Waterpik Wp-900 Water Flosser Review: Is It Worth It?

Waterpik Wp-900 Water Flosser Review

Bad Breath- the biggest turn off when you whisper something to someone, want to kiss, or sit next to someone without feeling awkward! Above all, if you end up getting sensitive holes and spaces in your teeth, you will regret ever disregarding your oral health. But the good news is that with Waterpik wp-900, you can completely eliminate your danger of having a dental disease or bad breath.

Now all your flossing and brushing needs can be achieved with one convenient machine that is a complete dental care. Waterpik wp-900 combines its Sonic Toothbrush and Water Flosser technologies in one device. So even if you do not brush, you can go complete with this more effective and easier alternative. The device is clinically proven to be more effective than traditional flossing for reducing gingivitis, and gum disease, and was proven to remove 99.9 percent of tartar and plaque from the affected areas. It is 50 percent more effective than dental floss and leaves your mouth feeling amazingly clean and fresh.

It is a wonderful product for people with veneers, braces, bridges, crowns, and implants. Clinically it has also proven to be 3 times as effective as conventional flossing for thoroughly cleaning around braces with the help of its special tip.

Is Waterpik Wp-900 Worth it?

It is the number one choice of dental professionals all across the globe, and it is one of the best products of the Waterpik brand that has proven to be an effective alternative to traditional flossing for reversing gingivitis and removing plaque. In fact, it is clinically proven to be approximately 93 percent more effective at improving overall gum health than dental floss. Here are some of its key features:



  • Clinically Proven To Remove Bacteria And Plaque From Tough Areas
  • Great For Braces And Dental Works
  • Easy And Simple To Use
  • Massages And Stimulates Gums
  • Ensures A Comfortable Brushing Experience
  • Recommended For Sensitive Teeth And Gums
  • Promotes A Brighter And Healthier Smile
  • Ensures Healthier Teeth And Gums
  • Comes With 2-Minute timer And 30 Second Quadrant Pacer
  • Soft Bristles Protect The Gums
  • Ensures A Deeper Cleanse
  • Promotes A Cleaner Mouth



  • Brush Head: You may not be happy with its brush heads, if you like a firmer one
  • Battery: It does not provide a separate charger for the tooth brush.
  • Difficult To Adjust Initially

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Design: It is quite, compact, energy efficient, occupies less counter space, easier to use, and gives you everything you require to get an incredibly clean and fresh feeling.

Removes 99.9 Percent Of Bacteria And Plaque: The products one 3 second application removes more plaque and bacteria than conventional floss. It penetrates deep in between depth and below gumline to remove debris and food particles stuck in tough areas of the mouth where traditional flossing cannot reach.Ensures A Complete Clean: The amazing product includes 5 jets that are proven to be 3 times as effective as conventional floss at removing bacteria and plaque.

It effectively cleans hard to reach areas, around braces, and other dental works. It is also clinically proven to be 50 percent more effective than conventional dental floss.10 Pressure Settings: These settings range from low to high. The lowest setting of Waterpik Complete Care Wp-900 effectively massages the gums, and is perfect for sensitive gums and teeth. It stimulates the gums, thereby promoting blood circulation in them. This in turn results in healthier teeth and gums.

On the other hand, the highest pressure setting of the product forcefully wipes out bacteria and plaque that is stuck on teeth and other tough areas where traditional flossing cannot reach.Soft Bristles: The product comes with 2 Sensonic brush heads that have soft bristles to ensure a comfortable brushing experience. The end-rounded bristles of the product are polished, in order to ensure effective massaging of gums, thereby removing more plaque and also protecting the gums and teeth at the same time.

2 Minute Timer Feature: Waterpik Complete Care Wp-900 comes with a 2-minute timer, that enables the user to brush for the recommended 2 minute time period by the dentists. This built-in timer is combined with a 30 second Quadrant pacer, which further enables the user to move to the next quadrant of the mouth after every 30 second time completion. Both these features combined together help the user to achieve a brighter and healthier smile.

2 Speed Control On The Handle: This features makes it quite easy for the user to use the product. The 2-speed control on the handle of the product allows the user to conveniently use it. The user can also decrease or increase the speed of the toothbrush simply by operating the control on its handle.

