Oral-B PRO 1000 Electric Toothbrush Review!

Oral B Pro 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

First impressions of the design of the Oral-B PRO 1000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush are fairly good.

The body is long and simple with basic controls and a pleasant shade of blue, the head looks pretty standard and there is the smallest of docks at the bottom that shouldn’t clutter up a bathroom counter.

There is the sales tag that this brush is used by dentists worldwide but does anyone actually believe those types of claims anymore.


What are the Key Features of This Oral-B PRO 1000 Electric Toothbrush?

  • Superior Cleaning Power – This toothbrush has the ability to remove up to 100% more plaque than buyers can usually manage with a manual brush.
  • Advanced cleaning action – a 3D motion of sweeping and pulsing for accessing the whole tooth.
  • Rechargeable – battery-powered with convenient charging dock.
  • Safety conscious – a pressure sensor adjust pulsations.
  • Health conscious – a timer in the handle sends alerts to switch between areas after 30 seconds.

Why are These Important Features So Beneficial for Buyers and Their Oral Health?

Let’s look at each of these four key selling points in a little more detail to explore exactly what they are so advantageous and why buyers are so inclined to give this product a high rating. Starting with these ideas of superior and advanced cleaning and that so-called 3D motion of the brush, it appears that the use of a 16-degree angle to get between teeth is indeed effective and buyers have also commented on the high-speed of the bristles. When all of this is put together, users achieve a clean feel not dissimilar to the feeling you get after visiting the dentist and there are no disputes over the claims of 100% more plaque when they feel that squeaky clean. Additionally, it is stated that all oral-b brush heads are compatible with this body.

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The fact that these pulsations are adaptable is another great benefit for oral health. The purpose of this sensor is that it will detect when users are brushing too hard and stop the pulsations, therefore reducing the risk of damage to gums. The timer is another important feature with oral health in mind because it can be difficult to keep track of how long you have been brushing and to be sure of covering each area equally. With this model is pretty simple – just let the brush do all the hard work with that power and 3D motion mentioned above and move on to the next section when you feel the pulsation of the timer. When all of this comes together, the sensors, automation and tough electric cleaning, it becomes clear that this really is a simple model where you can turn it on and let it do its magic.

Oral B Pro Review

Last, but certainly not least, there is the charging dock and rechargeable battery, something that is easily overlooked because of the small size of that base. The ability to hold a charge and power up the brush quickly is one thing but one of the interesting factors that has been pointed out by online reviewers is how hygienic this charger is because there are no holes and crevices for water and dirt to get trapped in. The warning light when the battery is dying is another little detail that buyers have appreciated.

Where Does Oral-B Pro 1000 Falls Short?

One feature that has not yet been mentioned in this review is the Daily Clean setting because it is the only cleaning mode on this electric toothbrush. This will not be too big a deal for many buyers if this single function is providing the level of clean that they are looking for but there are other models on the market that have different settings to suit a wider range of needs, such as sensitive modes and ones for gum health.

There are some disappointed users mentioning the lack of a travel case and accessories as a drawback, but the point of this model seems to be to provide the ideal clean in a simple package. Essentially, the Pro 1000 is the most basic baby of the bunch whereas the Pro 7000 is the show off with the whitening tool, travel case and Bluetooth connectivity.

There may still be 38% of consumers finding some kind of flaw or being a little underwhelmed with this product but the negative comments actually aren’t that bad and it is often just a case of giving an average score to an average, harmless product or taking a couple off for the odd piece of faulty merchandise.

Some have said the size of the brush head is a bit annoying for those with a smaller mouth, but again the interchangeable heads could help with this. Also, some wish that the timer could be disabled for those that find it annoying and unnecessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Toothbrush

Question: How many cleaning modes are there?

Answer: Unfortunately this model has only one cleaning modes available. You can choose your desired brush heads for different cleaning objective. That could be very costly. But,  if you want more cleaning modes then you can choose Oral B Black 7000, which has 6 cleaning modes available including whitening, deep cleaning, gum care and tongue cleaning mode.

Question: Does Oral-B pro 1000 come with brush heads?

Answer: Yes, it comes with 1 brush head.

Question: How to turn on the timer?

Answer: When you turn on the toothbrush, the timer automatically activates.

Question: Where is this made?

Answer: May be you thought this is a US made product; but it’s a German made product.

Question: Is this model comes with a travel case?

Answer: No, Oral-B do not produce any travel case for this series.

Question: Where can I find the manual for this?

Answer: Here’s the manual for oral-b pro 1000

The Final Verdict

The issue of versatility is an interesting one because while there are not many cleaning settings within the body, the compatibility of the brush heads does aid this to a degree and the technology in the cleaning motion and safety features mean that this one Daily Clean setting is pretty reliable.

Also, when so many buyers are praising this device for its simple operation – turn it on and let it do its job for 2 minutes – perhaps this basic feel is not really that big an issue.

A final aspect to mention here that has not yet been covered is the price because with a current list price on Amazon.com, buyers are actually getting quite a lot for their money as many other models that are just as clever and powerful retail for significantly more.

If you want a toothbrush with all the best gimmicks then it is probably best to pay the extra money for the fancy Oral-B SmartSeries Black 6500 model or something comparable in another brand.

Oral-B SmartSeries Black 6500

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If, however, you are just after simple function in a well-designed brush with some nice features to help you with your healthcare regime, the Oral-B PRO 1000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush is a nice little package at a good price.

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