Why Does My Breath Smell Bad?

Why does my breath smell bad?

Have you ever wondered why does my breath smell bad today?

What have I eaten?

How can I get rid of it?

One of the few things everyone hates is bad breath. However, unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence with a number of people having bad breath issues. Nobody would want to carry along an annoying repulsive force known as bad breath.

Plus, this problem can be a huge deterrent in one’s everyday life.

Research has proven that people with bad smell often find it difficult to express their opinions and move ahead in life.

It’s really not worth it if a person with decent personality and all the sufficient skills gets rejected in an interview because his or her breath smells bad. Bad breathing, also known as halitosis, is a common issue, but fortunately, one that can be cured. However, to be able to cure this problem we first need to know the reason behind is. So let’s find out!

Are you sure that your breath smells?

You really don’t need to get drowned into an inferiority complex due to bad breath without being sure about it. When is the last time you smelt your breath and how? One simple way most people use to check their breath is cupping their hands and blowing out to check how their breath smells.

Even though this method is very commonly used, this is not the right way to check the freshness of breath.

So, how are we going to assure bad breath?

What are friends for?

Especially trusted friends, they might piss you off as their daily routine but you can trust them and for sure they will be honest with you with that regard.

If you are ashamed of asking your friends then this bad breath checker might come in handy:-

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You can easily check whether your breath smells or not with this tiny bad breath checker. It doesn’t cost that much. It will let you measure your bad breath level in just 9 seconds. Then you can take proper action according to your bad breath condition.

So before we move forward, let’s remember when you first started to see this problem. Let’s take a quick recap of initial stages of this problem because for sure you must not have been facing it since the beginning. For you to be able to gauge why your breath smells bad, you must know a few facts.

All you have to do is just flicker into a moment for a second when you happened to go through the first considerable astonishment while saying, Really! Is it my mouthor something like that.

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For sure there might have been something that fetched you into this “Incredibly aromatic” world.

OK then:

let’s break the ice and face it. Bad breathing is actually the presence of bacteria in mouth which produces a substance that smells bad. Sometimes it can be so bad that people near you can’t even bear you. :-p

Additionally, thanks to fast food joints and junk food marts, they have played significant role in the developing the “Welfare” project of creating and maintaining the “aroma” in millions of mouths. There are many other causes of bad breath:

  • Not brushing properly can make you smell bad
  • Overuse of onion and garlic
  • Some medical conditions like respiratory infections, kidney infections and etc
  • Tonsils
  • Problems with esophagus and stomach
  • Dry mouth
  • Medications (Yes, medications can cause bad breath too)
  • Poor dental Hygiene
  • And last but not least, smoking has a horrendous effect on your breath

How to get rid of your bad smell?

  1. You have a naturally built-in security guard in your mouth which is known as saliva. Therefore, eating watery fruits like oranges, watermelon, apples and etc. have tendencies to increase flow of saliva that washes away bacteria.
  2. Sulfide compound gas can cause foul odor. These compounds are produced by onions and garlic.Therefore, avoiding these will surely control the smell.
  3. Polyphenols plays a vital role in preventing bad breathing problem. Luckily, green tea is a great source of it.No doubt that green tea performs the cleansing of the internal body and controls weight. Along with that green tea is very useful for getting rid of bad breath.
  4. Some of the foods we consume contain sulfide that is a major cause of bad breath.These foods include cheese and meat. Conversely, how you react to these foods depend on a lot of things and if you feel that these cause bad breath you should consume them a little less.
  5. Brushing and flossing is surely a good habit but what people are lacking is that they don’t give proper time to brushing that is why electronic toothbrushes have been introduced.If you suffer from bad breath or if you are too lazy to brush properly, you can turn to these toothbrushes and they will do the job in a comparatively easier manner.
  6. Brushing the teeth is not enough. Did you really check your tongue? About 75% of bad breathing is sourced out of your tongue.Just do one thing in order to fix it. Use two brushes – one for your teeth and the other for your tongue. Here’s our article about how to clean your tongue properly.
  7. Using non-alcoholic mouthwash twice a day after brushing is a good choice. However, make sure you buy high-quality mouthwash that is known to do the trick.
  8. Smoking has several side effects, including bad breath. Cigarettes contain nicotine that when inhaled can cause bad breath that can stay there for a good amount of time.
  9. Avoid alcohol. Drinking it in large quantities can be really troublesome as alcohol breath is one of the most despised and is not easy to get rid of. Here’s a video from Business Insider talking about the bad effects of drinking alcohol.
  10. You can use Miswak as your toothbrush. It’s a natural remedy for bad breath.
  11. I’ve a post where I share 12 tips to get rid of halitosis.

[youtube https://youtu.be/VAlE-UESTOA]

How your mouth smells tells a lot about who you are as a person. If your mouth smells bad, you may not feel confident and might find it difficult to move ahead in life. Many studies have proven that individuals with bad breath find it difficult to speak because they are afraid of how the other person will react to them.

In today’s world, it is all about making an impression. Now that you are aware of what causes bad breath and ways to control it, we are hopeful you will find it easy to battle this curse. Hopefully you wont need to ask yourself why does my breath smell bad today, ever again!

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