7 Best Fluoride Mouthwash Reviews: That Works like Magic

best fluoride mouthwash

When you don’t brush your teeth for a day or two, what happens?

Well, naturally your breath doesn’t smell like roses. And when you touch your teeth, they feel sticky.

That sticky, filmy substance is plaque. If left to its devices, it will wreak havoc on your oral health. Plaque contains bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities.

That’s why the American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth at least twice a day.

But if you want your teeth to be strong and healthy, and your breath to smell fresh, you won’t stop at brushing your teeth. You will also rinse them with mouthwash.

Do you want to learn more? What about finding the best fluoride mouthwash?

Read on for more information…

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ACT Alcohol-Free Anti-cavity Fluoride Rinse
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The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth Fluoride Rinse
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Things to Look for Before Getting a Fluoride Mouthwash

The first thing you must understand about fluoride mouthwashes is that they are not a replacement for brushing or flossing. It is important to get that out because not everyone seems to be aware of this truth.

Mouthwash should complement your daily brushing, not replace it. Now let’s look at a few things you should consider when you are shopping for the appropriate mouthwash:

1. ADA Seal of Acceptance

Most dental health products, mouthwashes included, come with the tagline, “number one mouthwash recommended by dentists/orthodontists”. This is all alright as marketing, but sometimes it’s misleading. Which dentists?

That’s why a seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association is a big deal. A company receives this seal only after scientific evidence demonstrates the effectiveness as well as the safety of its product.

If your mouthwash has this seal, you can use it with confidence that top dentists have indeed recommended it as safe and efficacious.

2. Ingredients

It is crucial that you scan through the list of ingredients used in a particular mouthwash. You should know what each ingredient does and find out which ones are potentially toxic.

It is no secret that some of the products we use these days are filled with toxic substances. Some dental products do too. Examples of toxic ingredients include Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), artificial sweeteners, and so forth.

If you are purchasing mouthwash for your young children, it’s critical that you check the ingredient list to ensure the product does not contain harmful substances.

3. Natural

The previous point dovetails with this one. Due to fear of toxic ingredients, or simply the love of herbal products, more people are turning to all-natural oral hygiene products.

Natural mouthwash does not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives artificial colors, artificial flavors, or alcohol.

Instead, they make use of natural ingredients derived from plants and trees like eucalyptus or Aloe vera.

4. Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Another trend among consumers these days is the tendency to care about how products are made rather than just accepting the finished product. Most notable in this case is the desire to ensure that no animals were mistreated while creating the product.

If you are vegan, you can easily find mouthwash products that do not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

5. Other Considerations

Something else you should check before buying mouthwash is if it’s gluten-free – if you are allergic to gluten, that is.

Some mouthwashes also come with halal and kosher certification.

Our Best Fluoride Mouthwash Reviews

1. CloSYS Silver Alcohol-Free Fluoride Mouthwash Review

If you are aged 55 years and above, this is the best fluoride mouthwash for you. And it’s alcohol-free. Tooth enamel loses its strength due to the deficiency of strengthening minerals. As a result, you get cavities and white spots on your teeth.

But with this CloSYS mouthwash, you can remineralize your enamel, making it stronger. After many years of use, adult teeth begin to weaken: all that grinding, chewing and biting begins to take its toll on your enamel. Chances of tooth decay are high.

With this product, you can have stronger and healthier teeth. The anti-cavity protection will ensure this.

And if you are suffering from canker sores or oral mucositis (ulcers caused by chemotherapy), this CloSYS product will give you relief. It will also relieve you if you are suffering from dry mouth or mild to moderate sensitivity.

Do you wince every time you breathe in through your mouth, or if you taste something which is hot or cold? Tooth sensitivity can drive anyone up the wall with its sharp, sudden pain. Regular use of this fluoride mouthwash will take care of that.

