Mouthguard For Braces: Everything You Need To Know About

mouthguard for braces

If you involve yourself with any kind of sports, e.g. wrestling, athletics, martial arts, and so on, then you clearly understand that your teeth are exposed to great risk when you’re playing the sports.

Occurrences such as concussions and collisions, might lead to fatal damage to your teeth and even cause injuries to your lips, tongue jaws, gums and other parts of your mouth. The scene becomes, even, more horrible if you have braces fixed on your teeth.

Damage to your braces translates to replacing them with new ones since the damaged ones are no longer effective in performing their indeed task.

Now, the replacement will cost you lots of money- from buying a new set to paying the dentist to have them fixed on your teeth. This is too much money for you given the economic state we are in today.

Could there be a possible way to protect your braces when you are involving yourself in your favorite sports?

Could there be a product that has been made specifically to help protect your braces when you are wrestling?

This question might have run across your mind severally.

Apparently the answer to such questions is a big YES! There is a product, mouthguard for braces to be specific, that has been made specifically to help people with braces protect the braces and hence their teeth from potential damages during the sports.

The ONLY next thing you would like to read in this post is the name of these products and more information about them, right? This is exactly what we’ll be looking at in the rest of this article.

But first things first:

What Exactly is a Mouthguard for Braces?

Simply put, a mouthguard for braces is a flexible, customized device that you wear over your braces prior to any athletic or recreational activities. The device acts as a protective gear of your braces, keeping them safe from potential damages. The fact that this device is customary fitted means it can easily rest on your braces without interfering with how the orthodontist aligned them.

The fact that this device is customary fitted means it can easily rest on your braces without interfering with how the orthodontist aligned them.

Why Do You Need a Mouthguard If You Wear Braces?

Before getting to know about the best products to protect your braces, let’s shed some light on the above question to help you understand the importance of mouthguards.

  • First of all, mouthguards for braces plays the basic role of reducing the risk of damage to your braces. As far as braces are an expensive investment, which cost you a several thousand dollars, it’s the last thing you’ll like to be damaged when playing your favorite sports. Putting on this mouth protector is therefore the best way to protect them from damage and thus save money.
  • Another big reason you need to wear a mouthguard for braces today is the additional protection it offers you. Apart from protecting your braces, the device also safeguards your jaws from damages. To do this, the device acts as a shock absorber that insulates the jaw fro excess pressure you might apply on your jaws whenever you clench your teeth or when the game’s intensity becomes too high.The mouthguard also protects your soft tissues from potential cuts during the games.
  • Another reason that makes mouthguards an ideal protective gear for your valuable braces is that it does not interfere with their working. A mouthguard made specifically for people wearing braces allows room for movement and growth of your teeth. This will ensure that your teeth align themselves as desired.
  • Did you know that a mouthguard is one of the requirements for players of a wide range of sports such as ice hockey, field hockey, outdoor basketball, football, boxing, surfing, skydiving, etc? This clearly shows that if you are planning to join any of these sports and you wear braces, you need to equip yourself with a mouthguard fro braces as well.
  • Mouthguards for braces are tasteless, odorless, and resilient. This means that apart from giving the protection you need on your braces, the devices give you the comfort you need inside your mouth. The fact that the devices are also easy to clean adds comfort to your mouth.

How Do You Select the Perfect Mouthguard for Braces?

This is another great question we need to discuss right here to help you obtain the perfect mouthguard for protecting your braces against damages.

Below are some simple tips to keep in mind when buying a mouthguard for braces:

1. Bulkiness

One of the things you should be on the lookout for when purchasing a mouthguard for braces is it bulkiness. If a mouthguard is too bulky, that’s a red flag! Avoid the product by all means. But why? If the product proves to be too bulky, it might take up all the space in your mouth, making it hard for you to breathe, communicate, and even eat. Overall, wearing a bulkier device is less comfortable than those with limited amount of material.

2. Allows Room for Movement

If you are wearing braces right now and you need mouthguard to protect them, then you need select one that comes with an extra room for braces. This is simply because the main role of the braces is to improve the appearance of your dentals by aligning them properly. A mouth protector that allows space for movement and growth of your teeth when won over the braces should therefore be the best choice for you.

3. Do you Need the Upper or Lower Guard or Both?

This is another good question you need to ask yourself when shopping for mouthguards for braces. Being able to get the right answer to this question will take you to the perfect mouthguard you need. Consulting your sports trainer or coach might help you as he will be able to tell you if it’s necessary to wear both guards on you just need one.

4. What type of Mouthguard do you need?

There are 3 types of mouthguards namely stock, boil-and-bite, and the custom-fitted mouthguards. It is very important to understand the right type of guards that you should buy to enhance maximum protection of your braces whilst giving you comfort.

5. Consult your Dentist

Making the decision on the perfect mouthguard for braces to buy might sometimes become tricky and make you feel hopeless of ever safeguarding your braces. But there is an easy way out and that’s consulting your dentist! A professional dentist will be able to give you the best advice on the right type of guards to buy, and even recommend to you the specific product you should buy to protect your braces.

