Best Manual Toothbrush Review Of 2021: Buying Guide

best manual toothbrush

Here in this post, you will learn about the best manual toothbrush on the market. We reviewed a good number of toothbrushes and come up with a definitive guide to choose the right one.

​”The idea of a toothbrush is to remove plaque and to stimulate the gums. Most toothbrushes will keep the teeth clean if you know how to use them”, says John Ictech-Cassis, DMD, DDS, Clinical Associate professor at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

​What exactly does this message from the renown dental expert tell you?

The dental health expert is simply trying to explain to you that no matter which toothbrush you use to clean your teeth, whether you use a manual or electric toothbrush, it is possible for you to clean them properly and achieve your oral health goals.​

Manual toothbrushes present you with a couple of benefits over electric toothbrushes such as low costs, availability, they are easy to travel with and are perfect for your kids. If you know how to brush your teeth well, then a manual toothbrush is just enough to help you maintain a great oral health.​​

With all that in mind, let’s shift our focus to the top manual toothbrushes available for you…​

Best Manual Toothbrush: Colgate 360 Degree Adult Full Head Toothbrush

Colgate 360 Degree Adult Full Head Toothbrush



  • ​360 Degree
  • ProtectionScrubber at the back
  • Polishing Cups
  • Affordable
  • Readily available
  • Kills 96% more bacteria
  • Removes plaque and stains
  • Cleans the tongue and cheeks



  • The ultra-soft bristles feature is not a favorite for most folks
  • Some users have complained that brush header is much bigger

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Featured on top of our list as the perfect manual toothbrush for helping you achieve the healthiest oral hygiene is Colgate 360 Degree Adult Full Head Toothbrush.

As you may have noted from the product’s name, it’s manufactured by Colgate, a brand that has been enjoying a worldwide popularity for producing top-notch oral products. Colgate 360 Degrees Adult manual toothbrush does exactly what you would wish it to do for you, cleaning your mouth excellently.If you would like to get rid of 96% more of the harmful bacteria that resides in your mouth, this is the toothbrush for you. If you would like to say goodbye to all forms of plaque infections and stains caused by various foods and drinks you consume, Colgate 360 Degrees adult toothbrush is the answer to your problems.Unlike most of the manual toothbrushes you have used, this product goes an extra mile to offer you a way to clean your cheeks and tongues.

Given that most of the harmful bacteria is likely to hide on these areas where an ordinary toothbrush cannot reach and crush them, Colgate 360 degrees toothbrush will be the best choice for you if you really want to attain a sound dental health.If you thought manual toothbrushes are away old-fashioned for you to sue to clean your teeth, you need to try this toothbrush ASAP.Trust me, you’ll be in for a rude to discover how great the product is compared to all the brands you have ever sued to clean your teeth

Key features of Colgate 360 Degree Adult Full Head Toothbrush

Scrubber At The Back Of The Brush Head: When you carefully examine it, one of the fine things you’ll note about it isscrubber or a textured pad at the back of its head. If you thought that this feature adds to the beauty of the toothbrush, you are totally wrong!So what does the feature entail? A good questions there… the silicone-like material at the back of the toothbrush does the amazing task of cleaning your tongue and cheeks. The product presents you with the rare opportunity to enjoy a feature that is very rare on other toothbrushes.With the help of this feature, you can get rid of up to 96% more bacteria by cleaning the named areas.

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Ultra-Soft, Tightly Packed and Tapered Bristles: And when it comes to the bristles of our best manual toothbrush, they don’t disappoint. They have been designed to meet all your teeth and gum cleaning needs.First, the bristles come with some great level of softness. This helps them act gently on your teeth and gums, reducing the cases of damages to your teeth and gums when brushing. If you suffer from sensitive teeth or receding gums too, the softness of these bristles will give you a pleasant brushing experience without causing pain to you.The tightly packed and tapered bristles are also able to completely and permanently remove all forms of plaque present in your mouth.

A Comfortable Handle: The brush handle is made of silicone material. Due to this material, you’ll feel very comfortable when brushing your mouth. What’s more, the amazing handle makes it easy for you to sue the toothbrush, irrespective of your age or physical attributes.​

Polishing Cups: Whoa! This is a good one! After having used a verity of toothbrushes, you might have noted that all of them simply help move the paste around your teeth when brushing.The case is completely different for Colgate 360 Degree Adult Full Head Toothbrush, It comes with polishing cups which excellently applies the polish on your teeth in addition to moving it around the teeth.Isn’t this a great way to reach out to more and more bacteria and destroy them completely?​

How will you benefit from using Colgate 360 Degree Adult Full Head Toothbrush?

You’ll be able to experience a couple of benefits if you invest in this product today.

  • One such benefit would be promotion of healthier gums and teeth. As we have said earlier, the soft bristles act gently on your teeth and gums. This means that damages to your gums and teeth will be replaced by healthier gums and teeth!
  • The fact the bristles are very soft is also some good news to people who have sensitive teeth or the condition of receding gums. This is because they will be able to feel the soothing experience of the bristles as they move over their gums or sensitive teeth. You won’t experience any pain when using this product.
  • Apart from cleaning your teeth, the toothbrush offers you a bonus and a perfect cleaning of your gums, cheeks and the tongue. This means that any time you use the toothbrush, you’ll be cleaning the whole mouth and not only the teeth.
  • From what we have seen above, the toothbrush eliminates up to 96% more bacteria from your mouth. Being a victim of dental diseases caused by bacteria will therefore be a thing of the past to you once you start using the toothbrush.

