How To Brush and Clean Your Tongue The Best Way

Breatx Daily Tongue Cleaner Kit

A large number of people around the world suffers from bad breath. Do you know how to brush and clean your tongue?

Do you still feel low and bad taste in your mouth even after brushing and rinsing your mouth several times with mouthwash?

Brushing your teeth and rinsing mouth can remove only a certain parentage of bacteria from your mouth. Almost 80% to 90% of bad breath bacteria are inhibited on tongue thus making your breath offensive and giving a bad taste in mouth. Cleaning your tongue gently every day after brushing is essential to remove the foul germs from mouth.

Why you need to clean tongue?

Cleaning the tongue is perhaps the most economical and efficient way to avoid bad breath. The major cause of bad breath is due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria present on the back portion of the tongue. These bacteria feed on the leftover food particles and in the process emit certain acids that coat on tongue causing bad taste and breath. Cleaning tongue every day helps to remove the bacteria, leftover food particles and white coating from the tongue restoring fresh breath.

How to brush and clean your tongue properly?

  • After brushing teeth, hold the tongue scraper and gently glide the tool across the surface of your moist tongue to loosen debris and scrape away the unwanted wastes.
  • Wide open your mouth, project out tongue slightly and gently reach the back of your tongue as much as you can with the tongue scraper. Scrub gently several times to remove the thick deposited layer and germs.
  • Glide the tool gently to the outer side of tongue to remove the waste matter and wash the tool under running tap
  • Now again gently slide the tongue scraper across the tongue paying attention to the mid part of your tongue to remove germs and debris and washing the toll in between
  • Continue scraping your complete tongue till the white coat is completely removed and your mouth feels fresher.
  • Wash the cleaning tool and rinse mouth several times followed by a mouthwash.

What are the benefits of cleaning your tongue?

There are several benefits of cleaning tongue regularly after brushing:

  • It helps to remove the bad breath bacteria inhibited on the back side of tongue that toothbrush and mouthwashes cannot
  • Cleans tongue and restores good breath
  • Removes white coating, bad breath germs, dead cells and deposited food particles from the tongue
  • Increases the chances of fresh breath
  • Ensures better oral hygiene

Here are some of the recommended tongue care products for you to ensure better oral health. Make sure to choose the right one.


BreathRx Daily Tongue Care Kit

: The tongue care kit consists of an anti-bacterial tongue spray and a gentle tongue scraper for complete tongue cleaning.  The liquid spray contains eucalyptus oil, thymol, special zinc complex and zytex.

Just one spray of the anti-bacterial liquid starts combating the bad breathing bacteria hidden in crevices at the tongues back. The gentle tongue scraper helps to gently scrape away dead cells and unwanted debris from tongue for a cleaner feel and fresh breath. BreathRx Daily Tongue Care Kit is regarded as Americas No. 1 tongue cleaning kit.

If you head over to amazon, you will see it has an excellent customer satisfaction rate. It received 4.8 stars out of 5.

This tongue care kit really works. If you use it on a regular basis you wouldn’t have to worry about your bad breath and tongue hygiene. If you use it before going to sleep, you will wake up with a good morning breath. The only thing that would come to your mind is

Why didn’t I use this product before?”



Tongue Sweeper Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner:

This tongue cleaner made with medical grade steel is first of its kind in the industry offering lifetime guarantee and complete satisfaction.

It’s perfectly round and super smooth edges helps to gently glide across tongue to gently scraping away germs and leftover food. Its low profile and sleek design easily reaches the back to tongue to remove bad breath causing germs.

The colored silicon ring helps in personalization of the tool. The tool’s ultra-smooth finishing edges ensure ease of use and minimize gagging.  The stainless steel P model tongue cleaner gently cleans tongue and provides fresh breath.

This is dishwasher safe, which means if you want you can clean it in the dishwasher or even under the running water.

If you have used any plastic tongue cleaner before then you will love this stainless steel one. Because it feels nicer than those low quality ones. Tongue sweeper stainless steel tongue cleaner is also suitable for kids. So, you can order a couple of this for all the members of your family.


Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner:

Although we’ve put Dr. Tung’s Tongue cleaner to number 3 in the list, this one is the number 1 best seller in the tongue cleaner category in amazon. It has a high satisfaction rate (4.7 stars out of 5, whoa).

The high-quality stainless steel tongue cleaner scrapes away bad bacteria while still being gentle on the tongue.

The cleaning edge features a curved design to help clean tongue effectively with comfort in just a few seconds. The tongue clear tool made of bio-degradable and reusable material offers a great remedy by cleaning tongue, removing the coating, bacteria and thus promotes fresh breath.

It comes in different colors, sizes and packages, you can choose your desired one. But we suggest you to buy size 2 with bonus travel pouch. Which can come in handy.

If you never used any tongue cleaner before, than this can be the ideal one for you, as it doesn’t cost that much and you can rely on tons of positive customer reviews.

Tongue Sweeper Model T Sweep: This T model tongue cleaner designed with perfect smooth cleaning edge helps to gently scrape away bacteria and coating from the tongue’s surface revealing clean tongue and good breath.

The easy to use model can be used with a single hand. It is made of high-quality material with class 6 medical coating. This makes the model non-allergic, easily cleanable, three times higher strength than stainless steel and does not break or bend.

Tongue Sweeper Model T Sweep made in USA offers a lifetime guarantee, is dishwasher and autoclave safe for ease of cleaning. Every tool comes with its unique serial number for personalization.

Plackers Tongue Cleaner:

The clinically proven tongue cleaner features dual head blend consisting of scraper and brush for enhanced tongue cleaning.

The brush bristle helps to gently bring the debris and dead cells to the tongue’s surface while the scraper gently slides on tongue to scrape away the collected debris. Dual cleaning action ensures to completely clean the tongue of bad breath germs and ensure fresh breath. The tool comes in a set of two pieces.

OraSweet Tongue Scraper: Studies reveal that unclean tongue is one of the major factors for bad breath. The concave shaped tongue scraper has been specifically designed keeping in mind the curvature of tongue. It gently glides across the tongue to remove foul smelling bacteria, white coating and plaque.

The tool has also received acceptance seal from ADA. If you are concerned about bad breath then this tongue scraper offers an economical and effective way to clean tongue, offer healthy mouth and fresh breath. OraSweet Tongue Scraper comes in pack of 3.

Get OraSweet Tongue Scraper Amazon Price/Reviews

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner: The tongue cleaner with bristles loosens the germs and residues from the surface of the tongue and remove them. To remove coating and bad breath germs from tongue, orabrush is to be gently brushed on moistened surface of the tongue. Brush tongue with gentle strokes several times including the back part of tongue to remove germs and regain fresh breath. Orabrush Tongue Cleaner comes in a pack containing 4 pieces.

Get Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Amazon Price/Reviews

So, here in this we’ve covered how to brush your tongue effectively. We also reviewed most of the top tongue cleaners that are available on the market. So that, you can choose the right one for you. You can go to the product pages and manually check all the reviews to understand how it works and where it falls short.

This will give you a proper idea about the product and help you to choose the best possible product. Now you know how to brush and clean your tongue!

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