Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum vs Flexcare Plus: Which One To Choose

sonicare flexcare platinum vs flexcare plus

Philips Flexcare Platinum and Flexcare Plus are two popular toothbrushes in market today. Both are well-known to be efficient in removing bacteria and plaque.

However, depending on a consumer’s oral hygiene needs and wants, Sonicare offers different brushes, each one of which is designed with a specific purpose in mind. Also, these high-quality toothbrushes distinguish themselves from one another in several ways.

So if you too are planning to buy one of these Sonicare brushes, here is a guide that will help you to make a right decision.

What are the difference between Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum and Flexcare Plus

Philip has added a wonderful toothbrush to their stock of pearly white cleaning units. However, it is not too much of an addition as it is just an upgrade to the very popular Flexcare Plus model. It has gotten a facelift and an upgrade.

So here are some of the differences in the two models for a better understanding.

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The Flexcare Platinum has been a wonderful InterCare toothbrush head which will easily sweep away food particles, debris, and plaque. The brush head goes deep down to remove plaque under gumline and in between teeth. in addition to this, it has replaced the controls on the handle of the brush with durable buttons.

These buttons offer you better control, and you feel great to hold it. All in all, it is impeccably designed.

The Flexcare Plus on the other hand uses a single button which is not very convenient. In addition to this, it is difficult to choose your mode promptly. It forces you to get through all of the modes in order to get to the one you actually want.

Oral Health Care

Sonicare Flexcare Platinum is a power brush with such specifications that are as fantastic as its results. The electric brush can remove seven times more plaque and bacteria between teeth and under the gumline than a conventional toothbrush.

It also significantly alleviates bleeding and gingivitis in about 2 weeks. The extra long bristles of this brush are exceptionally good to get rid of interproximal plaque, thereby providing superior gum and teeth care at the same time.

The nine brushing combinations, and an intuitive pressure offer personalized gum care with proper guidance, in order to help you brush properly.

The Flexcare Plus on the other hand, removes six times more plaque than conventional toothbrush. It can improve overall gum health, alleviate bleeding, and gum inflammation in two weeks. In addition to this, it has an exclusive gum care mode that provides 2 minutes of full cleaning, and 1 minute to softly clean problem areas under gumline.


The Flexcare Platinum has 9 customizable experiences of brushing: 3 modes along with 3 intensity settings in order to adapt to your brushing requirements. In addition to this, it has an in-built setting of pressure that alerts you when you are brushing too hard.

The Flexcare Plus on the other hand, has 5 modes: massage, sensitive, refresh, gum care, and clean. In addition to this, it has two routines: max care, and go care. Some people can benefit from these features in particular.

Cleaning Technology

Flexcare Platinum uses patented sonic technology, as with all the Sonicare brushes, along with 31000 brush strokes every minute. Its dynamic fluid action helps to clean under gumline and in between teeth.

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With clinical research, this technology has also been proven to be extremely effective at cleaning gums and teeth.

Flexcare Plus on the other hand uses sonic technology that helps to drive fluid into the spaces between the teeth, driving 31000 movement through the head of the brush every minute, in order to thoroughly clean the mouth.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used Flexcare Platinum have recommended it for overall dental health. According to most of them, it makes your overall brushing experience simply fantastic. It is extremely comfortable to use, and also highly effective.

On the other hand, customers who have used Flexcare Plus have liked it as it is great for sensitive teeth due to its unique “sensitive setting”. Customers have also loved the customizable feature of the toothbrush that allowed them to switch to any mode they desired according to their need- gum care, massage, refresh, clean.

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So now that you know the differences between Sonicare Flexcare Platinum and Flexcare Plus, you can easily make a choice between the two, considering the above mentioned factors.

Suffice to conclude that both the toothbrushes do a wonderful job and there appears to be little difference between the two brushes on balance. So decide for yourself right away!

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