Bad Breath from Throat: Causes and Remedies

Bad Breath From Throat

What Actually Is Bad Breath?

Halitosis is the terminology used to define the condition of bad breath. It is when an unpleasant odor emanates from a person’s mouth which can be a cause of discomfort or unpleasant feeling for people around. Bad

Bad Breath can be caused due to a variety of reasons which will be discussed in this article and the remedies (including products and procedures) which can be applied for its cure.

Causes of Bad Breath from Throat

There can be numerous causes for bad breath like over consumption of acidic foods for e.g. onions, garlic, cheese, cauliflower etc. Smoking habits and poor oral hygiene practices only seem to aggravate the problem of bad breath. Dental problems such as cavities can also be the reason that’s causing false aroma from the breath. Additionally, it can occur because of having a sore throat, or even other throat issues including throat cancer. Having problems involving the sinus area can also contribute to the bad breath issue. In other words it can be said that a debris accumulation in the throat can be a major cause of bad breath. The debris , if one may say that way, needs to be cleansed and treated in order to heal bad breath. The tonsils, palatine and nasopharyngeal are prone to bacterial infections, becoming a breeding ground for microorganisms that cause sulphur like smell in the mouth. Moreover, the bacteria causing bad breath can also be found on the tongue and gums.

Remedies of Bad Breath From Throat

There are quite a lot remedial products available in the market for curing bad breath depending on the real cause of bad breath. Before discussing those products, there are some measures that can be taken by anyone planning to battle the bad breath issue. These remedies include:

  1. The intake of lots of fluid such as water, and fresh juices can really help cure bad breath. This is to keep the tongue, gums and throat properly moisturized and to keep these parts properly lubricated. It will definitely help in controlling the bad breath problem.
  2. Good oral hygiene practices such as brushing twice a day at least and using a good mouthwash (for flossing) could also help you in your fight against the breath issues and boost your self-confidence by a mile.

Here’s what we suggest you to use to remove your bad breath from its sore:

Use a Superior Toothbrush

Oral-B Black 7000

Brushing twice a day with an awesome toothbrush can give you a fresh breath all day long. We suggest

Oral-B Black 7000 SmartSeries

. It’s probably one of the best toothbrush you would find on Amazon.

Key features of Oral-B Black 7000:

  • It supports Bluetooth to connect with your Smartphone. It will give you a real-time feedback. Oral-B has an app for this toothbrush, which will motivate you, help you to focus more on areas that need more cleaning, track your brushing habits and it will alert you when you brush too hard.
  • It has a couple of modes and features, e.g. whitening mode, deep clean mode, sensitive mood, tongue clean mode, gum care mode, visible pressure sensor.
  • 16 degree angle will clean deep between teeth.
  • It includes a premium travel case
  • You can use any Oral-B brush head refills with this

Buy Oral-B brush head refills

Here’s the commercial video for Oral-B Black 7000

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This toothbrush is just an amazing product from ORAL B. It is 2x time more efficient against plaque than a normal toothbrush and has a clinically proven superior 3D cleaning system. The pressure sensors integrated in the brush stop pulsating when you are brushing a bit too hard.

The brush also has an in-handle timer: This feature pulses every 30 seconds to notify you to switch sides, assisting its user in every possible way.

People who have used this product are quite satisfied with it and cannot imagine a switch to any other toothpaste. Surely it is worth giving a try. If this toothbrush doesn’t suit you, then you could choose one from our best sonicare toothbrushes.

Change Your Toothpaste

SmartMotuh12 Hour Fresh Breath Toothpaste

If you are having a bad breath even after brushing your teeth twice a day, then you surely need to change your Toothpaste. We suggest SmartMouth Advanced Clinical Formula 12 Hour Fresh Mouth Toothpaste with Fluoride. It gives you 12 hours of fresh breath right after brushing. So, if you brush twice a day you do not need to worry about having a bad breath.

We’ve an article about best toothpaste for bad breath. You can read that to choose the right toothpaste for you.

Use a Top Notch Oral Rinse

Oral Rinse is another amazing product when it comes to healing bad breath. It has been recommended by dentists for over 20 years and is proven to work quite quite efficiently and has a prolonged effect. The dentist recommended The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse prevents the mouth from going dry and sticky and is completely free from alcohol, artificial colors and flavors. The Oral rinse has a mild mint flavor that is soothing to the senses.

Key benefits of The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse:

  • It’s very effective and fast. Stops bad breath completely.
  • Helps to recover from dry mouth problem.
  • It has a mild mint flavour, thus it doesn’t burn your mouth.
  • It does not contain any alcohol or added colors.

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

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Now that you are aware of bad breath and its causes and remedies, we hope you will be in a better position to fight it off. In most of the cases you will be able to prevent this from occurring if you follow a healthy dental hygiene and stay away from foods or drinks that contain strong stench. Nonetheless, if you still have this issue there are many products available, as mentioned earlier.

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