What Are The Reasons For Having Bad Breath?

reasons for bad breath

There are numerous reasons for having bad breath, but it is easily sorted. We will now look at the root causes and what can be done, very quickly, to sort it!

Noticing when someone has bad breath is quite obvious. What you’ll find if someone is suffering from bad breath is the other party turning their head slightly when talking to you so hopefully the bad smell will not be hitting you directly in the face, or backing up slightly when talking to you.

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The most common causes of bad breath and that don’t actually realise their problem are smokers, this is due to the build up of tartar in the mouth and clearly as we know if you are around a certain smell for a long period of time you eventually get use to it and can’t smell it.

Signs of yellowing on the teeth or having a whitish yellow layer on your tongue will give you bad breath. On the tongue there are many pockets where bacteria can sit for days and days without being touched especially if you do not clean your teeth. I’ve a post about how to clean tongue, you can read it to get more information.

Bad breath can also be a cause from sores, bleeding gums, swollen gums, or even excessive redness on the gums. Its things that can cause us long term problems as well. You must get them checked out by your dentist.

We are told from a very young age that neglecting our teeth will make them full out. Well maybe not straight away but you will have all the build up problems towards losing your teeth. Not seeing your dentists regularly, not brushing your teeth twice a day and not flossing everyday are all the main reasons for getting these problems in your mouth.

What causes bad breath?

Let’s look into bad breath in a bit more detail so we can have a clear understanding of what is going on in our mouths on a day top day basis that gives us that horrible bad breath we don’t want.

  • The tongue is the most commonplace for odour to come from in bad breath. Large amounts of bacteria accumulate on the back of the tongue and can sit there untouched for over 24 hours. If you think about this logically its no wonder the tongue is a common course for bad breath as the average person does not have a tendency to brush the back of our tongue regularly if at all.
  • Dental work – If you do not clean your teeth properly, get all the bacteria and build up of food from your teeth regularly this will give bad breath. Suffering from sores, redness or gum diseases and not doing anything about it will give you bad breath, or even having an abscess. Abscesses are very dangerous to your health and must be treated as soon as you see or feel signs for it. But please make sure you seek professional help not from something you see advertised as the best thing ever invented for an abscess.Having these problems treated by a professional as listed above may be the root of having bad breath so pick up the phone and book that dentist appointment, they really aren’t that scary.
  • Gum disease particularly can give you quite bad breath as this smell starts from the gums but sits very low between the inner lips and cheeks of the gums. This may not be the problems you are suffering from but if you are at all unsure ask your dentist. Know how to do gum disease treatment at home naturally?
  • Nose – Can this be true…? Your nose can give you bad breath. How? If you have sinus infection this can have an affect on your mouth releasing an odour which you cannot smell, giving you bad breath. If think when you last had a cold you properly found you lost your appetite or you couldn’t really taste the food you were eating, this is all related to the sinus problems during your cold. Here’s my post about post nasal drip.
  • Tonsils – The fifth reason for bad breath can be caused by your tonsils. If this is your course then you will more thank likely be suffering from bad breath quite badly. A very low figure of 5% of people suffer from this so not many but very serious if you do get it, another problem which is very important and could lead to a lot more complicated mouth problems, Get it checked out.

Food and Drink Can Cause Bad Breath

We all kind of know how food and drink can cause bad breath – just imagine the reside left behind after each meal. But doing something about it is a whole different ball game.

  • Food and Drink – I don’t know about you but one of the worse reasons of having bad breath to me is coffee it is horrible especially if the person talking to you with coffee breath doesn’t realise. Also another common drink people suffer from getting bad breath is alcohol. You must have had a drunken night where the following day you just can’t get rid of that revolting taste of alcohol in your mouth, Well if it tastes that bad imagine how it smells.Eating strong flavoured foods such as garlic, onions, strong cheese and spices all contribute to bad breath. Though once eaten they are quite a strong smell they are only temporary.Here’s my post about how to get rid of a garlic breath.
  • Smoking – Smoking gives us bad breath from contributing in our dental works category being gum disease. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease in bad breath but with the breath smelling very stale, not nice for the non-smokers. By giving up smoking you will not have smoke-related breath and will lower your risk of gum disease.
  • Morning bad breath – Morning bad breath can be very horrible.Why do we get such bad breath in the mornings? This is due to our mouths drying up. Stages while we sleep.1. Less saliva is being produced in our mouths2. Our mouths begin to dry up3. The bacteria stops getting washed down4. An odour starts to arise5. You have bad breath
  • Medicines – Medicines is a bit of a tricky one and can be hard when trying to find a way around this. The only thing I can really suggest for this is to explain to your GP the problems the medication is giving you with your breath and see if there is an alternative medicine he/she can put you on.

Now that you know what are the reasons that causes bad breath now it’s time to fix your bad breath. Here are some posts of mine that would help you to get rid of bad breath.


Bad breath is one of those subjects which few people will ever feel comfortable talking about. How do you warn someone that they have bad breath? How do you basically tell them that they have oral hygiene issues? The above article should help you understand the reasons for having bad breath and what you can do for yourself, or to help someone else.

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