How To Make Sure Your Sonicare Toothbrush Lasts Long

taking care of sonicare toothbrush

No matter how many times you brush in a day, it is indispensable to keep your Sonicare in pristine shape free from saliva and leftover toothpaste. There is absolutely no sense in using a dirty brush to try to clean your gums and teeth.

Research has found that even after being visibly rinsed clean, Sonicare can remain contaminated with pathogenic organisms. This, in turn, can affect the longevity of the brush.

It can become filthy, ugly, and less effective, requiring you to switch to a new one. Fortunately, by proper storage, cleaning and healthy habits, you can certainly make sure your best Sonicare toothbrush lasts longer.

So here are a few tips that you must follow:

How Do You Make Sure Your Sonicare Toothbrush Lasts Long?

Battery Charging

It is very important that you must charge your Sonicare only when it indicates “low battery”. This will help to increase the battery life of the brush, as well as make your Sonicare last longer. Also, do not leave it on charging overnight.

If the batteries are dead, it is an indication to replace them. You must do that immediately.

You must do that immediately.

Cleaning The Sonicare Holder Once A Week

Bacteria and germs that accumulate on the holder of the brush can be transmitted straight to the brush, and ultimately to your mouth. This can also bring down the life of the brush as it will become unhygienic and less effective.

So to keep the holder clean, you need to wash it with water and soap regularly. However, do not run the holder in dishwasher. In addition to this, cleaning your Sonicare brush is equally imperative. It will not only keep germs off but also increase the life of the brush.

Do Not Let Multiple Sonicare Brushes To Come In Contact With Each Other

If you are storing several Sonicare toothbrushes in one container, there are chances they come in contact with one another. You need to ensure this does not happen, otherwise, it will allow for the transfer of germs, bodily fluid and bacteria from one Sonicare brush to another. This in turn will reduce the life of the brush.

Storing The Sonicare Properly

Make sure you do not store your Sonicare in a closed container. The greater amount of moisture in a closed container leads to the growth of bacteria. In addition to this, while travelling you must keep your Sonicare in a container so that it does not pick up germs or dust.

Also, make sure it is completely dry when you put it in the case.

Using a UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Yes, using the best UV toothbrush sanitizer can help your Sonicare toothbrush to last long.


When you sanitize your toothbrush regularly germs can not build up on your toothbrush. This way your toothbrush remains good for a longer period of time.


On an average, a Sonicare brush lasts for approximately 2 to 3 years if kept in a good condition. Pick one day every week to inspect it. So follow this guide if you want your Sonicare to last longer. Sonicare is certainly changing the way people are brushing their teeth.

It is a great investment in your future smile, and a valuable tool to ensure good dental healthcare. So it is your duty to keep it in a good condition so that it lasts longer.

And this effort is certainly worth it!