Like all CloSYS products, it will not cause any burning sensation or any irritation; nor will it stain your teeth. You will be pleased to note that the ingredients of the product do not include alcohol, triclosan, gluten, or any sulfates.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Remineralizes weakened enamel
  • Ideal for adults 55 years and above
  • Anti-cavity
  • Relieve discomfort caused b canker sores and oral mucositis
  • Relieves mild to moderate sensitivity and dry mouth
  • Two 16-ounce bottles

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2. ACT Alcohol-Free Anti-cavity Fluoride Rinse

Don’t ignore this alcohol-free product from ACT in your search for the best fluoride rinse. If you want that fresh morning breath that boosts your confidence, starting your day off on the right foot, this is it.

When you neglect oral hygiene, bacteria build upon your teeth and begin to produce foul-smelling gases. This fluoride rinse will kill the bacteria. You can laugh heartily at jokes without worrying about bad breath.

It has a mint flavor that leaves a minty taste in your mouth, making you feel fresh and confident.

After many years of grinding and chewing, your enamel may begin to wear down; especially if you have not been paying proper attention to your oral hygiene. Clean your teeth daily with this fluoride rinse, and your enamel will get stronger.

It will restore the lost minerals in the soft spots of your teeth. As a result, your teeth will be stronger and harder.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Kills bad breath bacteria
  • Enamel strengthening
  • Restore minerals to soft spots
  • Alcohol-free
  • Adults and children of six and above

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3. The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth Fluoride Rinse

This Natural Dentist mouthwash is in the running for best fluoride rinse. I can give several reasons for this.

For instance, it contains the active ingredient sodium fluoride. Fluoride is the most important ingredient in any toothpaste. It helps remineralize your teeth. When your enamel absorbs fluoride, it becomes stronger, and the fluoride helps it build resistant to acids which cause decay in your mouth.

As a result, you have stronger and healthier teeth, with protection against cavities as well as acid erosion.

As for the inactive ingredients, Aloe vera is the most conspicuous. The herb ensures that your daily mouth-rinsing ritual is soothing and healing. The mouthwash contains a mint flavor which gives you a fresh breath feeling.

It has zero alcohol, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. What you get instead is an all-natural product with beneficent natural ingredients like aloe vera.

It’s also ideal for vegans. None of the ingredients used are animal-derived, and no animal was used to test any of the ingredients.

The fluoride rinse has a seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association. You can count on it as one of the dental products genuinely recommended by dentists.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Sodium fluoride as active ingredient
  • Aloe vera is one of the inactive ingredients
  • Protect against cavities and acid erosion
  • No alcohol, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association
  • Vegan friendly
  • No animals used in testing

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4. Oxyfresh Peppermint Fluoride Mouthwash

The Oxyfresh brand has been creating quality oral health products for over thirty years. Well recommended by dentists, this product has what it takes to be placed in the category of best fluoride mouthwash.

For one, it does not contain harmful ingredients. It does not have any alcohol, and that means it won’t burn your teeth; nor will it dry out your gum tissue. And it does not contain any artificial colors.

What it does have though is a flavor created by natural essential oils such as peppermint. So you get that fantastic fresh taste in the mouth.

When bacteria build up in your mouth, they produce a foul sulfur smell. Cleaning your teeth twice a day is critical. Try out this Oxyfresh mouthwash and chances are you will switch to this oral hygiene product at once. With its patented formula, the product will neutralize all foul breath.

The mouthwash underwent a 12-month clinical study which proved its efficacy in reducing plaque, healing receding gums, killing harmful bacteria, and strengthening gum tissue.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Neutralizes bad breath
  • No alcohol
  • 12-month clinical study proved its efficacy
  • Strengthens gum tissues
  • Heal receding gums
  • Reduce harmful bacteria
  • Flavored by natural essential oils like peppermint

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5. Listerine Naturals Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash Review

This Listerine Fluoride mouthwash comes in a one-liter bottle. For fresh breath and strong, healthy teeth, complement your brushing or flossing with this mouthwash. The benefits for your teeth are numerous.

Acidic foods and drinks cause the weakening of tooth enamel. But this product will remineralize you enamel to help strengthen your teeth and reverse tooth decay.

