How Long Do Braces Hurt?

How long do braces hurt?

Many people will experience braces at some point in their life. While they are worth the slight discomfort, how long do braces hurt? What can you do to reduce the discomfort?

A perfect smile can take you places. It can help you to land a great job and can also help you secure a date with the girl of your dreams. To have a great smile, your teeth should be perfectly aligned. They should be white and arranged properly. Most people are not born with perfect teeth.

If you are one of these, don’t worry. Braces are a type of dental solution that uses mechanical processes to straighten crooked teeth. They are made up of wires and brackets that are wound together and attached to your teeth.

If you are wondering what type of braces are there, you can have a look at this post where I discuss about the types of braces.

Over time, they straighten out the teeth and give you a perfect smile. This form of treatment is provided by an orthodontist. Read on to learn more about braces.

After getting fitted with braces, the teeth are aligned using an archwire. This wire has a tension that is applied on all the teeth by the brackets. Due to the tension in the wire, the teeth move and align themselves. Braces hurt due to this movement. Wondering how long do braces hurt? Read on to know more.

How Long Do Braces Hurt When You First Get Them?

Many people wonder if braces hurt after they are fitted on. The truth is that they don’t hurt much. All that you will feel is discomfort and soreness in the teeth and gums. The procedure of fitting the braces takes between 1 and 2 hours.

The orthodontist begins by cleaning your teeth thoroughly. After that, they will stick the brackets on your teeth using a special glue. It does not have a good taste but it is safe to use.

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After that, the orthodontist will string the brackets together using archwire. Lastly, the orthodontist will use elastic bands to secure the brackets and wire together. The procedure is painless. However, you will feel the soreness for a day or two after it is done.

How Long Do Braces Hurt After Tightening?

Braces require tightening every once in a while. This is done to replace the archwire in the brackets so as to maintain tension on your teeth. This ensures that your teeth keep moving so that you can get an amazing smile.

The process of tightening is not painful at all. However, you will feel some discomfort in your teeth due to the tension in the new wire. This discomfort is most pronounced in the first 24 hours after tightening.

This is because the new wire begins to move the teeth in the direction that the orthodontist wants. Thankfully, the discomfort subsides after 2 or 3 days. Here’s some helpful tips about avoiding pain after tightening.

Do Braces Hurt When You Eat?

Newly fitted braces make the teeth feel more sensitive than usual. As such, your teeth can hurt when you eat. In the first few days after getting your braces, you should not eat hard foods that are difficult to chew.

Restrict your diet to soft foods such as mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, sauces and macaroni and cheese. These are easy to chew with braces because they are soft and offer no resistance. Over time, you will be able to resume consuming harder foods.

However, exercise caution with the foods that you eat to avoid major discomfort.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Braces From Hurting?

The discomfort from braces can be relieved using various methods. One of these is eating soft foods. Another method is by taking painkillers. Examples of these are aspirin and ibuprofen. They will target your gums and provide you with some much-needed relief.

After getting braces, there is a special wax that your orthodontist will give you. The brackets can cause some discomfort on the soft inner part of your mouth. In such a case, simply apply the wax on the brackets. This will relieve the discomfort.

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It is very important to avoid drinking beverages that have acid in them. Examples of these are orange and tomato juices. They can irritate your teeth. Some people develop mouth sores after getting braces.

If you get some, don’t touch them with your fingers or your tongue. Mix a tablespoon of salt with warm water and swish it in your mouth. Moreover, you can use an anesthetic for the mouth such as Orajel to relieve the sores. Cold drinks are also amazing for relieving soreness in the mouth. They will numb out your gums and provide you with relief.


Braces are very effective in providing you with a perfect smile. You will get used to your braces in a month and after half a year, you won’t even feel like you have them on. Be patient and you will be alright. 🙂

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