Bad Breath From Nose: Causes and Cure

Who would have guessed you could get bad breath from nose region? Bad breath can be annoying and is often left unnoticed by the person having it. Even though, a bad breath is common in the morning, a smelly nose may bother you with embarrassing comments if it persists throughout the day.

Usually, we think of oral hygiene when it comes to combatting bad breath, but it would not completely banish the smell if it is coming from your nose. Read on to understand what causes bad breath from nose and how to deal with it.

Can Bad breath come from the nose?

Bad breath (termed as halitosis) is common and can affect almost anyone. Most often, the bad odor comes from the oral cavity. There could be many causes for halitosis including poor oral hygiene and certain ailments that coat the tongue making it a perfect place for bacteria to breed.

But in some cases the smell may come from your nose.Since the nasal cavity and mouth is connected with each other, the origin of bad breath may seem difficult to figure out. The bacteria present in the mouth may get in the nasal cavity, thereby causing a smelly nose.

If left untreated, the bad breath may linger on for years. Finding out the right cause may help you to configure the underlying condition and treat it likewise to get rid of it.

If you are having bad breath while pregnant then we’ve a separate post for you.

What causes bad breath coming from the nose?

A bad breath from nose may have many causes, the most prevalent being a post nasal drip. During a post nasal drip, the excess mucus tends to trickle from the back of the nose. The mucus may cause a coating in the back of the tongue, which provides a perfect bed for bacteria to thrive. Since these bacteria emit a foul odor, it passes with breath through the nasal cavity. That being said, people suffering from sinusitis and post nasal drip often show such bad breath coming from the nose.

Another reason for a smelly nose is an underlying medical condition that induces bad odor. Diabetes and liver diseases are most common causes of bad breath. Allergies that causes stuffy nose may also lead to foul odor from the nasal cavity, which goes off naturally when the problem is addressed.A polyp in the nasal cavity or any blockage is also related with bad breath. Minute objects stuck in the nostrils may produce a bad odor in small children.

Apart from this, a high temperature may also cause built up of bacteria leading to bad breath.

How to cure bad breath from the nose?

The treatment for bad breath coming from the nose involves finding out its exact cause as the first line of action. If you have a post nasal drip, a top quality nasal spray may help you to clear the passage and prevent bacterial growth. If you have liver problem and diabetes, it is important to get proper treatment for the underlying medical condition.

Talk with your physician if you have any blockage on the nasal cavity. Besides, maintaining a good oral hygiene by cleaning the back of your tongue twice daily may reduce the odor to some extent. Use a mouthwash to check the built up of plaque in your oral cavity.In addition to the above treatment of bad breath from nose, a decongestant may also help in reducing the production of mucus in the nasal cavity, thereby reducing the built up of bacteria.

If bad breath is persistent for a longer time, you must get professional help from an otolaryngologist to know the actual cause and treatment options available.

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