How To Brush Your Teeth Without A Toothbrush

brush without a toothbrush

Brushing your teeth shouldn’t always involve the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste. But how do you brush your teeth without a toothbrush?

If you though that there are no other possible ways of brushing your teeth, you’d be totally shocked after reading this article. It explains several other simpler methods that you can use in place of toothbrush ad toothpaste method to brush your teeth.

What’s more, the methods effectively brush your teeth, promoting your dental hygiene.

Eager to discover various ways of brushing your teeth without using a toothbrush?

Well, here we go:

Use your fingers

One top of our list, we have use of your own fingers as the first alternative to the toothbrush.

Feeling astonished?

Well, all you need to do is to try this method and see the good work it does in your mouth.

To use this method, start by cleaning your hands thoroughly to avoid intruding germs to your mouth. Next, use your forefinger, which is still wet, to rub one side of your teeth and gums. Rinse the finger and repeat the same cleaning process on the other side of your teeth.

It’s that easy!

Use of twigs

Did you know that long before the invention of toothbrush our forefathers used to brush their teeth using twigs from various trees such as oak, neem tree, and arak?

Well, now you know.

Surprisingly, today there are people who still use this method to brush their teeth- remember the popular Miswak?

What makes twigs from such trees an effective method of brushing your teeth is that they contain natural fluoride as well as microbial agents which helps promote good oral hygiene.

Simply pick a young, flexible twig (about 6-8 inches long) from any of the mentioned trees and peel its skin. Chew one of its ends until the fibers separate and there you are!

You have made a natural toothbrush. Use it to clean your teeth and gums and you’ll b amazed with the results.

Use a mouthwash

Another cool way to brush your mouth without necessarily using a toothbrush involves applying mouthwash.

What makes mouthwash a suitable product for brushing your teeth?

A good question there… Simply said, most brands today stock their products with fluoride and some teeth whitening agents. Isn’t this all you always look for in toothpaste?

Thoroughly rinse your mouth using the mouthwash to attain the cleanest teeth and gums. Above all, you’ll be able to obtain a fresh breath, thanks to the varied flavors that comes with different mouthwashes. This is on of the simpler ways to brush your teeth without a toothbrush!

Use a paper towel

Yes, you heard me well; a paper towel can help you effectively clean your teeth in absence of a toothbrush. Wrap a towel around your fingers. Wet the end of the paper and then use it to rub around your gums and teeth.

Remember to move the paper around your teeth/gums in circular motions for the best results. Work on top, front and back sides of your teeth so as to remove as much plaque and other particles as possible.

You can, brush your teeth without a toothbrush

These are some of the top ways of brushing your teeth and gums without using a toothbrush. There are many more methods that you can use to brush your teeth effectively and therefore maintain a good state of your dental hygiene.

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