Why Does Mouthwash Contain Alcohol?

Why does mouthwash contain alcohol?

In this article we will answer the question, Why Does Mouthwash Contain Alcohol? Whether you notice it or not, there is different types of alcohol all around us, some dangerous, others helpful (but still dangerous) and some that quite honestly, you wouldn’t expect.

So why is alcohol in all of these things?

I mean after all alcohol is poison, and in too large of an amount deadly to humans, so again why on earth would we use it in all of these things, especially mouthwash!

Well you see, its poison to us, and humans are very resilient in most cases but the thing about alcohol is that it kills those pesky little micro-organisms that are commonly called germs.

Just what is so bad abut germs that we endanger ourselves to kill them you might ask, well germs can be very dangerous, and in many cases cause infections, illnesses, diseases, and in the most extreme cases, death.

So what alcohol does is it kills, and washes away nearly all germs in a given area.

It is important to note we are not talking about alcohol that is in adult beverages, this alcohol is typically used for medical purposes. So, just exactly why does mouthwash contain alcohol if it can be dangerous, I mean I wouldn’t put something dangerous in my mouth!

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What is the best mouthwash on the market?

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How To Use A Mouthwash

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What is the best alcohol free mouthwash on the market?

As you might have guessed, there is huge demand for alcohol free mouthwash as more of us take notice of what we eat, drink and use in our everyday lives. The most popular alcohol free mouthwash at the moment is Closys Closys Alcohol-Free Mouthwash.
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Well, why don’t we take a look at this? Why Does Mouthwash Contain Alcohol?

What alcohol does in mouthwash – Mouthwash is commonly used after or along with brushing your teeth, and what its supposed to do is pick up anything you missed. It kills any germs that brushing alone may have left behind, this in turn stops germs from making a home in the hard to reach places in your mouth such as in between your teeth.

But I thought you said alcohol was dangerous?

Alcohol in mouthwash is only dangerous if it is consumed, and this is fairly easily prevented as a big reason alcohol is in mouthwash is so it doesn’t taste as pleasant and it provides a small burning sensation to remind you not to drink it.

If mouthwash is consumed you should contact a poison control unit immediately and always keep out of reach of smaller children.

Why use alcohol in mouthwash?

Well, aside from fluoride, alcohol is the biggest prevention method of gum disease like gingivitis. Alcohol and water are the bases for mouthwash, meaning they start with both of these and add anything else they may need to.

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This essentially prevents any germs from living in the mouthwash as water alone is where germs thrive.

But what exactly does it do?

Well, alcohol, as has been stated, kills germs and this stops infections and other undesirable situations, which can cause a lot of pain and possibly discomfort. The biggest reason to use alcohol in mouthwash is to get rid of anything that, say, just using water wouldn’t.

This in turn gets rid of any leftover particles that could be causing tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, or overall discomfort of the mouth. This in turn means that using mouthwash leaves your breath smelling great, your teeth looking clean, and your mouth feeling fresh!

Have we answered the question, Why Does Mouthwash Contain Alcohol? The pros and the cons, the truth and the myths? We hope so…..

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