Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Review

Nothing can be more humiliating, than having your dentures fall off unexpectedly. This is especially, where your friends or colleagues, are not aware of your condition. But, not to worry, you can prevent this from happening, by applying an adhesive. Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive does not disappoint. The soft paste is made to hold your dentures for about four days from the day of application.

The adhesive is strong enough to resist the effects of regular brushing, soaking and cleaning. No matter how many times, you clean the dentures; the adhesive does not get affected. Besides, it is suited for both the plastic as well as the ceramic dentures. The adhesive does not contain harsh chemicals, which might affect the longevity and the lustrous look of the dentures.

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive Features:

  • Firm hold on dentures
  • Suited for plastic and porcelain dentures
  • Single application lasts 4 days
  • Does not wash off in water
  • Cushion grip
  • Leaves no gaps

Pros of This Product

  • It is highly economical – The adhesive paste is made to last for around four days, without losing its efficacy. This means that you cause the tub of the adhesive for a very long time, before you need another. If you remove the dentures, as mentioned earlier, you can apply them back, without applying a new coat of the adhesive.
  • The adhesive hardens after applying. This enables you to remove the dentures with ease after eating. You can then clean the plates and place them into hot water to melt the adhesive, after which you can fix the dentures back.
  • The adhesive confers a firm grip on the dentures. Your set of porcelain plates may prove difficult to any other solutions that you have tried. However, do not give up before you try the Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive. It is a highly efficient adhesive, with capabilities, which you will not find in any other product. With this product, expect no slippage or shifting of the dentures. They will remain in place, for at least four days from the day of application.
  • It does not wash off. The good thing with this adhesive paste is that it does not give in to regular brushing, soaking or cleaning. The adhesive does not wash off in water. Instead, it stays intact until the four days are complete. Do not hesitate to remove the dentures regularly. As long as four days have not elapsed after application, you can insert the dentures without applying more of adhesive paste.
  • The adhesive is safe to use for people with sensitive gums. Do not fear to use this Cushion Grip adhesive, due to your hypersensitivity. The product has been clinically tested and it does not cause any level of irritation to your gums whatsoever. On the contrary, the paste is soothing to your gums, making you comfortable all through.
  • The adhesive does not leave gaps in between. The paste ensures that there are no openings, which are left behind after the application. This closes all the places where food residues can accumulate. If food particles settle in the gaps, they may end up being a problem to your gum when they start decomposing.
  • It is easy to use- For effectiveness, consider melting the adhesive, since it has been proven to work in a molten state. But, do not place it in your oven. Simply fill a container with hot water and deep the tub inside. Then, apply the adhesive on the dentures and leave it to settle.

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Cons of This Product

  • Removing the adhesive from the dentures is a lot of work- It does not slough off easily. Instead, it comes out in small flakes. However, you can save this problem by using hot water to melt the adhesive. This way, it will not take you long, before the old coating of the adhesive comes off.
  • Before applying the adhesive, you need to wait for it to melt. For those who are impatient, this may seem like a lifetime. But, it is the only, to make the adhesive applicable. If this problem, is corrected the Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive, will be the best solution for inserting dentures.

Let’s dive deep into its features…

Firm Hold On Dentures

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive offers your dentures an excellent grip. It makes sure that the dentures do not shift or move around. The good thing about this adhesive is that it can stay intact for about four days. This means that the adhesive does not call for you to apply a new coat, anytime you insert it. A single application can last for 4 days and will not wash off if you remove the dentures before the period is elapsed.

This makes the Cushion Grip adhesive, to be the most economical out there.It is all you need to keep your dentures from falling off, when you least expect it. Dental slippage does not happen, with this adhesive.

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Single Application for Four Days

Most people dislike dentures, because of their high maintenance. However, you can save yourself the trouble by using the Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive. The paste is of high quality and can last for around four days, after applying once. Within the four days, the paste will maintain the dentures at their place, allowing you to lead a normal life. The adhesive gives you an illusion that you are using a natural set of teeth.

It would interest you to know that the adhesive does not wash off if you remove the dentures before the four days are over. This means that you can insert back your dentures, without applying a new coat of adhesive

Suited for Plastic and Ceramic Dentures

Dentures come in a variety of materials. It all depends with your preferences and the amount you are willing to cough out. Ceramic dentures are a bit expensive and very fragile. Therefore, you need to take care of them, to ensure that they last long. The beauty with the Cushion Grip adhesive is that it does not affect the plastic or porcelain dentures negatively. The paste hardly sticks on the surface of the plates and neither does it change the color of the dentures.

Hence, it does not matter what type of dentures, you are using. The adhesive will work with just any denture while maintaining its new look. It is the best solution for your expensive set of porcelain dentures.

Does Not Wash Off in Water

The Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive does not wash off in water, when you are brushing or cleaning the dentures. On the contrary, it stays intact. Therefore, you can use it again and still confer a strong grip. This is one property, which makes the product to outstand others in the same line. Regardless of how often you wash the dentures, the adhesive does not wash off.

Cushion Grip

Apart from holding your dentures into place, the adhesive also confers a high level of comfort. The paste does not irritate your gums, no wonder; it is possible to wear the adhesive for four days. The paste has been made with safe and non-irritating compounds, to ensure that you are comfortable when you are wearing the dentures. Furthermore, it shields your gum from succumbing to infections.

Leaves no Gap

The adhesive is able to fix the dentures, just as teeth are fixed on the gum. The Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive fixes the dentures close to each other, such that no gaps are left. This prevents food particles from accumulating within the gaps and causing gum infections. Usually, oral diseases associated with the gum, are caused by the accumulation of food particles.

When the food residues are decomposed, they produce organic acids and they are infected by microorganisms, which turn to the gum. The adhesive prevents this, in people who wear dentures.Your dentures remain intact and your overall oral health is checked. All you need is to brush the dentures and massage your gum when you have removed the dentures. This will ensure that you remain healthy and comfortable at all times.

Final Verdict

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive is a companion for people using dentures. It gives you back the confidence you need, to smile and be happy with friends and family, without fearing that the dentures can fall off. The adhesive accords your denture a firm grip but at the same time, offers you comfort. Expect not to feel any irritations. The paste fixes your ceramic or plastic dentures in a way that they do not affect your gums.

Just a single application gives you four days of continuous firm hold. Where you want to clean the dentures, you simply remove them and re-insert them, without applying more adhesive. The only problems with this product are that you must melt it before using it. Secondly, it does not come out easily. Nonetheless, a great adhesive holds your dentures firmly without causing irritations and infections to your gums. Get yours online today and enjoy non-slipping dentures.

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