental floss or dental tape. It is especially a problem for those who have braces because it can be very difficult to get into the nooks and crannies to remove this buildup of plaque.

We know from medical evidence that even the most basic of home dental kits can reduce instances of staining, bacteria, debris and tartar between the teeth and gums. So, not only will this offer added protection to your teeth but it will also remove the debris which causes bad breath.

Fillings and other dental work

While there is no doubt that DIY home dental kits are here to stay, and do offer a degree of benefits, there are many you have also acquired home dental kits offering fillings and other dental work. There may be an argument for inserting a temporary filling, prior to visiting your dentist, but for those who see home dental kits with equipment and material to create a “filling” as a replacement for profession dental work this can be extremely dangerous.

The problem is that unless the area requiring a filling is clean and free of bacteria, any filling material placed over the top will simply lock in this infection which can spread and cause major dental issues further down the line. Is it a coincidence that dentists have to practice for many years before they become fully qualified? Perhaps more people will now appreciate the benefits of professional dental care as opposed to home-made fillings?

Rosenice Dental Hygiene Tool Kit

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Rosenice Dental Hygiene Tool Kit

Where do we start with the Rosenice Dental Hygiene Tool Kit? This is a product which has everything you would ever need from a DIY dental hygiene tool kit. The basic products include:-

• Three pack of tools
• Mouth mirror
• Dental probe
• Tweezers

While many people may be a little reluctant to try a dental hygiene kit, these are extremely easy-to-use. They are made of stainless steel which ensures they are durable and long lasting. Due to the material, they can be reused time and time again after high temperature disinfection.

The ability to remove plaque and tartar will lead to a significant improvement in your oral health. Regular upkeep of your oral health will help to prevent cavities, gum disease and an array of other oral health conditions. Such is the quality of the Rosenice Dental Hygiene Tool Kit it can be used by both dentists and personal use at home.

Royal DentWhite Dental Care Tools Kit

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Royal DentWhite Dental Care Tools Kit

It is not difficult to see why this Royal DentWhite Dental Care Tools Kit is proving so popular. The kit includes every tool you would ever need to maintain your oral health. The pack consists of:-

• Dentist mirror
• Floss picks
• Tartar remover
• Plaque remover
• Tweezers
• 3 teeth whitening strips
• Metal storage box

The variety of tweezers and dental picks ensures that you can get into the areas your teeth will struggle to touch. Customer feedback shows the quality and durability of this kit, one of the more popular DIY home dental kits on the market.

As the tools are made from stainless steel, they are extremely durable and can be used time and time again. Obviously, the stainless steel tools need to be disinfected at high temperature to avoid infection. One thing you will notice when you start, using a home dental kit is nowhere near as difficult as many people would have you believe.

Xpassion Professional Dental Tools Kit

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Xpassion Professional Dental Tools Kit

Who would have thought just a few years ago that you be able to buy industry quality dental equipment for use at home? The Xpassion Professional Dental Tools Kit is certainly up there with the best DIY home dental kits. So, what kind of dental tools should you expect?

• Tartar remover
• Dental care sticks
• Dental mirror
• Array of useful toothpicks
• Tongue cleaner
• Zip-up carry case

There is no doubt that the quality of dental equipment available to the public has increased dramatically in recent years. This home dental kit is made of rust free stainless steel. Make no mistake about it, these are tools used by the highest quality dental practitioners.

Unfortunately, daily brushing of your teeth will only address the visible tooth surfaces in your mouth. When using the Xpassion Professional Dental Tools Kit you can remove food particles, clean your teeth and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Easy-to-use, simple to sterilise and high quality durable tools, it is no surprise that the Xpassion Professional Dental Tools Kit is proving extremely popular.

Blizzard Dental Hygiene Kit

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Blizzard Dental Hygiene KitWhen we checked out the most popular DIY home dental kits, the Blizzard Dental Hygiene Kit was one which stood out for a number of reasons. This is a five piece dental kit but the double-ended tools make it feel like much more. As you’ll see from the picture, the Blizzard Dental Hygiene Kit consists of:-

• Dental mirror
• Tweezers
• Sickle scalar
• Tartar scraper
• Dual end probe
• Scalar
• Zip-up carry case

Before we start, we need to clarify that these dental tools are made of hospital grade material – premium steel. This ensures that each tool is simple to sterilise with boiling water – taking away any debris. Now, let’s take a look at the range of tools available.

The dental mirror ensures that these products can be used at home. The tweezers are useful when removing food from some of those hard to reach areas. The probe and scalar allow you to reach under the gums. This ensures minimal buildup of plaque and will also help to avoid gum disease. This DIY home dental kit will certainly assist with your oral health, not to mention the potential savings in dental treatment!

Linkevp Dental Care Tools Kit

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Linkevp Dental Care Tools KitWhen you look at the Linkevp Dental Care Tools Kit, this is the kind of kit which you imagine dental practitioners to use. You would not be mistaken! This is a 10 in 1 oral care kit which was a cert for our list of the best DIY home dental kits as soon as we reviewed the package. It may be useful if we list the tools available with this kit:-

• Mouth mirror
• Right angle scraper
• Dental stain eliminator
• Dental file
• Gum cleaner
• Dental tweezer
• Dental pick
• Dual tool probe
• Tongue coating cleaner
• Zip-up carry case

Many people believe that the Linkevp Dental Care Tools Kit offers the best value for money available today. It allows you to remove food particles, avoid the buildup of plaque and perhaps more importantly, allows you to get under the gums. When food residue and plaque accumulate under the gum line, this tends to lead to varying degrees of gum disease. Certainly something to be avoided!

This home dental kit is manufactured using high quality stainless steel and designed specifically for home use. The high quality stainless steel material ensures durability but it also means the tools can be sterilised very easily. While there may be 10 items in this kit, when consider the double-ended products you have an even greater array of tools at your disposal. Imagine the potential improvements in your dental hygiene!


As we have mentioned on numerous occasions above, while DIY dentistry/hygiene kits are proving to be more and more popular they are not a replacement for traditional dental care. They do however offer a useful means of reducing the buildup of plaque and tartar which can lead to significant problems with tooth decay. Initially the standard of instruments was brought into question when DIY dentistry kits started to hit the market but these products mentioned above are all made from surgical quality material with many used by dentists themselves.

This ensures that they are safe, easy to use and extremely durable. Above all they also offer a pain-free way to maintain your dental hygiene and avoided dreaded tooth decay and bad breath as bacteria, plaque and tartar buildup.

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