Why Does Listerine Mouthwash Burn So Much?

In years gone by many people would ask why does listerine mouthwash burn so much – but does it? We will take a look in this article and answer the age old question….

Cleaning your mouth doesn’t mean you need to feel the pain to have fresh breath, this is what Listerine does to you. Some of the individuals who have used Listerine Mouthwash feel that this kind of mouthwash really burns and all the blame is directed to the alcohol in it. But the truth is, alcohol is not the only reason why mouthwashes like Listerine burns, there are other ingredients that comes into play too…

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What ingredients of Listerine cause the burning sensation?

Listerine is known to contain various ingredients, among them include the eucalyptol, thymol, menthol, and methyl salicylate that are compounds of the same chemical formula that have different structures also known as isomers. These ingredients can be mild which might be the reason one gets irritated when using this particular mouthwash.

Listerine mouthwash also contains essential oils that contribute to the burning sensation. These oils are the ones that handle fighting and killing the germs. Even though they are an essential ingredient in Listerine, they also cause that burning sensation that some individuals can’t bear. And unfortunately you are one of them, I guess.

What the alcohol in Listerine does is dry your mouth that enhances the burning sensation when it comes in contact with you gums, and tongue.

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Does the mild irritant in Listerine kill germs?

Some individuals have a belief, that this irritation sensation kills all germs, actually this is not entirely true, scientifically Listerine contains around 26% or less ethanol weight per volume due to cancer fears. Which mean it actually doesn’t kill the mouth germs. Rather it dissolves the germs into your tongue, teeth, and gums.

The burning sensation is now due to the contact of these active ingredients with your mouth and gum tissues.

What are some of the dangers of using Listerine?

Some of the doctors do not like recommending the use of Listerine to their patience due to the following dangers:

The alcohol in Listerine causes the mouth to become exceptionally dry and with the long term use of this mouthwash, it may cause the tissues to become dry and irritated leading to permanent damage to the salivary glands. The alcohol ingredient can also cause hyperkeratosis of the oral mucosa.

Some of the essential oils in Listerine are also responsible for the increased number of staining cases.

After much debate with the users of Listerine, some wonder if the Listerine zero is the problem solver to the burning sensation. Well, they Listerine Zero may not be irritant but surely it does not contain the same levels of essential oils in their formula, this means their performance level is reduced due to the lower concentration levels of the essential oils. So, if you want a mouthwash that doesn’t burn then you can use this. 🙂

Due to the burning sensation it is not recommended for young children.

Is it only Listerine or other mouthwashes burn too?

Well, for a fact some of the individuals who have used several types of mouthwash can say that other mouthwashes burn too because most of the mouthwashes contain alcohol as this ingredient is believed to kill germs and bacteria.

Is it good to feel the burn that comes from Listerine?

Yes, if you want to fresh mouth and if you can bear the burning sensation than this could be good. But if you can not bear the burning then it is never enjoyable to feel the pain while you struggle to gargle the mouthwash for a whole minute. The burn that is experienced from the use of Listerine can cause painful mouth ulcers especially to people with sensitive gums.

Is there any way that I can get rid of this burn?

No, unless you change your mouthwash. The only way to get rid of this burn is by finding another mouthwash with no alcohol.
Personally I advise you not to use this mouthwash as it is bad for your oral health. Let us know for how long you are having this burning sensation in your mouth?