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Is using a Waterpik worth it

Waterpiks do a wonderful job of flushing debris and food particles out from between your teeth, under arch wires and braces, and under and around fixed bridges.

One of the areas where it wins over traditional flossing is in striking out biofilm- a bacterial layer that can lead to tooth decay. Biofilm commonly develops as a result of irregular brushing habits, and can be very difficult to strip away. So now the question comes is using a waterpik worth it? Well, the answer is yes!

Here are some of the reasons why Waterpik is worth it:

Is Using a Waterpik Worth It?

  • Waterpik water flosser uses the powers of water pressure to ease off and remove food particles, debris and bacteria. It also comes with several removable tips that can perform special cleaning tasks such as, cleaning deep inside your periodontal pockets, and brushing in and around your braces.
  • It is extremely helpful in flushing out accumulated harmful toxins present in under-cleaned areas, deeper gum pockets, and tight spaces between your teeth. The flosser uses oscillating pressurized jets of water, and a penetrating action or soft brushing to take biofilm off your teeth in bursts of quick decompression and compression that are extremely effective at blasting off biofilm, and removing tartar and plaque.
  • Waterpik is an immensely beneficial alternative to brushing, which does not thoroughly clean in between your teeth where common dental diseases occur. Also, if you have fixed bridges, you will certainly thank waterpik for making your breath smell fresher, your mouth feel cleaner, and your food taste better. For fixed bridgework, this device is extremely effective in removing plaque than traditional flossing, as it tends to cover larger area.
  • A study by the University of Nebraska found that waterpik water flosser was not only effective at eliminating bacteria and food particles from orthodontic appliances, but people enjoyed using it more than the traditional manual method.
  • It is also faster and simpler to use than dental floss. Now you do not have to struggle hard with your kids to help them maintain good oral healthcare, specially if they have to weave the dental between wires and teeth while wearing braces, which is the hardest.

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Yes, I truly believe that it is worth it! And, you too will be flabbergasted at what comes out of your mouth, and from in between your teeth, as well as how wonderful you and your mouth feels afterwards. Also, I enjoy using Waterpik as it is super fun, and a fruitful personal care activity. In addition to this, it has also increased my likelihood of flossing regularly, thereby ensuring I have fewer cavities and lesser chances of gum disease.

It is actually a gift you give yourself- something that will have a great impact on your dental health, your overall wellness, your quality of life, and your life expectancy. And, the key is simply your determination and willingness. For the best results, adapt it to your oral hygiene routine, and see for yourself. So do not wait any longer, grab your waterpik right away, and promote healthy gums and teeth!

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