And if you are looking for something natural, note that it does not contain dyes, sweeteners, or artificial flavors. The ingredients it uses come from plant sources such as eucalyptus, cornmint, and oil of wintergreen.

Nothing is more embarrassing than realizing that other people can smell your bad breath. With this mouthwash, you can avoid that. It kills most of the bacteria that give you bad breath.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Kills germs that cause bad breath
  • No artificial flavors, dyes, or sweeteners
  • Prevent cavities for stronger teeth
  • One-liter bottle
  • Remineralizing

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6. Tom’s of Maine Children’s Juicy Mint Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Brushing or flossing your teeth daily is critical. The American Dental Association advises us to brush our teeth at least twice a day so as to get rid of plaque. And if you want to boost your children’s oral health, this Tom’s of Maine mouthwash is the best product for the job.

Children of six years and older can use the product. It has a nice, minty taste which the kids will love.

As a parent, determining what is safe for your child can be a nightmare. You don’t have to worry about that with Tom’s of Maine. The mouthwash contains ingredients derived from nature. It has no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or fragrances.

It should also come as a big relief for you that it contains no animal ingredients, and that no animals were used in testing any of the ingredients.

A few other things you might like about the product: it is alcohol-free and gluten-free. It is also halal and kosher certified.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Alcohol free
  • ADA seal of acceptance
  • Zero artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors
  • Gluten-free and Cruelty-free
  • Halal and kosher-certified

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7. Phos-Flur Anticavity Cool Mint Fluoride Rinse

Many orthodontists have recommended this product to their patients. If you wear braces, it is an ideal mouthwash for you.

It’s not easy to clean your teeth with braces on, but a good mouthwash will reach the hidden areas.

The fluoride rinse has a unique fluoride formula that helps prevent the loss of calcium and phosphate (decalcification).

Decalcified teeth are sensitive; and if decalcification is not checked, your teeth decay. This fluoride rinse prevents that from happening.

Acids contained in our food or drinks draw out minerals such as calcium and phosphate from our tooth structure. As a result, thousands of microscopic holes form on the teeth, and you begin to develop white spots.

Phos-Flur Anticavity Fluoride Rinse is effective at preventing white spots from forming on your teeth.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Anti-cavity
  • Recommended by orthodontists
  • Ideal for anyone who wears braces
  • Prevents early decay

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Do you suffer from dental problems in spite of brushing and flossing? Then add mouthwash to your dental kit for healthier teeth and gums. Dentists recommend brushing teeth at least two times a day for 2 minutes.

Most of the mouth germs are removed by brushing teeth and gently scraping tongue. But there are certain corners of your mouth that cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush.

Even though you are using a toothbrush with flexible head and soft sleek bristles, there are certain parts of mouth which still remain unclean.

Food particles remain trapped and germs thrive in these hard to clean spots. These germs multiply within no time and start feeding on the food particles to release certain acids that cause offensive breath. This causes bad breath even after brushing. The germs also weaken teeth gradually leading to cavities.

How can fluoride mouthwash promote good dental health?

Mouthwashes are the best way to clean your mouth completely as they easily flow into all corners of the mouth to remove trapped food and clean away germs that your toothbrush cannot. Remember to use mouthwash after brushing your teeth for cleaner mouth and fresher breath.

The present market offers a wide range of mouthwashes. Selecting the right mouth rinse can often be a daunting task for many with so many brands available in the market. Reach for a mouthwash that contains fluoride, natural flavors and colors. Rinsing mouth with fluoride mouthwash provides the following benefits

  • Strengthens teeth
  • Repairs soft spots of your mouth
  • Restores essential minerals
  • Prevents tooth decay

Final Verdict

Don’t forget what I said. Fluoride mouthwash is not a replacement for your toothbrush or dental floss. Rather, it is a complement and helps make your teeth stronger, healthier. Plus, it gives you fresh breath.

And now, pick your favorite product from the reviews, look for it, purchase it, use it, make your teeth strong and healthy again!

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