What Is a Denture and How Does it Work?

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What is a Denture?

Dentures are replacements for the missing teeth. These are custom-made and can be used for both, full or partial tooth loss. You should always be concerned about your tooth loss as not treating the same may lead to further problems like developing nutritional problems. However, there is a solution to both, i.e. full and partial dentures.

In the beginning, you might feel a little uneasy while eating with dentures, but with time, this problem fades away. After some time, you will be comfortable as dentures tend to give the same feel as natural teeth.

Like denture adhesives, there are different types of dentures available in the market today. You should be careful about the type that is best for you. Consulting a dentist is vital as that will help you to go for the best denture as per the requirement.

Partial dentures or implant supported dentures, all types of dentures are available and can serve the specific needs. Thus, the best option will depend on the individual’s situation of teeth.

How Does It Work?

It is really important for the dentures to fit properly. Full or partial ones, both comprises a gum-colored base, which is generally plastic-resin made. It fits over the gums. The lower dentures are made to look as well as work like the natural teeth.

The base of the upper dentures covers the palate inside the mouth. Lower denture’s shape is like the horseshoe, which can easily accommodate the tongue.

Starting with dentures can seem like a little difficult than usual in the beginning. You need to try a little harder to get used to the dentures. Though dentures take the place of teeth, but your mouth needs to be used to the same to get the natural feel.

The muscles and the ligaments need some time to get used to the dentures in order to start working in a natural way. Dentures also help the facial muscles to work properly, which leaves the face with a youthful look.

Different Types Of Dentures:

There are different types of dentures available in the market. You need to go for the best option as per the suitability and requirement.

Removable Type:

Immediate Dentures: These ones come under the category of temporary fixes. Immediate dentures are provided after the immediate extraction of a tooth. These dentures fit in the mouth when the healing is done.

Immediate dentures are provided to give the feel of denture wearing. Due to the natural shrinkage of gums and readjustments of muscles, these dentures do not fit properly and as comfortably as the permanent ones. Thus, overall, immediate dentures takes time to adjust inside your mouth.

Conventional Full Dentures: Once you feel good with the dentures in your mouth, permanent dentures are made as per the worn dentures as you feel comfortable with them. Due to the easiness, the dentures are able to function properly and without any major problems.

These work and look like the natural teeth. These are worn after the healing is done and can take few months.

Implant Supported Dentures: Implant-supported dentures are worn to increase the adjustability of the dentures. Be it, lower dentures or upper dentures, these ones require dental implants. Generally, there can be two or more dental implants. The lower jaw has less bone density, hence needs fewer implants as compared to the upper jaw. The upper jaw may need around three or more dental implants.

Partial Dentures:

There are different types of partial dentures.

Transitional Partial Dentures:  This type of dentures are worn when you need immediate replacement in the form of a temporary solution. These are affordable and are removable plastic made dentures. You can replace them when the healing is done properly.

Removable Partial Dentures: Unlike the transitional partial dentures which are made of plastic, these ones are metal made. These are quite lighter in weight and are made of the cast Vitallium. Talking about being affordable or not, these are lower in cost when compared to the fixed dentures or implants.

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to New Dentures?

New dentures can take some time to make you feel like eating with your natural teeth. You may need some time and practice to get used to talk and eat with your new dentures. After some time, the muscles and the tongue get used to the dentures and you feel quite comfortable.

While getting used to the dentures, you may feel a little uneasy. You may feel like your tongue does not have much space and it is hard to talk.

Along with that, you may experience a lot of saliva in your mouth. All this is quite usual. Howbeit, if you feel a lot of irritation or uneasiness, you should see your dentist. All this can last up to few weeks or some months.

Overall, dentures are really important if you are looking for a solution for tooth loss. These are helpful in saving you from further health issues.

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