Dental Wax For Braces: Definitive Guide To Choose The Right One

dental wax for braces

When you first had braces fitted on your teeth, your orthodontist was kind to enough to present you with a supply of dental wax for braces so that you could use them to prevent the braces from hurting your teeth.

Fast forward, after applying the wax on your braces on a regular basis as the orthodontist recommended, you start finding out that your stock is running out. This must be the hardest part for you.

Where will you get more wax to replenish your brand?

How will you select the best wax?

You are now wondering this almost every hour…

If the above description perfectly fits you, you are not alone in this. We noted that our inbox was filled with many questions on how and where one can get the best waxes to apply on the braces.

We acted swiftly carried out a quick but detailed market research and we have the results. That’s why we have come up with this article to educate you on the best wax you can sue on your braces today.

Additionally, we have included some useful tips on how to apply wax on your braces.

Why do you need a good dental wax for braces?

Before we unravel our findings, allow us to explain to you why you need some good wax for your braces.

As you know, failing to apply some wax on your braces might lead to mouth irritations. This might even extend the mystery to some point where you adopt some canker sores. A good wax will take off your mouth and prevent the formation of such sores. This will save you some pain.

A good wax is unlike other waxes. It is impervious/ waterproof, which means that it can last on your braces for a long time.

And of course:

Some good dental wax is made from edible products. It is therefore, safe for use in your mouth and swallowing it by mistake is no big deal.

Best Dental Wax for Braces: Our Bestseller Orthodontic Wax For Braces Wearer

Before we even introduce this wax, its title tells you everything. It clearly explains that it’s the bestseller and will work far much better than any other wax you know. The prowess of this product is no surprise to us.


Its manufacturers, the Orthomehcnaics LC, have been on the frontline in producing the best orthodontic products.

The medical grade wax has what it takes to stand among its competitors. It excellently adheres to your braces, preventing them from causing all sorts of mouth irritations.

It will simply make you feel comfortable at all times.

Wait! We discovered something else great about this wax- it blends well with your teeth. What does this tell you? Nobody will ever note you are wearing the wax whenever you smile.


  • It comes with some portable container. This allows you to conveniently carry the product and use it when you are away from home. You can use it while in your office, while on a trip- everywhere!
  • The wax has powerful sticking capabilities. Unlike other waxes, it won’t come off the braces easily, giving you maximum protection at all times. However, ensure that your braces and teeth are very dry for the wax to stick adhere perfectly.
  • It is waterproof. It prevents saliva and other enzymes present in your mouth from passing through. This ensures that the wax remains sticky and will stay on your braces for long.
  • A single product comes with NINE pieces! I can see you’re already grinning after reading this… Apparently this is the truth. You’ll be presented with a pack of 9. This is a sufficient stock to sustain you for weeks.

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Second Best Dental Wax for Braces: AZDENT Dental Orthodontics Wax for Braces Wearer

Next in our line of best dental waxes for your braces, we have AZDENT Detal Orhthodontics Wax for Braces Wearer. There are some good reasons why the product scooped the second position in our list.

First of all, it is made of medical grade paraffin-based wax. This means that the wax is completely safe for you to put into your mouth, without fear of ay side effects. It’s sticking capabilities are above average as well. You put the wax on your braces and it will take some time before it starts falling off.

It also contains something we didn’t find in our best product above.

What could that be?

Are you wondering already?

Well, it has some blue-mint scent. This flavor isn’t strong and serves to give you a pleasant feeling when using the wax.

See Specifications, Customer Reviews And Ratings On Amazon


  • Blue-mint flavor
  • Helps soothe your gums and prevent them from irritations caused by the braces
  • Each pack comes with 10 kits. This is just enough supply to see you through several weeks

Note: Always store this wax in cool dark place to maintain its effectiveness. Also, if you remove the seal, ensure you refrigerate it.

The wax sells at a very affordable price and will truly help you avoid getting canker sores. Canker sores are very painful and take almost 2 weeks to heal completely.

Third Best Dental Wax for Braces: Dental Orthodontic Wax – For Braces Irritation

If you are experiencing some great levels of irritation in your mouth owing to the braces you installed recently, Dental Orthodontic wax will take care of you. It will instantly stop the irrigations as soon as you start using it.

It will perfectly adhere to your braces and therefore create a barrier that stops them from reaching out to your gums and causing harm to them.

Manufactured in USA, the product has been approved by FDA- meaning that it’s safe for you to apply on your braces.

Unlike our second product, this wax does not come with any flavors. This however does not affect its functionality in any way. It still works tirelessly to build a wall between your gums and braces.


  • Made of medical grade paraffin based wax
  • It is FDA approved
  • Comes with a pack of 10- a good number to sustain you for a long time

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Cheap Dental Wax for Braces: Dentek Wax for Braces Fresh Mint Twin Pack

Are you on a budget?

Do you have braces installed on your teeth?

Great! This is your part…

We considered your braces as well as your budget needs and searched for some good cheap dental wax for you.

And yes! We found it!

