How to Get Rid Of Garlic Breath Fast Naturally

How to get rid of bad breath

Are you a food lover? Are you having chronic garlic breath? Do you know how to get rid of garlic breath?

Tadaa! You are in the right place. We’re here to help you get rid of your garlic breath faster and this will happen without using any costly product. You’ll be able to get rid of it by using natural products, available on your kitchen!

If you eat garlic (no matter cooked or not), there is a slight chance of getting garlic breath. But the worst part is that you may not realize that you are having bad garlic breath and people find it really uncomfortable telling you. For this reason, you have to always look out for yourself.

Bad breath could be a sign of gum disease sometimes. It could be caused by taking alcohol and even smoking. It could also result from eating strongly flavored foods like garlic and onions. This article concentrates more on bad breath caused by eating garlic and how to get rid of it.

So, What is garlic breath?

This is bad breath that results from consumption of garlic.

This breath doesn’t just come from your mouth it comes from your gut. Garlic breath has everything to do with the compounds found in garlic. These compounds are allyl methyl sulfide and its sister molecules. Once these compounds mix with saliva, they then break free into exhaled air. Garlic produces an unpleasant chemical compound known as hydrogen sulfide. You cannot do away with garlic as it is very delicious ( 😛 ) and an integral ingredient of very many dishes.


The Good news is that you can do away with the garlic breath in minutes.

How to get rid of garlic breath

Getting rid of garlic breath can be tricky sometimes. There’s a lot of solutions that you could follow to get rid of it. But here in this post we are going to talk about only the best-known solutions that really works.

Let’s dive into it.


Chew parsley. This is an excellent herb in getting rid of garlic breath. It has high chlorophyll levels which act like a natural breath freshener. Parsley also has anti-bacterial and toxin eliminating properties which are very useful in eliminating oral odor.

Tips: Always check the freshness of your parsley. If it’s fresh, then you can have it. But if not, leave it. Not having fresh parsley can harm you.

Drinking milk

Simply sip a glass of full-fat milk if you feel like you are having garlic breath. This significantly suppresses the sulfurous properties of garlic. We suggest you to drink milk while having your meal or before the meal (that contains garlic in it). This helps you remove the garlic breath as the water in the milk works as a mouth rinse.

Eating Yogurt

Bad breathbacteria as well as Hydrogen Sulfide causes bad breath in your mouth. Eating yogurt can come in handy as this reduces bad breath bacteria from your mouth. Which eventually eliminates bad odor. So, if you want to get rid of garlic breath, eating yogurt can help you.

Fresh lemons

Lemon has the ability to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. After eating garlic, drink some freshly squeezed lemon juice and you will not complain about garlic breath afterwards. You could find fresh lemons in your kitchen but you never knew that this could help you get rid of garlic breath. Now that you know, use it yourself and suggest others too.

Drinking a cup of green tea

It contains polyphenols which help to reduce the hydrogen sulfide concentration. Hydrogen sulfide is the unpleasant chemical compound produced by garlic. A cup of green tea acts as a neutralizer of the garlic smell.

Here’s our recommended green tea for you.


Mustard is a good source of magnesium and calcium. And it contains turmeric which helps with eliminating bad breath. Simply take a teaspoon of mustard and roll it around your mouth and spit it after a minute. To get rid of the garlic sulfur compounds in your lungs, swallow a half teaspoon of mustard and you are good to go. It also soothes sore throats btw.

Breath mints and peppermint chewing gum

Mints and chewing gum can help you to get rid of garlic breath very easily. All you have to do is to choose very strong mints and chewing gums that can help you in this regard. This is only temporarily, but it will be of great help.

If you are worrying about choosing the right one, we’re here to help. iBreathBad.com has a post about:-

Dentist Recommended Best Gum For Removing Bad Breath


Apple, the mighty food that you may not like that much has got the ability to fight bad breath. So, next time when you need your weapon to fight bad breath, get one apple. This could be enough for you sometimes.

Drink Tea

If you are like me, then you don’t like green tea too. In thiscase you can drink your normal tea whenever you think you are having bad breath. Drinking tea can eliminate garlic breath effectively.

How to get rid of garlic breath

The problem speaks for itself. You have garlic breath when you eat garlic or food that contains garlic. So, if you want to avoid this problem than I suggest you to avoid garlic as much as you can. I’m not telling you to totally avoid it (which you would never do 😛 ). You can have it but make sure you don’t eat much the food that contains garlic.

If you want to totally avoidgarlic, than you can use Scapes,Ramps and Asafoetida as an alternative to garlic.This alternatives will give you agarlic like taste in your food and you won’t get a bad breath from it.

After eating garlic, it is important that you brush and floss your teeth immediately after. Use a tongue scraper to get rid of leftover food particles found on your tongue and finally do not forget to gargle your mouth with a good mouthwash.

Garlic may be associated with bad breath, but the truth is you cannot do away with garlic. It is good for your body. Enjoy consuming garlic. To get rid of the garlic breath that you could experience after, try some of the above tips. Each of the tips will work for sure, choose the right one that fits you most.

Here’s a video on how to get rid of garlic breath – which is available uploaded on youtube:

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