Which Water Flosser Brands Are Available On The Market?

water flosser brands

There are many water flosser brands available in the market. How do you cut through all the noise and find the best ones? If you have never used a water flosser, please acquaint yourself with the merchandise of any of the brands I am going to mention in this article.

Water flossing is a remarkable technology that enables you to eliminate crumbs and filmy gunk from your teeth with a jet of warm water. Once you start water flossing, you will quickly say goodbye to traditional flossing – especially if you wear braces.

That said, let’s look at the water flosser brands you should consider:

1. Waterpik water flosser

Waterpik has been around since the sixties and has carved out a niche for itself in personal and oral health care products for family use. One of their most popular oral health products is the water flosser.

Waterpik has several water flosser models. The various types of water flossers under the brand include:

i) Counter top water flossers – Models include the WP-660 and the WP-72.

ii) Cordless water flossers – Models include the WP-560 and the WP-440.

iii) Specialty water flossers – Models include the WP-300.

iv) Complete care water flossers – Models include the WP-950 and the WP-900.

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2. Panasonic oral irrigator

Panasonic has diversified into many business areas such as consumer electronics, housing, and automotive. Among the consumer electronics it puts out are water flossers.

The company has a special name for its water flossers. It calls them Panasonic oral irrigators. Models include the EW1211A and the EW-DJ10 oral irrigators. The oral irrigators are designed to produce strong jets of water that flush away debris hidden in the spaces between your teeth.

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3. Oral Breeze

One of this brand’s products is a water flosser known as Quick Breeze. This oral irrigator attaches to your sink, and a valve connects to the faucet. It also comes with an adapter, if necessary. The valve has a switch that diverts water flow. The water comes in a stream that will clear away the accumulated food and debris between your teeth.

Oral Breeze’s other product is known as Shower Breeze. This dental oral irrigation system is attached to a showerhead. By flipping a switch, you can change from shower mode to teeth-cleaning mode. The water flosser promises to eliminate the risk of bacterial growth by removing all the food particles and debris trapped in your teeth.

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4. Red Breeze

Belmint is involved in various products, including kitchen, bath, and personal hygiene products. A good example of the water flossers is the Professional-Grade Countertop Oral Irrigator and Water Flosser. This water flosser has adjustable water pressure and can clean deep between the teeth and below the gum line.

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5. Philips water flosser

Many respective brands, especially those dealing in consumer electronics, also make water flossers. A good example is Philips which, like Panasonic, has diversified into the dental care products business.

Their water flosser is known as the Philips Sonicare AirFloss. One of the Philips models is the HX8111/02 AirFloss. Philips promotes it as being able to remove much more plaque than an ordinary toothbrush and clean between your teeth in a minute.

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6. Other brands

Other brands include Conair, Gurin, ViaJet, Aquapick, DenTek, and Cosmicsmile.

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These are of the most popular water flosser brands available in the market today. Their products enjoy wide usage across the globe for their reliability and excellent performance.

Which is your favorite brand?

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