Guarantee: The product is backed up with a 2 week guarantee period. This implies that if you are not satisfied that your gums and teeth are healthier after using the device for two weeks, you can return it for a full refund.

Other Key Features: The product comes with a travel case so that the user can pack up the device easily when away from home. The user can also keep up with their brushing regimen while traveling. In addition to this, the product comes with a hygienic storage that helps to protect the user’s health. The brush head compartment and covered tip keeps the brush dry and clean always.

The device includes 2 sonic toothbrush heads, 5 water flosser tips, 10 pressure settings, pause button, 90 seconds water capacity, 360 degrees tip rotation.

What Is The Total Power Consumption of Wp-900?

The device is compatible with- 120VAC/60Hz. As long as you have access to this much voltage, you are good to go. It is for use in North America only. Also, do not plug this machine into a voltage system that is not similar to the voltage system mentioned on the charger or device.

How Many Toothbrushes and Pik Comes With It?

The device comes with 2 sonic toothbrush heads along with 5 water flosser tips. The toothbrush heads include one Standard Sonic Toothbrush head that softly targets hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, one Compact Sonic Toothbrush head for ultimate access for precision cleaning, and one Premium Sonic Toothbrush Travel Case.

The water flosser tips include two Classic Jet Tips for the purpose of general cleansing of mouth, one Orthodontic Tip for orthodontics and braces, one Plaque Seeker Tip for bridges, crowns and implants, and one Pik Pocket Tip for low pressure and gentle delivery of antimicrobial rinses.

A brush head, and covered tip compartment holds 5 accessories, keeping them easily accessible, and also away from debris and dust.The covered high volume reservoir of the unit provides 90 seconds of water capacity during its use.

Is It Suitable For Braces?

The device works wonders especially if you have braces, and it is considered to be an ideal unit for people with dental braces. The special plaque seeker tip provided with this device helps to remove plaque around these braces. Another reason why it is perfect for people with prosthetic teeth/dentures and braces is the fact that it cleans all pockets and areas of the gums and teeth with its water pressure. It also makes your teeth cleaning routine fun, enjoyable, easy, effective, and safe.

The excellent water flosser combined with a wonderful sonic toothbrush provides for a great oral hygiene and healthcare.And yes, it is certainly worth giving a place in your washroom. Not to forget, this product is an excellent value to your money, and braces!

By selecting this product, you are going to be on your way to a healthier smile, and a better gum and teeth health. With its unique combination of pulsations and water pressure that cleans below the gumline, and in between the teeth where traditional flossing cannot reach, it is certainly worth a buy! It easily reaches all those areas that traditional tooth brushes cannot, and removes plaque in just 3 seconds!

Also, with a large water tank enough to last 90 seconds, and a convenient pause button on the handle, you get full control over the unit.In a recent study, wp-900 was found out to be 159 percent more effective than conventional toothbrushes for alleviating gingivitis bleeding. Yes, the device actually delivers what it promises to offer you! So grab your unit right away!

Some Pro Feature Explained:

  • Superior Technology: The exclusive combination of pulsations and water pressure thoroughly cleans in between teeth, removing toxic substances and harmful bacteria. And, it is ideal for anyone with periodontal pockets.
  • Simple and Convenient: It is extremely simple and easy to use. All that you need to do is fill the reservoir with water. If you have sensitive teeth, fill it with warm water or mouthwash, and point the tip of the unit at your gum-line and just floss.
  • The Ideal Combination: It is an all in one complete oral care device that is 70 percent more effective for healthier gums than Sonicare Flexcare
  • Healthier Gums: It stimulates and massages your gums to boost circulation and keep them healthy
  • Ideal For Implants: It is clinically proven to be twice as effective for enhancing gum health around implants than traditional flossing.

Waterpik Complete Care Wp-900 is certainly a great product- it offers a complete dental care which traditional flossers cannot provide. It is extremely effective and much netter than conventional flossing in removing stubborn plaque, debris, food particles, and bacteria stuck in between teeth and around gumline. The product works wonders in ensuring a healthier mouth and a whiter and brighter smile in no time. So, grab your Waterpik Complete Care Wp-900 right away!

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