Best Mouthwash For Sensitive Teeth and Gums That Works

Mouthwash for sensitive teeth

Do you feel a sudden and sharp sensitive feeling in your teeth when you bite into certain foods or sip certain beverages?

Then you are suffering from teeth sensitivity. The factors of sensitive teeth are many some of them being weak enamel, weak gum line, decayed teeth, chipped tooth or cavities.

Sensitive teeth react differently to different foods from person to person. For example, some people might experience sensitivity biting into sweet foods while others might have the sharp feeling with cold foods or hot foods.

Most of us feel disheartened unable to enjoy our favorite food. If your teeth are sensitive to hot food then imagine how would it be depriving yourself from a cup of hot coffee?

Now do not worry anymore as we have good news for you. Here we are going to discuss about mouthwashes for sensitive teeth. These mouthwashes contain special formulation that helps repair sensitive teeth and gums making them stronger. Now you can enjoy your favorite food and drink comfortably.

Before you read further, we want to tell you that we’ve chosen this 3 mouthwash as the top ones:

How can mouthwash help sensitive teeth?

Mouthwashes for sensitive teeth are exclusively formulated for sensitive teeth. Let us know how can they help sensitive teeth?

  • These mouthwashes are specially formulated with a rich combination of certain active ingredients, herbs, flowers and root extracts are blended well to strengthen sensitive teeth and gums
  • Mouthwash reaches every nook and corner of the mouth to remove trapped bacteria and food particles. It easily trickles between teeth to gently rinse bad breath causing germs from mouth.
  • The specially formulated mouthwash works on the sensitive areas of the mouth, help to repair damages in the teeth and enamel, heal damaged gums and tissues and strengthen teeth.
  • Rinsing mouth with these mouthwashes protects teeth and gums against decay, damage and cavities.
  • They also form a protective layer on teeth and gums, kill germs and prevent any further damage to dental health.

What Is The Best Mouthwash For Sensitive Teeth??

With the increase cases of sensitive teeth, the present market offers an extensive range of mouthwashes that promise to provide relief from teeth sensitivity. But which one of these products is right for you? Here are some of the specially formulated mouthwashes for sensitive teeth –

Sensodyne Mouthwash for Sensitive Teeth

: Specifically formulated keeping in mind the sensitivity of your teeth and gums, this mouthwash strengthens teeth, gums and fights teeth decay.

The dental liquid contains potassium chloride as active ingredient that has been clinically proven to strengthen sensitive teeth from inside and prevent pain from teeth sensitivity.Minty fresh flavor gives instant mouth freshness and long-lasting fresh breath. The mouth rinse also fights plaque bacteria, prevents teeth decay and inflammation of gums.

Sensodyne Mouthwash is available in 300 ml bottle pack. This is the first in list of best mouthwash for sensitive teeth. You might be wondering that why we are recommending sensodyne mouthwash first rather than other ones. There’s a good reason behind it.

If you ask a denstist if he had sensitive teeth, which mouthwash he would be using. The answer will be “Sensodyne Mouthwash”. Because when it comes to mouthwash for sensitive teeth, no one beats sensodyne.

Sensodyne Pronamel Fluoride Rinse Mouthwash

: Available in 15.5 ounce bottle, the mouthwash contains fluoride as an active ingredient. Excessive exposure of teeth to acids can corrode and also soften tooth enamel.

Timely attention and treatment of softened enamel can help prevent complicated dental procedures in future, save time and money.

Sensodyne Pronamel Fluoride Rinse Mouthwash works on the softened tooth enamel to re-harden and strengthen them. The alcohol free mouth rinse also forms a protective layer to fight against bad breath and any affects of acid erosion. This is the runners-up in the list of best mouthwash for sensitive teeth.

BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse

: Are you experiencing embarrassing bad breath due to your low carb diet? Then this mouth rinse is the one for you. Plaque is one of the major factors for malodor.When left untreated, it can further lead to gingivitis and production of Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) causing unpleasant mouth odor. The mouthwash has been specially made with active ingredients that helps fight plaque.

It also contains ZYTEXTM that works to neutralize the unpleasant odors whereas its minty flavor leaves your every corner of mouth fresh and clean.

The alcohol-free oral rinse does not irritate sensitive teeth and gums. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse comes in 1-gal filled in a specially designed bottle with included pump for convenient dispensing.

TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Mouthwash

TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Mouthwash: Are your special specifications posing a hinder to reach for a mouthwash? Then you can think of this dentist recommended mouth rinse that is free from any alcohol, synthetic colors or flavors.

The product is also certified kosher, vegan and gluten-free as well.Its non-acidic formulae treat sore, irritated gums, sensitive mouth tissues as well as periodontal problems. The mouth rinse also proves helpful for dental problems associated with menopause, pregnancy and other medical condition.

Zinc neutralizes anabolic bacteria to take care of periodontal problems whereas tea tree oil works in the restoration of gum tissues. TheraBreath Dentist Recommended mouth rinse is available in 2 pack of 1.9 ounces each.

Listerine Advance Defence Sensitive Mouthwash

Listerine Advance Defence Sensitive Mouthwash: This mouthwash has been clinically proven to treat sensitivity. Its advance formulation targets sensitive teeth, gums and mouth tissues and provides relief from sensitivity. To notice best results it is recommended to use the mouth rinse twice a day.

Continuing with the product at least for two weeks strengthens teeth and protects against sudden, sharp sensitive feeling. That makes it one of the great sensitive mouthwash on the market.

It destroys bad breath bacteria between teeth and other corners of the mouth, strengthens teeth enamel, prevents gum recession, protects the sensitive gum line, reduces plaque and imparts lasting fresh breath. But, many people don’t like the taste of listerine mouthwashes. If you are among them, you might use other ones that I recommended.

Listerine Advance Defence Sensitive Mouthwash comes in a 500 ml bottle pack.

ACT Total Care Sensitive Formula Mouthwash:

The specially formulated mouthwash made with essential flower and root extracts including honeysuckle, ginger and angelica polymorphic Sinensis protects the teeth against cavities as well as takes care of sensitive teeth and gum.

The included natural ingredients ensure complete care of sensitive teeth, gums and mouth tissues. The mouth rinse contains fluoride that help strengthen teeth, enamel and fight against tooth decay. Minty flavor destroys bad breath causing bacteria, cleans mouth, tongue and gives lasting fresh breath.

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Mouthwashes are used to completely clean mouth and remove germs from every corner of the teeth that brushing cannot. It is always important to remember that mouth rinse cannot be replaced for brushing.

Regular use of mouthwash specifically prepared for sensitive teeth can help heal soft parts of the teeth, restore enamel strength, repair soft gums, protect against teeth decay and cavities. I believe this article helped you to decise the right mouthwash for your sensitive teeth.

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