Dentek wax for braces is a very affordable wax that ill easily serve a similar purpose to all the products we have discussed above.The product delivers it promises. It takes away the discomfort caused by braces. It also soothes your gums, relieving you the pain that has been imposed by the orthodontic works in your mouth.

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Did we promise you something at the beginning? Yes we did. We told you that we have added some useful tips in this post for you.

Get ready as we deliver our promise to you.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Dental Wax for Braces

Whether you’ve used dental waxes on your braces before or not, it’s important to go through the following steps and get some professional information on how you ought to do it.

I’m assuming you already have the wax with you. Let’s begin:

1. Wash your Hands Thoroughly

You don’t want to introduce any bacteria into your mouth as this may affect you oral hygiene. This is especially true if you have a cut o sore on your hands.

Use water and soap to clean your hand and dry them afterwards.

2. Mould your Wax into a Ball Shape

With your hands dry, take some little amount of wax (the size of a popcorn kernel) and roll it with the help of your fingers such that it takes the shape of a small ball.

Note that the warmth of your fingers will help soften the wax, making it easy to mould.

3. Locate the Paining Parts of Your Mouth

Which areas in your mouth have been hurt by the braces?

This is exactly what you need to find out next.

Bear in mind that the commonly affected parts include your inner lips, cheeks, and the gums. You can easily locate these areas by looking for the red or swollen parts on your cheeks.

Alternatively, you can probe them using your tongue to identify the tender areas.

4. Carefully Dry your Braces

Now that you have identified the irritating areas of your braces, go ahead and dry them. Ensure they are totally dry to help the wax you’re intending to apply to stick for a long time.

You can use some paper towel to dry your braces effectively.

5. Brush your Teeth

Though this step is not mandatory, it is important as it helps kick out bacteria and food particles that might have been trapped in your braces.

Imagine laying the wax on top of bacteria and food particles?

This is a poor oral hygiene practice and should be avoided by all means.

See also:

6. Apply the Wax on the Painful Areas

You have the small ball of wax you molded in place. You also have identified the hurt areas of your mouth. This step simply involves applying the wax on these areas. With the help of your forefinger and thumb, gently press the ball of wax on the brace causing the irritation.

If the braces happen to be situated at the back of your mouth, press as far as you can and withdraw the thumb. Use your forefinger and tongue to place the wax into place.

7. Rub the Applied Wax into Place

Now that you have already applied the wax o your braces, you need to put it into place. Do this by rubbing your forefinger over the wax severally. This makes the wax stick into place. Expect the wax to form some small bumps which does not compromise the comfort in your mouth.

8. Give the Wax time to Work

You are almost done! You have applied dental wax on your braces and now you ought to give it time to work. The wax works by simply forming a barrier between your braces and the mouth. This ensures that no further irritation of you inner lips, gums and cheeks takes place.

The wax also soothes the affect areas of your mouth, allowing them to heal at a faster rate.

9. Remember to reapply the Wax on a regular basis

It is important to replace your wax regularly. Two times a day is highly preferable. Also, when the wax falls off, ensure you replace it.

Why is this important?

As you eat while the wax is on your braces, it will pick up some food particles. It will also allow build up of bacteria. In the end, all this will badly affect your dental hygiene.

Brushing is a daily practice for continues string and clean teeth and gums, even when you have braces on. Unfortunately, you cannot brush your teeth/braces while you have the wax on. It will simply tick to the bristles of the brush. Removing wax from the braces when brushing is therefore highly recommended.

What are Some Existing Alternatives to Dental Wax for Braces?

Before we call an end to our post, let’s discuss some other materials that can be used in absence of dental ax and still take care of your mouth.

The alternatives are:

Dental Silicone

This is the most common alternative for dental wax. The product comes in strips that you can easily fix on your braces, barring them from hurting your mouth. The fact that dental silicone is highly impervious when compared to most dental waxes makes it the best alternative. It doesn’t allow saliva to pass through, saving you from the task of regularly replacing it.

Note that you need to dry your braces completely before applying it for the best results.

Before you embark on using dental silicone, test it for a few days to see of it works for you. The outcome will allow you to decide whether you can continue using the product or not.The product can be obtained from your local drug store. Alternatively, you can ask your orthodontist for a tester pack.

Babybel Cheese Red Wax Rind

True, you can alternatively use the red wax rind on the Edam cheese to stop braces from irritating your mouth. Simply take a small piece and using your clean hands, warm it for a few seconds.

Once it softens, place it over the area (where pain is) in your mouth and wait for the results.

Beeswax or Candle Wax

Beeswax or candle wax makes another great alternative to dental wax. The wax is very soft and easy to use. It sticks to your braces without much effort. What’s more, it’s non-toxic and edible, making it very safe for you overall body health.

Just follow our professional guide to apply the wax on your braces.

WARNING: NEVER apply chewing gum on your braces. The gum will end up sticking permanently on your braces. This will create a good environment for harmful oral bacteria to live in, putting your oral health at risk. You might also swallow the gum by mistake.

Final Verdict

Now you know the best wax apply on your braces to prevent them from irritating your mouth. Buy any of the above products today and escape the canker sores that might give you sleepless nights.

Happy waxing.