Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser (WP-440W) Review

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser

Brushing your teeth isn’t enough. A toothbrush simply cleans the surfaces of your teeth (i.e. the sides and on top) and leaves the areas between the teeth unattended to. This is where flossing comes in. It is an activity that involves use of flossers to clean the hard to reach areas between your teeth.

What should I use to floss my teeth effectively?

If you’re asking yourself the above question, you don’t need to stress yourself on what you need to floss your teeth properly. Waterpik, a big name in the oral health industry, has exactly what you need to floss your teeth. They’ve new a water flosser– the Waterpik cordless professional water flosser (WP-440W). The system comes with a compact design, making it fit for travelers as well as use in small bathrooms.

The device acts as the best solution to all your flossing needs. It has been clinically proved to remove up to 99% plaque on your teeth. Above all, it’s 50% more effective than the traditional flossing methods.

The manufacturer of this product even gives you with a nano-Sonic electric toothbrush as a bonus!



  • The oral irrigator is completely easy to use. Just fill the reservoir, direct the tip to your mouth and floss
  • The system has been clinically proved to remove up to 99% plaque
  • It is 50% more effective compared to the traditional flossing methods such as use of strings
  • The package comes with a nano-sonic electric toothbrush to help you take the best care of your dentals
  • It is highly portable, making it a great choice for travelers



  • There’s nothing to hate in cordless professional water flosser

Key Features of Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser

Superior Flossing Technology

After using this water flosser to clean your mouth, I guess you’ll stick to it for the rest of your flossing life. The unit comes with an irresistible, superior cleaning formulation that makes you feel like you’ve just undergone a professional cleaning exercise.

The process involves a combination of water pressure and the device pulsations. The result of this combination is a powerful formulation that is able to penetrate deep between your teeth, and beneath the gum line. It removes the harmful bacteria and other debris along these areas, an activity that cannot be accomplished through brushing or the traditional string floss.

Several Tips to Choose From

Waterpik Cordless professional water flosser allows you to choose from FOUR tips. The tips are:

  • Two classical jet tips: they have been designed for general use.
  • Plaque seeker tip: if you feel that the level of plaque on your mouth is wanting, this is the tip to use. It will effectively remove up to 99% plaque from your mouth, and leave you with a clean and refreshing feeling you have never experienced before.
  • Orthodontic tip: if the orthodontist has worked on your mouth recently, this should not stop you from taking care of your dental hygiene. The tip makes it easier to clean round braces, implants, and the crowns effectively!

Highly portable

Travelers who have been having difficulties cleaning their teeth effectively have every reason to smile now. This Waterpik professional water flosser is cordless which means that it is very convenient to carry around. The compact design also makes it fit for use in small bathrooms or anywhere around the world by travelers (i.e. it’s highly portable).

The Water Flosser is Rechargeable

Another top feature of Waterpik cordless professional water flosser that favors travelers is the fact that it can be recharged. When the device runs out of power, it does not mean the end of flossing. All you need to do is recharge it and enjoy the easy and effective tooth flossing services over and over again.

Pressure Control System

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums?

No worry, the Waterpik will take care of this. It comes with a dual pressure control system that allows you to adjust the amount of pressure you’re comfortable with.

These settings are:

  • LOW– suitable for users who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums
  • HIGH– recommended for people who would like to use the system to conduct a deep cleaning on their teeth. Regarding the high amount of pressure produced, this option might be uncomfortable for those who hear sensitive teeth/gums.

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Waterpik Cordless water flosser is a valuable investment if and ONLY IF you’re mindful about your dental health. Being able to access hard to reach areas where other oral cleaning tools are unable to is a great achievement for this device. Buy your package today and start the journey of easily and effectively flossing your teeth.

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