When Is Your Kid Ready For An Electric Toothbrush?

Kid ready for an electric toothbrush?

Is your kid ready for an electric toothbrush? Taking great care of your kids’ oral health from their small age is equally important. It will be a good practice cleaning their developing teeth and gums they’ll surely thank you later for being a caring mom.

However, many parents usually find themselves at the crossroads when trying to settle on the right time to introduce their kids to the electric toothbrush. The debate has been ongoing and unluckily, most parents haven’t yet gotten the best piece of advice.

So, when should you start using an electric toothbrush on your kids?

This is the main topic that we are going to address in this article.

First, it’s important to understand that most kids love electric toothbrushes: they find it fun to use the vibrating oral product on their mouth. The fun becomes real when the designer decides to cover electric toothbrushes for children with various cartoon characters. Here’s our list of best electric toothbrush for kids that they would love.

What’s your child’s favorite cartoon character?

As a great parent, you know well the answer to this question. Buy an electric toothbrush that holds this character and you’ll never remind the kid to brush their teeth.

Lets now focus on our million dollar question: when is the right time to start using an electric toothbrush on your kids?

What Health Experts Say…

Well, all health experts recommend you to start brushing your kid’s teeth when he/she is 3. Other than choosing this as the suitable age to start brushing their teeth, they also leave the option of choosing the toothbrush to use to you.

This means that it’s okay to allow your kids to use either an electric or manual toothbrush at age 3!

What Other Parents Say…

After interacting with many moms and asking them how and when they start brushing their kids’ teeth, the answers were varied.

Most of the parents made it clear that they start taking care of their kids oral heath (brushing teeth included) at a very tender age; as soon as their teeth starts growing.

How they do it?

Right, they stated that they use both manual and electric toothbrushes specially designed for kids to brush their kid’s teeth.

All these parents agreed that ever since they started using the electric toothbrush, their kids have never showed any resistance to them and their dental hygiene is great!

A few parents, however, declared that they use manual toothbrushes to brush their kids’ teeth.

Something common between these two groups of parents is that they start the practice when their children are still young.

Who’s Right: Parents or the Health Experts?

The parents seem to drive to a similar point: there is no specific time to start using an electric toothbrush on your kid.

Going with the experts’ advice of waiting until your kid is age 3 is equally helpful. The experts assume that at this age, the kids teeth have developed and they know how to brush their teeth.

The only secret, therefore, lies in your kids knowing how to properly use the toothbrush on your teeth (perhaps you should start training you kid to brush their teeth using an electric toothbrush today 😉

Bringing it all together

As long as your kid has developed some teeth which needs to be cleaned daily basis and knows how to brush their teeth well, there is no age limit for them to start using electric toothbrush.

If your kid hasn’t started using this modern toothbrush, it’s a high time you give them a chance to do so. If you can make it fun, interesting and even something that you can do together each day, you never know, they might even enjoy it!