Simple Toothache Treatments That Actually Work

Simple Toothache Treatment

Few things in life can be as agonizing like toothaches. In order to understand just how agonizing toothaches can be (if you have never experienced one), you would just need to visit a dentist’s clinic any working time.

There you are likely to find a group of people, really sullen – who are ready to have virtually anything done on them, just to ease the toothaches.

There are folks who in ordinary circumstances would never think of submitting themselves for tooth extraction, for instance, but who- under the motivation of getting rid of a toothache – find themselves actually being eager to get the procedure done!

And you know that you have an amazing attention span if you can concentrate on anything with a toothache in the ‘background.’ Most of us can’t. Cases have been reported of otherwise strong macho men – who are known never to wince at anything – actually writhing and rolling on the ground with agony under the control of toothaches.

What Is Toothache Telling You?

Normally, a toothache is usually the body’s way of telling you that you have an underlying dental problem that you better take off, before it gets out of hand. If somebody is pregnant she could have a pregnancy toothache, which can be very very painful.

One other factor that is known about toothaches is that they have a tendency to strike, with a vengeance, when there is little you can do about it: like in the middle of the night when you surely can’t get the dentist at the clinic.

In a situation like this, you know that you have to put up with the pain till you get to the dentist in the morning. And even when you finally get there, you know that you may have to put up with the pain for up to an hour, till your turn to see the specialist comes.

After all, you are likely to find people in worse agony there: so that in the clinical context, your agony doesn’t seem any more like an emergency.

All this points to the need to know about simple toothache treatments that you can use at home, as you wait to finally see the dentist (because you really need to, even if the pain subsides).

Two Common Toothache Treatments

One of these teeth treatments is clove oil, applied to the afflicted tooth and around. It works even better when mixed with pepper and salt – and applied to the afflicted area directly. Another commonly used teeth treatment is garlic, and this is as simple as chewing it, while also placing a bit of it on the afflicted tooth. It may seem too simple, but the truth of the matter is that it works – sometimes so well that the toothache goes away completely.

Closely related to garlic is onion, as one of the most potent – yet commonly underrated toothache treatments for use at home. Again, the idea is to chew it, and placing a bit of it on the afflicted area. It not only numbs the pain,  actually kills the pathogens causing it!

If you can find it, by any luck, the Indian spice known as Asafetida can also be a good toothache treatment, as can be lime juice.

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