And now to the BEST mouthguards for braces in the market right now…

Best Mouthguard For Braces: Shock Doctor 4900 Adult Ultra Braces




  • Easy to use
  • It fully protects your expensive braces
  • Designed by Shock Doctor, a reputable brand
  • It fits perfectly on your braces, giving you the comfort you need in your mouth
  • It is cheap and affordable



  • Some people claim that the guard is somehow bulky.However, given that its “bulkiness” is attributed to the 3 layers which ensures protection of your braces, the guard is worth trying.

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Our number one mouthguard for braces is the Shock Doctor’s 4700 Ultra Braces. From the product’s word, it is clear that that it is specifically designed with your braces in mind.

In other words, it offers super protection to your expensive investments (i.e. the braces), making you enjoy your favorite sports without worrying about possible damage to them.

Designed by a leading brand that has manufactured several other protective products for sports enthusiasts, the product enjoys popularity among college and professional athletes.

One interesting thing about this mouthguard for braces is that it meets all the NFHS wrestling rules such as fully covering your upper brace brackets when wrestling.

If you are planning to join wrestling and have braces on your teeth therefore, the sky is the only limit! However, this does not mean that this mouth protector cannot be used on other sports.

In fact, it is the number one mouth guard used by sports enthusiasts across all sports, irrespective of their gender and age!

Let’s look at the key features of Shock Doctor 4700 Adult Ultra Braces and how they ensure maximum protection of your braces.

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Key Features of Shock Doctor 4900 Adult Ultra Braces

1. Insta-Fit Plus Feature

Shock Doctor must have taken a thorough study of your braces before coming up with this mouthguard. That’s why they decided to include the Insta-Fit Plus feature. The feature is a special Roth channel that perfectly fits around your braces and it is designed in such a way that it is able to adapt to any growth and movement of your teeth. Also, it easily adapts to adjustments made to your braces.

This feature serves to prove what we have said earlier- a perfect mouthguard for braces should allow room for growth and movement of teeth (still remembering that?)

2. Convertible Tether

Our next feature is the convertible tether capability. How does this feature help with my braces? Are you wondering this? Right, the quick release, convertible tether allows you to use the mouthguard strapped or strapless. In which condition would you be more comfortable using the guard? The strapped or strapless form? It is up to you to decide.

But keep in mind that using the guard with a strap is far much better as you cannot lose it easily.

3. It Is Made of 3 Layers

Next on our list of the key features of our number mouthguard for braces is that it is composed of three layers. These layers are- the outer flexible shell, internal core that offers stability and the low round Gel-Fit that increases retention (it makes the mouthguard fit on your braces like a charm!)

Collectively, the three layers enhance the durability of the mouth protector. This means if you maintain the guard well, you will be able to enjoy its services for a long time. The outer flexible layers make it possible for the guard to adapt to changes in your teeth as well as adjustments to your braces.

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Shock Doctor Low Profile Convertible Lip Guard



  • It is very easy to use-allows you to breath easil
  • It is cheap
  • Offers additional protection to your lips and teeth



  • It does not come with its own case for protection purposes

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Also from Shock Doctor, the reputable brand we have just talked about in our earlier product, Low Profile Convertible Lip Guard is yet another mouth protector that shows some level of uniqueness when it comes to protecting your braces from damages.

The mouthguard is very cheap, completely safe and easy to use. It doesn’t matter which position you play in your sports, your gender or age- everyone can comfortably utilize this product and enjoy its great protection properties.

When it comes to giving you comfort, low profile convertible lip guard is more than a common mouthguard. This is because the product is designed in such a way that it makes your breathing process very easy.

Additionally, you can carry out other mouth activities such as communicating, without much struggle.

What are the key features of this product and how do they help protect your braces?

Here are the key features of Shock Doctor Low Profile Convertible Lip Guard, Black, Adult:

1. Special Ortho Channels

One of the amazing features of our mouthguard which also defines how effective it protects your braces is the special ortho channels it comes with. The special ortho channels are significant in that they allow room for movement and growth of teeth as a result of the braces you are wearing. Apart from this, the channels also enable the product to easily adapt to any adjustments you make to the braces. Simply put, the product does not interfere with the working of your braces n your teeth.

2. Get-Fit Arch

Perhaps you are imagining how this product will rest comfortably on your braces. You think it might bring in complications once you wear the product, right? But you are totally wrong! The Low Profile Lip Guard comes with a get-fit arch feature which perfectly fits around your braces without affecting the pattern in which the orthodontist aligned them. The feature gives a bite impression as well as alignment

3. Convertible Tether

Similar to our best product for braces, this one too comes with a convertible tether. With the help of this feature, you can opt to use the mouthguard as strapped or in strapless form, whichever way feels good for you.

4. Air Flow Channels

Assuming that you are wearing braces, whenever you clench your teeth together, it might become too hard for you to breath. Luckily, Shock Doctor has come to your rescue by including the air flow channels in this product which enables you to breathe even when you have clenched your teeth.

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Final Verdict

Now that you have discovered the best mouthguards for protecting your braces when engaging yourself in any sports or recreational activities, you shouldn’t just sit down and relax. Instead, take action. Head to your oral products shop and secure any of the above cheap, safe and easy to use products and start safeguarding your braces from potential damages.

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