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Dr. Collins Perio




  • Works with sensitive teeth, braces, receding gums
  • Very Cheap
  • Can access inter-dental areas
  • Ultra soft bristles
  • Gently massages gums without pain or bleeding
  • Removes plaque
  • Durable



  • Most people are not happy with the ultra-soft bristles

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Our second review on the best manual toothbrushes is based on Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush. The toothbrush comes in a pack of 3 and is available in different colors (you can choose the product that bears your favorite color).Far from the colors, there is something more unique about Dr. Collins Perio manual toothbrush. It is what makes it qualify to be in our list of the best regular toothbrushes on the market.And it is simply the technology that has been employed when creating this product. It is through this technology that the toothbrush is able to access all the tricky areas of your teeth in addition to enhancing its durability properties.Something more interesting about Dr. Collis Perio toothbrush is that it can easily move around the braces and carefully and thoroughly clean them. If you have braes on your teeth, therefore, and you are looking for the best toothbrush to clean them, look no further. Start using this product today and you’ll be satisfied with its great services.

Top features of Dr. Collins Perio Manual toothbrush include:Note that the designer of this toothbrush mostly concentrated on improving the bristles so that they can do a unique job compared to other bristles. Most of its great features are therefore based on how the bristles have been specially designed to help you clean your mouth.

Super Soft Bristles: One of the most notable features of this manual toothbrush is its super soft bristles. It is through this feature that the toothbrush is able to massage your gums gently, leaving them clean like never before.If you have some sensitive teeth, have undergone a recent gum therapy, or you have receding gums, you must have been experiencing some level of pain when brushing your mouth, right?If you would like to end your tooth pain right now, dump your ordinary toothbrush and start using Dr. Collins Perio. You’ll be fascinated by the gentle action the brush gives your teeth and gums when in use.

Super-slim, Unique Tapered Filaments: This is another unique technology applied when designing this product to help you get maximum cleaning benefits from it. Due to the slim design, the filaments are able to coil around and in between your teeth, accessing the tricky areas that ordinary brushes find hard to. You’ll agree with me that proper brushing of your teeth is accessing such areas and getting rid of all the debris present.Why don’t you grab a piece of this amazing product today and start brushing your teeth the right way?

Polyester Bristles: Another great thing about Dr. Collins Perio brush bristles is that they are made of polyester. This means that the durability of the product is unquestionable. It can offer you great services for a long time (of course you have to take good care of the product for it to last for a long time).

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Oral-B Indicator Contour Clean Soft Toothbrush




  • Indicator shows when you’ve to replace your toothbrush
  • Intelligently curved bristles for greater cleaning
  • Very cheap
  • Removes 30% more plaque
  • Comfortable to use



  • The bristles are not super soft, making it unsuitable for sensitive teeth and receding gums

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Straight from Oral-B, another brand with a high reputation for its effective oral care products, Oral-B Indicator Contour Clean Soft toothbrush comes in a pack of 4, a great number for its price! Coupled with powerful bristles, you can use the product to remove up to 30% more plaque from your teeth.It’s also important to note that the brush has a very comfortable head and can be used by everyone, inducing the old ones.Here are the Key Features of Oral-B Indicator Contour Clean Soft Toothbrush:

Presence of Blue Indicators: The indicators are located on the brush head and are highly notable due to their unique color. The main purpose of these indicators is to alert you when the toothbrush wears out (they do this by whitening halfway).Once you observe this, you should change your toothbrush in order to continue enjoying the cleaning benefits of the benefits.

End-Rounded Bristles: This enables the bristles to act gently on your teeth or gums when you are using the toothbrush. This way, you can easily prevent abrasion of the teeth enamelad damage to the gums.

Comfort Fit Bristles: The bristles of Oral-B Indicator Contour Clean Soft toothbrush are also comfort fit and curved in such a way that they can reach deep within your teeth. As such, they are able to remove all the debris and food particles that get stuck in between your teeth.

Slim, Comfortable Handle: The toothbrush’s handle is also a great feature of this toothbrush. The handle is designed in such a way that you can comfortably handle and control it when brushing your teeth. On top of this, it can easily fit in most toothbrush holders.

  • Clinically tested and proven relief from teeth sensitivity
  • Instant relief from teeth sensitivity right from the first application
  • Lasting relief on regular application
  • Its unique formulae restores natural whiteness and shine of teeth

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That’s our list of the top manual toothbrushes in the market right now. After buying one of these great products to cleanyou mouth, you might end up getting disappointed if you don’t know how to take good care of them.That’s why we have decided to give you some top tips on how to maintain your manual toothbrush below.

Tips on Taking Good Care of Your Best Manual Toothbrush

  1. Always clean your toothbrush after use to prevent mold and bacteria from forming
  2. Always keep your toothbrush dry in between uses. This is because a wet toothbrush maycats as an ideal environment frombreeding of bacteria, germs and fungus which can in turn cause mouth infections.The best way to keep you toothbrush dry is by shaking it vigorously after use and then storing it in an upright position to allow it to air out.
  3. Your brush head should not contact other brush’s head. This will prevent possible transfer of viruses and cold flu.
  4. Make it a point to replace your manual toothbrush after every 3 months. An oldmanual toothbrush wears out and cannot effectively remove plaque from your mouth.
  5. If you have recovered from a cold flu, sore throat or any other mouth infection, it’s advisable to replace your toothbrush to avoid reinfection.

Final Words

After reading the above reviews on the best manual toothbrush, which of the 3 products have you found to be most suitable for you?You must have discovered an amazing product to take care of your dental hygiene, no doubt. Make it a point to invest in one of these great products thatcomes with great prices today and you’ll have an easy time maintaining the heath of your teeth and gums.

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