Bad Breath Solution That Really Works

Bad Breath Solution That Works

Numerous bad breath solutions have flooded the market and it is hard to find the right one that works every single time. A normal adult will end up fighting bad breath at some point.Some have the misfortune of experiencing it more often. The severity of the bad breath problem also depends on the person’s lifestyle and health.

So how do we figure out which bad breath solution works?

First, you have to understand that every instance and every individual is different. There is no “one” cure that will magically remove bad breath. Knowing the exact cause of bad breath is almost always the key to solving the mystery of which solution to follow. The two basic solutions for bad breath include following proper oral hygiene and keeping yourself hydrated. Oral hygiene refers to the frequent brushing of teeth properly.

Professionals recommend doing this after every meal to make sure you remove all traces of food particles and hopefully some of the bacteria as well.But oral hygiene doesn’t just stop at brushing. It also includes flossing and tongue scraping. Brushing your teeth doesn’t guarantee that you will catch all the food particles because some of them are stuck in between.

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Tongue scraping is to make sure that all the bacteria hiding in the tongue (and producing that filmy white substance) is removed. Keeping hydrated, on the other hand, helps keep your mouth clean. You take a bath to keep your body clean – you should be drinking water to rinse your mouth as well.

Other than the 2 basic ways, you need to know the cause of your halitosis. Is it short term or long term? Is it because of something you ingested, or is there a deeper underlying issue? For short term halitosis, it is much easier to cure because it usually dissipates as fast as it comes. You can even follow some recommended bad breath solutions like chewing mint leaves, gargling with non-alcoholic mouthwash, and drinking tea.Some of the causes of short-term halitosis include:

  • Drinking too much alcohol, causing your mouth to become dry
  • Eating heavily spiced food
  • Eating onions, garlic, and other pungent food
  • Constipation
  • Lack of oral hygiene

On the other hand, long-term halitosis is much harder to cure. It is best to know the underlying cause to understand the best way to fight it off.Normally, this requires a trip to the doctor or dentist or taking medication to cure the disease. Sometimes, it can even be caused by a medication you’re taking.Some of the long-term causes of halitosis include:

  • Sinusitis or the flu
  • Periodontal disease
  • Post nasal drip
  • Any number of oral diseases

Choosing the right solution isn’t so hard when you have all the necessary facts to fight it.Making these lifestyle changes should be easy since I’m sure, you do not want to become a perennial victim of bad breath. Once you’ve identified the bad breath cause, finding the best bad breath solution will be easy.

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